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Jackson Doc Was Under Investigation Before

7/9/2009 2:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad MurryDr. Conrad Murray -- the doctor who was at Michael Jackson's home the day he died -- was once under investigation for an alleged botched surgery.

In 2007, Dr. Murray drained fluid from the heart of a 67-year-old Las Vegas patient. The patient died after surgery. According to the coroner's investigation report, his wife was told by one of the docs her husband's heart was punctured during the procedure -- so she complained to the coroner's office.

The investigation report confirms that, during Dr. Murray's surgery, the patient suffered a puncture to the right ventricle of his heart, which was eventually listed as one of four causes of death on the autopsy report.

We spoke to the family, who told us they wanted to file a malpractice suit but it was too expensive -- in part because pursuing that kind of legal action requires testimony from another medical expert, and that costs a lot of money.

Altogether, the suit proved to be too much trouble and the family stayed quiet ... until now.


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criminal doctors and greedy AEG pushed MJ to the death, they must be punished
Michael your fans will love you forever, hope you ar in peace now

1902 days ago


You know, really, Michael Jackson never stood a fighting chance given the amount of users he associated with. It's a damn shame but when you are wealthy, you really don't know who your friends are or whom you can trust. Hell, half of the time, rich or poor you can't even trust your family.

Having said that, it is of my own opinion that this doctor is guilty. My reasoning is that he left the seen before the paramedics arrived and he did not even call the paramedics someone else did. Also, he departed the scene so quickly that he left his sisters car there which he had driven to Michael's home days prior. He was probably supposed to monitor Michael after injecting him the the Diprivan (as he did so many other times) but somehow, someway did not and Michael drifted into a coma and ultimately perished.

While I am filled with sorrow, Michael has to be blamed for this as well. In my opinion the users around him, all of the doctors who have ever prescribed prescription drugs to him without him needing them and he himself is to blame. My personal quote that I constantly say to people is "DON'T DO IT TO YOURSELF" and in this case, sadly this is what happened ......

1902 days ago

MJ is ♥    

46. This guy tried to save his azz that's what he's been doing all along. He broke MJ's ribs and injected shots into his heart trying to get him to revive before he called 9/11 cause by the time he called 9/11 it was too late to get Jackson the professional help he needed,not having this man treating him, it might as well have been a monkey trying to save his life cause this guy doesn't know what the hell he's doing and he killed Michael through being this greedy unqualified man/doctor. I agree with the comment that this guy was probably, most definitely, a product of affirmative action. Makes me sick. Look where affirmative action got Michael Jackson!

Posted at 6:55AM on Jul 9th 2009 by PEN15


History teaches us that various kinds of discrimination created conditions where people were unable to access amenities, opportunities in life because of the color of their skin, gender, religious orientation, social class, etc. We see this not only in the USA but in Canada, Europe, and various countries and their contemporary conditions related to discriminations.

There are many reasons for equity strategies like affirmative action, employment equity, equal opportunity, there are various terms for equity, in many countries, regions throughout the world.

We should appreciate systems of equity even in the way our beloved MJ spoke about equity in his music but not twist the sentiment to create the conditions that MJ would never have advocate for.

This Dr. Murray is a monster as well as the cronies in MJs life, and too, many hope for justice for MJs tragedy.

1902 days ago


i am a doctor, and this would be a very common complication of such a procedure. all procedures have complications that may occur, and surely do not indicate malpractice. most malpractice lawyers will go forth with a case if there is a substantial chance of settlement, even if the family doesn't have a dime, so their financial reasons for not pursuing the case are likely, BS. i bet they couldn't find a lawyer to take the case.

1902 days ago

Winsome Davis III    

I never knew the blacks had lynch mobs. I mean WHO KNEW?!

1902 days ago


This a**hole doctor should be charged with murder. If Michael liked KFC so much he probably couldn't sleep because he had ACID REFLUX. A Zantac or Nexeum would have put him to sleep. Instead they killed him with pain medications.

