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Ashton & Demi -- Married with Abs

7/9/2009 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Married almost four years, Ashton Kutcher, 31, and Demi Moore, 46, still have the toned and taut physiques of college kids on spring break.

The Ugly Truth:: Most people's bods go downhill after getting hitched.


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Wow how nice

1900 days ago


Ashton's let himself go but Demi... WOW!

1900 days ago


Demi has always starved herself and obsessed with exercise. I read somewhere when she was 9 months pregnant with Scout she was still bike riding 10 miles a day to make sure she stayed skinny. Also wasn't it said before her diet and exercise is why she couldn't have anymore kids after Scout?

1900 days ago


Sorry not Scout I mean Tul whatever her name is. What a freaking stupid name

1900 days ago

Woo Hoo!!!!    

Does that idiot Ashton do anything besides play on his Twitter account all day and behave like a college kid? He's famous for two things - That 70's Show and marrying old Demi. Well, him and his wife have 2 things in common - they're both has-beens.

1900 days ago


LOL... You guys all sound like a bunch of haters! She looks good...AND she has a man 15 yrs younger than her who she has been with for about 6 years now. So keep eating your doritos and washing it down with your 56ouncer of Mountain Dew while sitting in front of your computer all day and Keep on Hatin' :)

1900 days ago


Guys his age, only go for the good bodies on cute girls, so if she DIDN'T look like that, he wouldn't be married to her. She has had 4 children, there is no way in this world with all that exercise alone, that she could look 20 again without "assistance". Just doesnt' happen. If she doesn't stay in that kind of shape, he'll move on and she'll loose all that attention she is getting because he married her at her age, and because she is so hot for her age. She doesnt' make movies anymore, wasn't Charlies Angels her last flick? How long ago was that???? Wake up! Plastic Surgery is the only way to look like that after 4 kids, no matter how much exercise you do, stretch marks are for life. They fade but they don't go away unless you have them removed. I'm sure Heidi Klum knows all about that too.

1900 days ago


Is it just me or did the side-by-sides TMZ showed last night make it look like Demi has had a boob job? Not that that's a bad thing...I'm just sayin'....

1900 days ago


I'll bet she is an animal in the bed to hold onto this guy.

1900 days ago

who gives a shit    

This is what money can buy you, a young husband and plastic surgery! Fake boobs are so obvious! And he probably got a penis enlargement too!! Phony people!!!

1900 days ago


Ashton misread MILF as GILF! Ha ha!!

1900 days ago

Ya Think    

Did she have ANOTHER boob job? I hate to tell you, TMZ, but your boobs don't get bigger from working out ...

And Ashton? He's an annoying little boy who does nothing. He "tweets"? He gets on Larry King and challenges him to a Twitter contest? What kind of nonsense is that? You think he got that body from sleeping all day, hurling water bottles at construction workers and "tweeting"? Yeah. Oooooooooookay.

1900 days ago


The picture was taken from such a long distance of course they look good. It looks like she got new boobs.

1900 days ago


They both look terrific and seem very happy with one another. Cynics be damned--lots of these marriages/partnerships work and last a long time. Just look at Tim Robbins & Susan Sarandon or Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn. Hey, here's a thought: maybe Ashton & Demi actually love each other and like each other. I think they they'll stand the test of time AND gravity. :-)

1900 days ago


This is rude, but Ashton is such a LOOSER! Why is anyone taking pictures of him still? The only thing he's every done that was good was Punk'd, but the only reason that was good was bc there was other celebrities in it. Anyone could have hosted that show and it would have been a hit!

1900 days ago
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