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Obama: Baby Got Barack

7/9/2009 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While in Italy for the G8 summit, President Barack Obama checked out the, er, sights.


The Prez should know you never look back, only forward.


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She's Dumb    

Ha Ha! Dog's will hunt won't they? How embarassing! Show some class buddy, your the freaking president!!!!!

1742 days ago


watch the video...this picture is taken out of context

1742 days ago



1742 days ago

republican girl    

What an idiot. Yes, he is male, and Italy is full of beautiful women. However, he is there on business. Check your balls at the door Mr. President, the press is watching. Or just use your bollocks for something important like running the war. The Women's Liberation/ERA bunch of witches won't adress this anymore than Clinton have a a young, impressionable intern on her knees in the Oval office. That picture won't make it on MSNBC either or the Communist New Network, CNN.
Whatever, my husband would have looked too. It is a nice ass. He is not President, however.

1741 days ago

republican girl    

Oh, and the person who made the comment about the woman being dressed inappropriately, are you kidding? You don't even know if that woman is part of the meetings. You obviously don't know anything about the culture in Italy. Women don't feel the insecure need to dress like men in order to gain respect. They celebrate their femininity and find power in it. She is a beautiful, fashionably dressed woman. He also definitely NOT looking at her shoes. The man's face next to him says it all. Also, let me point out that Michelle Obama often wears snug fitting dresses to show off her curves. No one is painting her the hussy who is inviting trouble. Why? Because she is not doing anything wrong and dresses like a woman! Lighten up people. I don't like him. He got busted stealing a peak at a nice bum, no one will think anything of it next week. Worry about the decline of your rights instead. Maybe we should make women wear robes and hoods so that they don't intice poor unsuspecting men. Is that next?

1741 days ago


In the left Corner on the stairs is a "white Thing" - I think he's looking at this and not what you all think^^
I don't think there is someone who wears white sport shoes on this occasion - so what the hell is this at the foot of the stairs ?

1741 days ago


here we go again passing judgement on people,you'd think people would have learned something after mj's death.everything is not always as it appears,if oyu look at the video it's bad camera angle, i thought the same thing until i watched the video

1741 days ago


LOL and look at Sarcozy, the president of France, he is loving the amateurism of Obama.

1741 days ago


The better question is why did the liberal media feel the need to try so hard to defend Obama over something this ridiculous? Are they not even pretending to be unbiased anymore? Unreal.

1741 days ago

Bill Davis    

For those who like to be certain before the condemn or admonish review the video

All others may continue to bask in ignorance.

1740 days ago


Watching the video, you see this is Classic Out of Context photo op. He was actually watching the footing on the steps to help a lady next to him, as well as his own footing. Not so sure about the Italian prez

1740 days ago

just laughin    

no wonder clinton got it on the side better than hillary

1740 days ago


This is what I dont like; First of all I have no problem if it was true but my case is that it is known not to be true if you watch the video but yet people of media high level media (yahoo News) still publish this to inflick damage to Barack career. We need to stop these things cause we hurting alot of young people , children when we do this. Has anyone seen how the news broadcasting how the kids were not for jackson. That is molestation at its highest level. How do you think the kids feel when they hear that the man they thought was their father was not. The world is coming to an end the immoral behaviour from the media is stink. Has anyone notice how the media report North Korea and Iran...Its like they want to say USA should fight. They report it in a way that if you were the president you would feel shame but compelled to fight. THIS MUST STOP

1739 days ago


so classy Mr. Prez. like I always said, you are someone to look up to.

1739 days ago

moonchild 449    

I think you should show the real video, TMZ is so wrong for showing this. My sister showed me the video and sorry haters, he was being very polite and helping the girl behind him down the stairs. You need to look at the whole entire video. Most of you haters know it is fake and you will try to keep mess going. This man has a family and children. I think they are just trying to get him anyway they can. TMZ should show a retraction because this is just wrong.

1739 days ago
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