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Obama: Baby Got Barack

7/9/2009 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While in Italy for the G8 summit, President Barack Obama checked out the, er, sights.


The Prez should know you never look back, only forward.


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Yes I have children- two daughters in fact. Whether he's looking or not I'm pretty sure men dont ask for IDs before their primal instincts make them check out a nice "figure".

So you're saying you'd be fine with one of your daughters to have sex with a disgusting 50 year old pervert? You should be locked up and your children taken away from you for making such a claim. I hope the FBI is reading this.

1928 days ago


Apparently this clown is more interested in going on late night comedy shows, ESPN, date nights with his wife on the tax payers dime, going to sporting events, vacations with his family on the tax payers dime, and also checking out 15 year old white girls. No wonder this country is falling apart at record speed.

1928 days ago


My god...the man is the prez. Can't he snap his fingers and get 100 better pieces of "A" to look at?

1928 days ago


It's quite a change from the last eight years. At least he's human and has an interest in the "opposite" sex. Good for him. I think he did it on purpose because of the recent Republican "turnaround" of scandals involving the "opposite" sex. Maybe this was the change he campaigned about. No more Larry Craig or Mark Foley, this administration is going straight.

1928 days ago


You can look but don't touch! Don't worry did you foreget that he was married to a powerful black woman? Michelle will kick his ass when he gets home! She won't stand for it! Did he foreget that he has 2 daughters growing up in this crazy world of perverts?

1928 days ago


Hay its just : boys will be boys and as you can see black baba is hang'in out with LITTLE NICKY so what do you expect..
And if you take a look at The Mrs.....he has a butt like a Mac Truck and getting larger every day.

1928 days ago


Last week invited, and hosted a WH Supper for the Gay's, Told them, He Supports them, and encouraged them, and there private, sexaul pleasures, to continue on, in the Public Forum, This week, a 16 year old GIRL! Wonder if any might think, that his "Real" self is beging to show. Hmmmmmmmmmm????

1928 days ago


To those of you passing judgement, remember, Obama was a practicing Muslim for the first 31 years of his life. Mohammad married a 6 year old girl. It is in the Muslim culture to check out underage girls. He is only doing what a good Muslim should.

1928 days ago


She is 17, What's wrong with glancing at a pretty girl/woman anyway. You go Pres.!!!

1928 days ago


Is this like the bow to the Saudi King ? Where all the O-Bot media make excusses for a very presidentual attraction.
He and Little Nicky are not gocking at the 16 year old rump on Mayora Tavares. They are admireing here fine South American shoes.....

1928 days ago


Heck, I've been married for 20 years, my wife's is still firm and nice, but I still will do a second take when a NICE one appears. She's got a RATHER NICE one and I would have taken a second take too. As long as he doesn't try to sample WTH. It's just a natural reaction. The hardest part is not be caught taking that second look (almost impossible task in Atlanta GA).

1928 days ago


The "Obamessiah" is probably thinking to himself, "Man, oh man, would that booty look great strapped down to a O.B. chair in an abortion mill!!!!!"

1928 days ago

Please Ignore Parasite Hilton    

It's quite obvious that President Obama IS LOOKING AT HER SHOES, not at her posterior people!!!!Cut it out!!!!

1928 days ago


RT @debunkerHate to deflate prurient interest, but photo of Obama "looking at girl" at G8 Summit isn't really what it seems.
Guys-Check your facts FIRST!

1928 days ago


Checking out 15 year old girls? This man is a creep through and through. Please, keep your white children away from him just like you would MJ!!!!!

1928 days ago
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