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Jackson Doc Was Under Investigation Before

7/9/2009 2:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad MurryDr. Conrad Murray -- the doctor who was at Michael Jackson's home the day he died -- was once under investigation for an alleged botched surgery.

In 2007, Dr. Murray drained fluid from the heart of a 67-year-old Las Vegas patient. The patient died after surgery. According to the coroner's investigation report, his wife was told by one of the docs her husband's heart was punctured during the procedure -- so she complained to the coroner's office.

The investigation report confirms that, during Dr. Murray's surgery, the patient suffered a puncture to the right ventricle of his heart, which was eventually listed as one of four causes of death on the autopsy report.

We spoke to the family, who told us they wanted to file a malpractice suit but it was too expensive -- in part because pursuing that kind of legal action requires testimony from another medical expert, and that costs a lot of money.

Altogether, the suit proved to be too much trouble and the family stayed quiet ... until now.


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Melanie Hoyle    

WOAH!!!! Enough of the racial bashing. This aint nothing to do with the colour of his skin.

But I do believe this doc is incompetent and the reason Michael is dead. I am more than certain that he blagged his way to Michael's trust knowing there was good money involved if he agreed to whatever Michael wanted and didn't thoroughly investigate the dangers of using such a dangerous anaesthetic and his reason for doing CPR for 30 mins was because he didn't want to be held responsible for Michael's death, even then he didn't do that right!

Poor Michael, and my heart goes out to his family and his true friends and fans. It wasn't his time, he wasn't ready to go, not yet. This doc killed our king. :(

1902 days ago

welc ome    

This is to DR. Murray and I know your reading this. You should be ashamed to call yourself a Doctor and more ashamed to call yourself a Cardiologist. You knew and saw the drugs yet you did nothing. You will lose your priviliage to practice anywhere in the United States because of your neglect. Because in order to save your own Arse your going to have to tell the truth.

1902 days ago


To Melanie Hoyle:
What do you mean, enough with the racial bashing? So it's ok with you what Akeem said? You need to learn to stand up for what's right and get a clue yourself. People like you are bystanders who twist what the issue is and allow evil to continue.

1902 days ago


i hope this lady goes on tv and says what this doctor did to her husband

1902 days ago

John H Legend    

"7. People, I can't stress this enough:
if your life depends on your doctor, DO NOT choose a black one. Chances are high that they will have been a product of affirmative action, look the other way at bad test scores, etc. etc. It's ok for allergies and bumps and scrapes but not heart surgery, jesus, they just don't have the brains.

I'm serious, look at those firefighters from CT. Not one black could pass the promotion test so, of course, the city threw out the test scores. Not one black could pass it and you want one working on your heart.

People, use your head!!!!

Posted at 2:22AM on Jul 9th 2009 by akeem"

Akeem, you're such an ass!!! There are scores of competent African American (Black doctors as you put it) out there.
The reality of it is that there are competent and incompetent doctors of all color, race, gender, sexual preference etc...
I'm not defending Dr Murray here, but people make mistakes. Black or withe...
Now Akeem!! What kind of name is that? Are you Arabic? should I assume that you're a terrorist then....
Food for thought JACKASS!!!

1902 days ago


i'd donate money to this lady to help her get her malpractice suit going against this dr murray

1902 days ago


Get the doctor and stick his ass in jail.

1902 days ago


fyi--the top brain surgeon (sp?) in the United States is a black man..Dr. Bem Carson---color of skin has nothing to do with is who you are the counts--peel away the skin and our bones-tissues and muscles are all the same color.......

1902 days ago


Justice will be, if not on Earth, in front of God.
Michael Jackson is the son of God, and we are all guilty.
May you forgive us one day.

1902 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Is hidding MJ`s brain that the damaged in thier murder attempt back in 1984.I`am sure it will never be seen by anyone including his family,they are hidding the truth about how they stopped a black artist once again.BILLY PRESTON was the first MJ but he was too black to be seen on stage with the beatles or stones that white people didn`t have back than.No wonder the beatles broke up the star of the show was billy preston but he was`nt allowed to be a beatle POP fab fake.

1902 days ago


why is this guy still alive?????????????????

1902 days ago


Oh so typical!
Don't go to a Black Doctor??? Are you kidding me?
If his Doctor was WHITE people would be saying he was a racist and killed MJ!

Doesn't matter whether he was, Black, Caucasion , Chinese, Japanese, etc. He was on the take.
He thought he'd make lots of money from Michael and I'm sure he did, Now lets watch him spend it on good lawyers and then behind bars!

Race has nothing to do with it.
When are you guys going to get this through your head?
BTW I am Caucasian...
And I'm thinking all this racist crap is a bunch of B.S
This is exactly what MJ wouldn't want.

1902 days ago


This guy tried to save his azz that's what he's been doing all along. He broke MJ's ribs and injected shots into his heart trying to get him to revive before he called 9/11 cause by the time he called 9/11 it was too late to get Jackson the professional help he needed,not having this man treating him, it might as well have been a monkey trying to save his life cause this guy doesn't know what the hell he's doing and he killed Michael through being this greedy unqualified man/doctor. I agree with the comment that this guy was probably, most definitely, a product of affirmative action. Makes me sick. Look where affirmative action got Michael Jackson!

1902 days ago


There's an article autopsy shockers on national enquirer website.Different things I haven't seen reported elsewhere.Like the broken ribs.

1902 days ago


For crying out loud with the black and white. If you are/were truly fans of MJ's, race wouldn't be playing a factor in anything! The fact is, this DOCTOR, screwed up! He panicked! He is NOT board certified! He was in a massive amount of debt personally! His lawyer, during his very first 'speech' on TV said "My client is still owed money!!!". Helloooo??? Of course he was in it for the money and of course MJ 'trusted' him, he was another YES MAN!

Here's his specialty and hospital affiliations (only ONE hospital affiliation???)

Dr. Conrad Robert Murray
Cardiology Board Ceritifed: unknown
Internal Medicine Board Ceritifed: unknown
Cardiovascular Disease Board Certified: unknown

Hospital Affiliations
Dr. Conrad Robert Murray Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center

His Education:
Meharry Medical College, Nashville, TN 1989
Post Graduate Training
Name Training
Dr. Conrad Robert Murray University of Arizona College of Medicine, Residency, Cardiovascular Disease

Here's his 'practice" locations:
Dr. Conrad Robert Murray Male
Global Cardio Associates
2110 E Flamingo Rd
Suite 301
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Practice: (702) 866-6802

Here's a link that shows his overall ratings. Out of 39 ratings, this Doctor only scored a 1.5...interesting.. Research people research! And for crying out loud, can we get some literacy going on in this country as well!!!

1902 days ago
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