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Carmen Electra Hits the Vegas Stripped

7/9/2009 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's nothing you haven't seen before -- but seeing Carmen Electra topless really never gets old, right?

Electra shook it at the Crazy Horse last night in Vegas, where the 37-year-old and her slightly younger cans still looked spectacular.


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They sure do look bigger and better

1899 days ago

sham wow guy's wonky eye    

So to all the haters on here..if you are in your 30's or older, wtf do you look like now? As for Just Thinkings comment regarding Carmen not having kids to nurture so she has nothing better to do than take care of her body now, that is the most ridiculous theory I have ever read. You should stay in shape and take care of your body regardless if you have kids or not! When are all you fat slobs going to stop using the "I had kids" excuse for letting yourself go?? ANd who is to say Carmen even wants kids?? Do you know her personally? Just becuase she does not have them does not mean she is vain, there may be things you don't know or she might just not want them, simple as that. You can have a fulfilling life and not have any children. The picket fence, 2.4 brat fantasy is just that. A fantasy. Get off your high's a long fall down.

1899 days ago


I guess this is what she had ended up doing for a living....

1899 days ago


Who says we let ourselves go? I think in the long run Carmen will regret choosing her pole over having children. I stand by that.

1899 days ago


She is a 'slut'!!!

1899 days ago


Just read a story about how educated women who lost their jobs are now stripping and in the sex business. Carmen is doing just that same thing. She can't get work as an actress, a hostess, a walk-on, a wife of a famous rock star, so she strips for the money. Hey, she gotta pay the bills.

1899 days ago


Can someone hand me a box of kleenex, please?

1899 days ago


"seeing Carmen Electra topless really never gets old, right?"

Wouldn't know. You guys covered up the goodies, as usual.

1899 days ago


I am so sick of everywhere you go or look there is some white womans ass or breast in your face to see. There is more to life than this. They stink and smell like dogs! Shallw bitches. All that they care about is showing there ass getting a suntan and hair. Stupid.....!!!

1899 days ago


She is a HOOOOOOOOOOOO.........................................

1899 days ago


So whats new? This is all she has ever been known for any way.

1899 days ago


Alice, I hope your houseplants comfort you in your old age.

1899 days ago


Alice, I hope your houseplants
comfort you in your old age.

Ugh, what century do you live in? People like you give women a bad name.

1899 days ago


I think everyone has already seen her naked. Least i have, and im a brother used to have pics of her. My ex boyfriend had her all over his walls with other playboy pics...ugh....LOL. Her and pam are still skanks. Although i do have respect for jenny mccarthy more, as she doesn't do that any more. She doesn't have to. She has jim and shes pretty funny. Always liked her more than these skanks.

1899 days ago


Alice: I am a college educated mom of 2. If me having children and being home with them and finding great fulfillment in that makes me in another century, I'll wear it as a badge of honor.

I still think Carmen will regret not settling down and still trying desperately to still be relevant.

1899 days ago
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