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Jackson Doc Was Under Investigation Before

7/9/2009 2:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad MurryDr. Conrad Murray -- the doctor who was at Michael Jackson's home the day he died -- was once under investigation for an alleged botched surgery.

In 2007, Dr. Murray drained fluid from the heart of a 67-year-old Las Vegas patient. The patient died after surgery. According to the coroner's investigation report, his wife was told by one of the docs her husband's heart was punctured during the procedure -- so she complained to the coroner's office.

The investigation report confirms that, during Dr. Murray's surgery, the patient suffered a puncture to the right ventricle of his heart, which was eventually listed as one of four causes of death on the autopsy report.

We spoke to the family, who told us they wanted to file a malpractice suit but it was too expensive -- in part because pursuing that kind of legal action requires testimony from another medical expert, and that costs a lot of money.

Altogether, the suit proved to be too much trouble and the family stayed quiet ... until now.


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Did Dr Conrad have privileges at a hospital ? I hope this non Board Certified cardiologist did not do a pericardial tap in his office . Unless it was a sudden, life threatening emergency , this procedure should be done in a hospital setting. Ultrasound is used to guide the catheter to prevent rupture of any number of vital areas. The pt is closely monitored during and after the procedure .
It should always be done by a Board Certified cardiologist or cardiothoracic surgeon. Complications do happen and are sometimes unavoidable even at the best medical institutions .Conrad's malpractice policy will most likely be drained by the Jackson lawsuit-the Las Vegas family should file a suit ASAP to get in line before them, especially if Conrad did this procedure in his office .

1895 days ago


Michael was sorrounded by a bunch of people that only cared for his money and coulnd't care less about this life. His so-called friends they knew he was troubled..why not help him seek help. Everyone around him, was after his money, his Doctors, maybe his own family who knows..why didn't someone close to him say know I thinks you've had enough plastic surgey,why didn't someone get him help for his addiction..he needed help..but no one gave a damn

1895 days ago


!!!!!!!!!!!! What lawyer would make the family of a victim pay any expert fees for a Malpractice suit!! In fact in some states it is against the law. This is weird... Plus if this was in 2007 the statute of limitations has prossibly not run and they could still file it. I garauntee you will see a suit filed in the next couple days. Lawyers are probably scrambling when they heard this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1895 days ago


Murder!! he killed MJ he's need to go dwn

1895 days ago


Put this murderous drug pusher in prison where he belongs. I'm sick of looking at his stupid face with that quirky smile. He needs to be outfitted for a prison orange jumpsuit and SOON. The charge is MURDER.

What kind of trained doctor performs CPR on a bed? MJ should have been placed on the floor. Even a CPR student knows that much. Plus, this doctor-for-dollars ran away and hid when paramedics arrive. Didn't even have the guts to ride in the ambulance with his patient to continue to save his life. I can't believe he was charging $150,000 a month for his services. MURDERER!!

1895 days ago


I'm sure millions of fans would love to locate Dr. Murray right now. He killed Michael Jackosn.

Can't understand how MJ passed a physical and was considered in "great shape" to perform 50 concerts in London? A man that weighed 112 pounds with needle marks all over his body and stood 5' 10" is hardly in the best shape to do anything as grueling as a 50 concert tour.

There is a prison cell waiting for Dr. Murray in the great state of California. No doubt prison inmates will joyfully await his arrival. MJ's prison fans will give him the justice he deserves.

1895 days ago

Robyn Murray    

Yes as far as Dr. Murray is concerned I have some issues also. He was my mother -in -laws Doctor . I feel he could have done a lot more for her like come back from his vacation to remove her pig valve which was blocked and due to postponing her surgery she died. He was kind but now that all this has come out I have some concerns about her death....... She was treated in VEGAS.

1895 days ago


As a critical care paramedic I have had to routinely care for patients receiving a Diprovan drip. It is commonly used to keep intubated sedated for transports from one hospital to another hospital ICU. People are mislead into thinking that only an anesthesiologist can administer the drug. However, Waiting half an hour before calling 911 is unheard of and grossly negligent. Cracking a patients rib cage during CPR is the least of any professionals concern while performing CPR. Since Diprovan quickly leaves the blood stream, the half hour was more than likely spent disposing/hiding the evidence. Diprovan is not a drug approved for routine "home" use. This physician was unethical at best.

Diprovan can be obtained by any physician from a medical supply warehouse, the same as valium or narcotics. A DEA number is required. I am sure the Diprovan can be traced by the lot number etc. on the bottle. Where it was purchased from, and who purchased it.

1895 days ago


id like to hear more of your comments #109 . paramedic. you have some experience obviously. not like most of these comment posters who know nothing about nothing

1895 days ago


If Nevada didn't have such oppressive so-called "tort reform" laws, maybe Dr. Murray would have been held accountable for his Las Vegas mishap and never ultimately gotten close to MJ. Hard to say whether it ultimately would have made a difference, but it's definitely an angle of this story worth exploring...

1895 days ago


Why is this murderer still allowed to roam the streets, are the police waiting until Michaels memorial dies down. This DR. Murray will get off with Michaels murder & carry on practicing i bet. Makes me wonder how many people this man has killed already.

1895 days ago


LAPD just confirmed to CNN that they subpoenaed the medical records from the Dermatologist etc.

1895 days ago


Ok, here's my take on it. Michael jackson was addicted to prescription meds, he was an insomniac. I believe he became immune to the pills and had to find something else to make him sleep. which was ... dibrovan. he said he fell asleep on it right away and woke up feeling refreshed. He offered tons of money to anyone that can get it and administer it.
This doc probably gave him a little too much, and now michael has his wish of a long peaceful rest. I love michael and am heart broken, but he has been playing russian roulette with his life for a while. It was bound to heppen.

1895 days ago


Surprise! Too bad Michael didn't see what a hack this guy appears to be!

1894 days ago


There is absolute NO doubt in my mind that Michael would still be alive if this man had been doing his job. Even if MJ had taken the drugs himself, which I doubt is the truth, this man could have saved him if he had not been too busy hiding evidence that incriminated him. Hopefully, he will lose his medical license.

1892 days ago
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