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'Reincarnated' Woman

Sues Hefner

for $3 Billion

7/9/2009 2:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This one is impossible to explain -- really, it is -- but we'll try.

Hugh Hefner docs: Click to launch
A woman possessed by the "most beautifiliest angel lusefer" and claims to be the "reincarnation of Venus Aphrodite Demilo" has filed a $3 billion lawsuit against Hugh Hefner, suing him for ... well ... it's nearly impossible to tell.

Sheri Allred -- who also calls herself "the biggest hat in the world" -- claims Hefner is a member of a pedophile organization and once hid under her bed when she was five-years-old in order to do naughty things to her.

And that's just the beginning ... seriously, just read it for yourself.


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Oh, never mind - I have figured it out - it's @ () billion. So sorry, ignore my previous request. I'm all good. Phew, came close to being confused.

1876 days ago

Melanie Hoyle    

I'll send her a nice jacket for christmas, it's got extra long sleeves and a few buckles incase it falls off.

1876 days ago

Scott Brown    

Just think how many crazy lawsuits that are being filed that we never hear about.
This is the stupid crap MJ had to put up with. Unfortunately he settled with the first looney just to end it, but the lawyers dug up anyone else they could find to come up with a story so the lawyers could profit...

1876 days ago


From a purely psychological point of view, I find this woman to be extremely disturbing. She obviously has some sort of delusional disorder; most likely schizophrenia. She needs help, plain and simple. What I don't get is, why hasn't she been involuntarily commited to a mental health facility? Hell, if Lynn and Jaime Spears can commit Britney, then this woman CERTAINLY can be commited. I hope that this letter will call attention to this woman so that the appropriate medical professionals can get involved and get this woman the help she so desperately needs!

A correction I would like to make, is that someone said that being sexually abused causes schizophrenia. That is incorrect information.. Schizophrenia is a brain disorder that is genetic. The brain chemistry of a schizophrenic person is faulty. However, psychosocial factors can also play a role in schizophrenia as can a problem pregnancy and/or traumatic birth experience, among other things. What IS caused by being sexually abused though, is something called Dissociative Identity Disorder (aka Multiple Personality Disorder).

Don't believe me? Check out the National Institute for Mental Health:

1876 days ago


TMZ, Shame on you for posting that "letter".Giving attention to that loon! Not to mention my aching head from attempting to read it and make sense out of the nonsense! Post my tip(s) more interesting than this!

1876 days ago


all these people that sue for ridiculous things and make ridiculous things up like that really needs to seek some sort of help or maybe they really are sane and just acting because they want their 5 minutes who knows but these people really need to stop it gets old.

1876 days ago


Schizophreniais a HILARIOUS mental disorder.

Posted at 1:19PM on Jul 9th 2009 by Monkeynoodle

Monkey you're a tool- I hope your family or friends NEVER have to deal with a psychotic person. Yes the complaint itself is inherently amusing, but schizophrenia is not hilarious. You- to the Tool Factory !

1876 days ago


WTF? Crazy... And Dave70, you're a moron. Didn't you notice that TMZ spelled beautiful as "beautifiliest". Do you know what quotes mean? Apparently not. So, STFU. You related to that nutcase?

1876 days ago



1876 days ago

La La Land    

WACKJOB! Stop wasting my tax dollar for this useless crap.

1876 days ago

Ronnie B.    

...I don't know where to begin with this! Lets just say she got the 3 billion... WTF would she do with it? Why would they even let her sue him. She is obviously a very sick person. Stupid people.

1876 days ago


I always knew Hefner was a pervert. This woman should get the 2 billion dollars. I can't believe this sicko did this to her. Wacko Hefo. You see, it's these celebrities who think they can just get away with whatever they want. Hiding under her bed. I guess he couldn't wait for this one to reach 18.

1876 days ago


Somebody find Tom Sneddon. This woman should win big time. She get everything she wants. She should humiliate him beyond belief. He will not sell one more magazine. She should destroy the whole Playboy enterprise forever.

Get the pervert!

1876 days ago


Schizophrenia .. this is a serious mental illness and its nothing to be laughed at .....
no one laughs at someone who has cancer right?

1876 days ago


I think this woman's hat is on too tight!

1876 days ago
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