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Little Cindy Brady : Memba Her?!

7/9/2009 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Susan Olsen is best known for her character Cindy Brady in the '70s television smash "The Brady Bunch." Guess what she looks like now!

Michael Jackson -- Publix Figure

Check out these pics of Michael Jackson's 2003 grocery store shopping spree -- the one where his friend shut down a Publix supermarket so he could "shop like everyone else and put things in a basket."

We also have some cute shots of MJ hangin' out with the kids.

Guess the Growing Hairline

For some crazy reason, these celebrity hairlines are working in reverse -- it's a follicle miracle! See whose hair is magically making a comeback!

Independent People

No one enjoys freedom more than celebrities -- as you can see by this group of newly single celebs who was setting off Fourth of July fireworks all by their lonesome.

Jon and Kate Click to view!

Daddy Got A New Pair of Teeth?!

Chew on this -- sometimes certain sets of teeth go through a crazy, mysterious change after the owner becomes famous!?! Check out the proof!

Nicolas Cage

Michael's Memorial in Pictures

After over two hours of speeches and songs, Michael Jackson's poignant and sad memorial service has come to an end. Check out some of the memorial highlights.

Paternal Puzzlers

These guys are half-responsible for creating some of your favorite celebs -- now it's your job to guess which stars call these dudes "Dad!"

whose your daddy

The Many Faces of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson constantly reinvented himself -- and we aren't talking about his music. Check out the many faces of MJ -- 42 consecutive years worth.

The Many Faces of Michael Jackson

Britney Goes from Circus to Zoo

Britney Spears loves to partake in activities that mirror her own life -- she named her tour Circus, and yesterday she took her kids to the London Zoo ...

Britney Spears -- launch gallery
It's almost like that thing never really happened ...

Beach Bums

See whose summer bod is ready for a tan and who needs to go back in the oven to finish cooking!


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I am Still in love with Joan Jet; let's see Miley Cirus do that!!

1931 days ago


I am grateful to all people who are now serving or have served our country. My heart goes out to the families and friends of those dealing with deaths from military service.

In regards to the post about recent military deaths not making headlines, I imagine the families are extremely grateful. I have no idea what it is like dealing with a military-related death, but I do know what it was like to be home with four young children while my husband was serving in Iraq, It was scary, and I certainly didn't want more people than had to know, know that we were home alone. If he had not returned, our family certainly wouldn't have wanted to make national headlines.

1931 days ago


Oh, C'MON! He's DEAD!!! Dead as a doornail and nothing will bring him back. Your media circus is absolutely ghoulish and certainly doesn't help his family, and I, for one, am sick of all the nonsense! He used to be all right before he bleached himself white--can you imagine anything more stupid? Please give up the stupid circus!!!! Why don't you start important coverage like N. Korea aiming bombs at us and Iran working on uraniam and people losing their jobs with the economy so bad! Sheesh!

1931 days ago

i like pie    

well i dont just like pie i like tmz and pie too

1931 days ago


I like is cool...even though they dish the dirt...on celebs....i still like TMZ
because they are funny and good at finding things out.

1931 days ago


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I owe my life to

1931 days ago


Micheal Jackson is dead but he was the king of pop and we should respect that just because hes dead doesnt mean we cant talk about him any ways go to youtube CNN people are in Micheal Jacksons house and they saw a ghost so he might be a ghost

1931 days ago

ricky jason    

micheal was great

1931 days ago


I don't Memba Cindy, but I do "remember" her. Am I in the USA or what ?

1931 days ago

who cares    

People are down right evil, cynical and mean!!! All the people who have judged Michael Jackson over the years because his skin was bleached, well let me tell you something, it HAS been confirmed that he DID have vitiligo!!!! His dermatologist confirmed it last night on Larry King!! The way his skin was treated was to get RID of ALL his pigmentation! ALL TOGETHER!!! Michael DID NOT want to be white! he was proud of being black! He just had vitiligo!!!! research vitiligo since you evil people are SO damn judgmental!!! Also, If you remember, he burned his scalp SEVERELY doing the pepsi commercial shoot so there were spots on his head that were bald, so that's why he HAD to wear hair pieces and wigs!!! Another thing, He had LUPUS!!! So it makes sense why he did hyperbaric oxygen sessions . Hyperbaric oxygen also helps skin heal faster! All you cynical people that has UNFAIRLY judged him, DROVE him into depression!!! HE was NEVER, I'll repeat, NEVER convicted of child molestation!!!! In America, you are INNOCENT until proven guilty. He was proven "NOT GUILTY"!!! And all these a**holes, how are coming on TV and saying they have no doubt that he is a child molester should get sued for defamation of character! I hope the Jackson family DOES sue the Santa Barbara Police department because their police chief or whoever it was, came on TV and said "I have no doubt that he is a child molester". Michael Jackson has PASSED AWAY, let him rest in peace!!!! Leave HIM, and his kids ALONE!!!!!! Last thing, Michael Jackson GAVE MORE TO CHARITY THAN ANY OTHER CELEBRITY EVER!!!! HE WAS VERY GENEROUS!!
A piece of advice to people, don't judge people. Because you don't know what is going on in their lives or what they are battling. Also, sometimes, things aren't always what they appear to be. DON'T JUDGE!!!!!!!

1931 days ago

Michael S. Terrell    

Harvey, my wife and I watch your show faithfully,love the topics,the comments,...uh..what's in the cup?...LOL we're on twitter too..look for us in Weatherford

1931 days ago

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