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R. Patz

Makes Me Wanna Scream

7/9/2009 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WARNING: Dogs or babies with developing ear drums should not watch the following video of Robert Pattinson ... not that they normally would.

Those rabid "Twilight" fans are ridiculously devoted -- and extremely loud.


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He choose to be an actor, he looks like frankenstain doesnt he?
young, new little star.

1935 days ago


He is fugly...looks like the Gieco caveman. I hope he and Kristen Stewart took acting classes after the last Twilight movie...the acting was horrid. Of course it appeals to pre-tween, tweens, and young teens. Save 2 hours of your life skip the next movie.

1935 days ago


HE'S HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT I FEEL BAD FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE DESERVES BETTER THAN THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) x

1935 days ago


omg did anyone else hear the scary, deeply frantic pig-sounds @53-54 seconds?!!! creepy!

wtf how embarrassing....leave the poor guy alone already! let him do his job! screaming like a bunch of banshees is disruptive and a bit psychotic!


1935 days ago


I am a twilight fan! I am not as crazy as this girls in this video, but I am falling in love with Edward Cullens. Notice I didn't say I am falling in love with Edward Cullens, because that statement would be false. To answer all of your question. Girls are falling in love with the character that Robert Pattinson is playing, but they aren't in love with him! That is just wrong!

1935 days ago


i dont c wats so special bout him, he is not hot at all, EW!

1935 days ago

Stephanie D    

I look at this and I feel horrible for this poor guy. No one chooses to have this kind of life. I'm sorry but it's not because you want to be an actor that you have to endure this. He just wants to act. Sure with fame and money you have to expect some "inconvenience" but that is just crazy.

I feel bad for him. I hope the crazinest will slow down eventually because I know I would go nuts if this were my life.

1935 days ago


I think I just fainted!

1934 days ago


Wonder how it feels making millions of dollars from eleven/twelve year olds??? How embarrassing!

1934 days ago


ugh. I was at the set today in Brooklyn and what a difference a day makes! There were maybe 15 girls there tops, mostly teens and 20 year olds. At the end 3 teens, and a girl maybe 10 who seemed to do this for a living (stalk famous people) stepped in front of me past the cone the bodyguards set up by Rob's trailer. So obnoxious. When Rob came out of the trailer after his lunch(?) a bunch of the girls behind me shouted "Rob, Brooklyn loves you!" Gag. He looked over his shoulder but his bguards were rushing him across the street to film new scene. Indoor filming all day so I only saw him coming and going from his trailer, no autographs. Not that I'd ask. From other bloggers and Twitter I've learned that a lot of the stalkers, as we call them, are out of towners. Making us look bad. Thanks alot!!

1934 days ago


Crap books, crap movie, crap actor. Who cares?

1934 days ago


I think Rob is wonderful, not the characters he plays. NOT THAT I DON'T LIKE THE ROLES HE HAS PLAYED. I knew of Rob before Twilight came out so that crap that Twilight made him popular is bulls***. That put Rob out there, but he is holding his own without the Edward character I have you know. Oh, you haters out there can have your opinions, but he has many, many, many fans that will disagree with you and we are not all teens and tweenies so don't go there either. Rob is going to be around way after the Twilight movies are over and he is going to proof to everyone that his talent is going to get him bigger and better roles. If he decides to continue acting that is. With all the craziness surrounding him right now I would not blame him for wanting to quit. Also, Rob is just a sweet and good-natured person. He appreciates all of his fans and as far as acknowledging them #15, he did not do that because his bodyguards are telling him not to encourage the fans or the paps. I know Rob has gone out to the way to meet his fans after he was done filming a couple of times to sign autographs or take pics. He even apologized to some others one night because he was not allowed to. He has to be very careful. Some of those fans out there are just to aggresive.

1934 days ago




1934 days ago


This little boy looks like a poor skinny drunken dirty child, I don't understand, I udes to go crazy about boys but they were usually clean cut, like the NKOTB!

1934 days ago


Poor Rob , saying to the whole word that you are dirty doesn't help you that much; now we all know that you are trying to dissuade your fans from adoring you...
We also know that Summit Entertainement needs to take all the money they can from Robert, but setting a movie in the Big Apple with the It heartrob in summer? No surprise, r-patz fans follow him everywhere. Stay strong, Rob, and do not accept movies to be set in big cities, at least for now. I hope you 're wearing Quies balls ; )

1932 days ago
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