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Jessica Biel

Unleashes the Hound

7/9/2009 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Can you spot what's missing in this picture? How about the leash around Jessica Biel's pit bull, Tina!

Jessica Biel
Though Jess held tight to Justin Timberlake's two boxers as she left Runyon Canyon yesterday, a third leash for her own pooch was mysteriously absent.

According to Pit Bull Rescue Central, the stakes are "always higher" with this kind of dog, and "while they may not instigate a fight, they won't back down from a challenge."

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honestly everyone needs to chill! Yes i agree pitbulls are more agressive but they always be right by your side and even die for you. i had a pitbull and he was the best dog i ever had!! its not the breed its the owner that raises it to be like that. i didnt raise my pup like that but he was always very protective of me and my family just like a dog should be so all you haters out there take your lil girly dog and go shopping!! RIP MOJO JO JO

1939 days ago


Just because its a pitbull doesnt mean its dangerous. It must be a very good mannered dog if Jessica would let it run free without a leash. Go watch Ramsey and Pablo on youtube and you can see how calm a doberman can get. It depends on a dog's personality and the owner's discipline, not breed. A lot of small dogs are so spoiled that they are more vicious than bigger dogs.

1939 days ago



1939 days ago


Please let Nancy Grace know about this so she can run her mouth about this and shut up about Michael Jackson. She is the most disrespectful person on the planet.

1939 days ago

Billy Marx    

boooo...TMZ moves your comments in the order they want them, sorry i was so quick at posting. I hate pitbulls

1939 days ago



Tina killed her other dog a few years back by mauling it to death.

Great job Jessica Biel. Way to act responsibly by putting other dog's lives in jeopardy while you casually stroll the canyon without a care in the world. STUPID

1939 days ago



I bet you have experience smelling dogs...

only puss you ever see is from your cat.

1939 days ago


Pit Bulls aren't as dangerous as most of the people who own them. We breed animals specifically for an evil purpose like bear baiting or fighting and then we criticize them, ban them or persecute them for having the traits WE intentionally bred into them. The problem with this picture is not the breed of the dog. It is the fact that Biel apparently believes leash laws don't apply to her.

1939 days ago



its when you submit the verification email...

1939 days ago


I have 5 dogs, 3 Cattledogs, a Pitbull, and a Bluetick Coonhound. My Pit is by far the most affectionate in my pack. Its the cattledogs that are the fight satrters. ALWAYS. Pits get a bad name because too many morons think they are cool to have a Pit. They take zero care to socialize them, they think they need to beat them, and use zero brain work in their upbringing.

Tose who have smack to say about the Pit Bull, which is simply a terrier, have never owned one, or if they did they had no clue how to properly raise them.

I watched my MALE none the less, Pit walk away from more dog fights then any of my other dogs. This tells me I'm doing my job.

Shame on the people who make these wonderful dogs aggressive on purpose, you are missing out on a great friend.

Now back to all the people who have opinions on this breeed when they have never owned one!

You go Jessica, hes probaly unleashed because he the best behaved !!!!

1939 days ago


You can clearly see the third lease hanging around her neck with the end in her left hand. It almost looks like the metal clip is missing..... maybe it broke!

1939 days ago

Fellow Pit Bull Owner    

A dog is a dog and no matter the situation they will act like an animal. Give the breed a break. As long as you respect, train and treat them properly then they will behave properly. All you ignorant people need to educate yourselves before you speak.

1939 days ago


She looks great. Shame on her for not leashing her dog, though...I love pit bulls, they are not bad dogs -- they just tend to be the dog that gets the worst types of owners -- but she should have him leashed for his own protection.

1939 days ago


That's 2 minutes of my life I won't be getting back...

1939 days ago


There is no such thing as a bad dog -- 'pit bull' or otherwise. Only bad owners. How completely idiotic and narrow minded to say that Jessica'a pit bull is dangerous. I have owned two pit bulls for 13+ yeara and they are the sweetest, most loyal, most obedient companions I could have asked for. Do you know that more emergency room dog bite visits are from small dogs such as Jack Russell Terriers and Chihuahuas? My pitbulls are scared of flies buzzing around the house! True, they will defend themselves if in danger...but wouldn't any dog? Wouldn't you???

I am so disgusted at the ignorance that continues to plague this wonderful breed.

1939 days ago
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