1902 days ago


I tink this is liability to the nth degree. " First Do No Harm is the rule. It's very sad he ran into this Dr. probably felt sorry for him or didn't know what a poor physician was caring for him.. It seems to me that the DR panicked , did,not prepare for any possible problems he could encounter, no equipment that could have been life saving was there. I am very bothered that he didn't immmediately call 911. You have to have a phone as a DR. . he ran immediately and got a lawyer. Certainly no Diprivan should ever be in a home . I think Demerol shot was either at the wrong dose or just too much for his body. Maybe we will never know . RIP Michael

1902 days ago

Baseball Mom    

Well there was an issue about the money to pay for the "officers" the day of the Memorial, Here you go LA. Sue the doctors. You get your supposid money owed to the city by all the media coverage and the money the doctorss will have to pay out in lawyer fees, court costs and fines - minus damages paid to the family of course, and you can finally leave Michael Jackson alone. (Because we know that your state didn't give a damn about him!)

For the doctors, there is a little thing called Medical Ethics. Some of you obviously missed that course in your training. Might I suggest that you learn to pray like you have never prayed before.

They are going to have to build a new wing in the prison to hold all of you.

You know what they say, Money is the route to all evil!

1902 days ago

Fools Rush In    

Surgeons make mistakes all the time, it happens, they are human. The human hand does not always stay rock solid steady in a surgical field that can be obscured by blood and other fluid. I wouldn't say that having had one surgery go wrong makes him incompetent, on the contrary.

As far as the CPR goes, keep something in mind, MJ was likely very frail due to long term malnutrition, very low body weight, chronic immune system illnesses, injuries and long term drug abuse. Combine all that with someone that is 50 and you do get someone that you can make a good case for to do CPR on a surface that will absorb some of the very forceful impact of CPR. An expert on CPR might have some valid input but I can't see the rest of us being able to say one way or the other with any validity.

1902 days ago


This man has not been arrested yet?? If it were Elvis Presley and not Michael Jackson, his azz would have been in jail.

1902 days ago

just sayen    

TMZ for your censorship regarding Michael's "NONE PROFIT" Heal The World foundation, & his message of love to the world. I will pray for you, allow God to judge your true motives, but wait for the conclusion of the findings from others, I will not post again nor be back to your site & will be most certain to change the channel anytime you come on the set.
RIP Michael

1902 days ago


Him Dr Murray a saran man bich him keel Michael Jackson Dr Murray him smile I slap him face polease is going to get him Oo beutifu; Michael him died I mis him I hat you Dr Murray ugly saran man bich ! Thank You

1902 days ago


to #22 what do you mean MJ feared the Dr? Did he say why? and if he feared him,why keep him. and especially in his home with the children there? this is beyond malpractice, this is manslaughter to the highest degree

1902 days ago


The day M.J died, his personal chef was in the kitchen, and observed Dr. Murray taking out two oxygen tanks out of the kitchen door. The chef reported this to police, as well as gave a video interview on t.v. saying there were other oxygen tanks in another part of the house. This Dr royally screwed up, and possibly tried to revived MJ after realizing he was going into cardiac arrest. However, the wasted time, time it took him to try and save his own ass, proved fatal for MJ. All of the doctors who treated MJ were very well aware of his deteriorating condition, yet all claim he was healthy and doing well. Not one noticed noticed the multiple injection sites on his body? B.S!! What they did was enable him, for the love of money. Took advantage of a man who was broken, and instead of trying to help him, contribted to putting him in his grave. I hope that a thorough investigation is done, and all those responsible are help accountable! God Bless You Michael ! RIP

1902 days ago


this guy is running for his life . he did not do anything wrong , then why hire a attorney , when he gets to prison , they are going to mess him up on a daily basis to say the least . he might want to bleach his skin white to hide from the crowds of fans that are after him

1902 days ago
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