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Stephen Baldwin's Home

a Heroin Hot Spot

7/9/2009 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A good deed is never forgotten -- especially when it bites you in the ass ... as actor Stephen Baldwin quickly learned when a homeless man he let live on his property was busted for heroin.

Stephen Baldwin's Home a Heroin Hot Spot
51-year-old Jimmy Parks -- who was suspected of trafficking heroin on the property -- was arrested when police raided the cottage he was staying in just feet away from the actor's suburban New York home.

Police tell us Baldwin, a born-again Christian, was home at the time of the raid and had been trying to help Parks get his life together and had even taken him to church.


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God's best publicist is moving here to Oregon to open his film ccompany and take up residence. God help us all!!!!!

1898 days ago


First of all let me say this: I know Stephen and consider him a close friend and one of the most caring people on this earth. For Stephen to offer someone he feels needs some help is something I have come to know is who and what he is. I commend him for his attempt to help.

1898 days ago



1898 days ago


You know, I understand everyone's trepidation with religion, but know this; Christians aren't people who believe they're without sin, they're people who know they're sinners and are awestruck by God's grace in sending his only son to take the punishment they (we) deserve.

When you're a Christian it doesn't immediately absolve you from sinning. The greatest gift God gave mankind is free will and unfortunately some decisions we make are bad. Being religious is a faith based relationship. It's a daily struggle. Mistakes will be made.

Stop assuming that Christians think they're perfect or preachy. I'm a big fat sinner. I try my best. I don't try and indoctrinate anyone with my faith rather I'll discuss it with them if they ask. We are all fallible and we are most certainly all redeemable. To fault someone for trying to help a man in need or attack them because of their finances is sad.

Regardless of your political affiliation or religious orientation the economy affects us all in the form of various struggles. Try applying a little more human compassion and understanding and less judgement, you may find your own lives more fulfilling.

1898 days ago


This is house that is in forclosure! perhaps if Stephen spent more time looking for a decent job and less time doing this "Im a christian thing" which I think is all a joke, he would not be in so much trouble. Didnt he have a huge drug problem just a few years ago. He looked like crap on that I'm a celebrity get me outta here show, He is the loser Baldwin and he always will be. I can't stand him. He still acts like an addict.

1898 days ago


i thought TMZ said his house was foreclosed? can't have it both ways TMZ

1898 days ago

maggie mae    

Stephen is a moron as are the other brothers. Stephen needs to get in the real sphere of life and take the blame for his actions. Christia, I think not.

1898 days ago

London not England    

Baldwin's Biggest SIN was that HE GOT FAT.......

And how does someone who's made as much $$$ as him end up in forecloser??!?!?!?!?!
What? "Threesome" and "Bio-Dome" residuals not covering the lifestyle?!?!?!?!?!?!
And how is it that his Filthy rich brother Alec cannot help save his little Bro's house?!?!?!?!?! How messed up is that!

i wonder if he was tithing ?!?!?!?!??!?!!?

1898 days ago


Good for Baldwin. A Christian brother, who despite impeccible odds has survived it all!! God bless for your efforts, you'll receive a crown in heaven.

1898 days ago


OK, so maybe ol' Steve wanted to help. Good for him.

Unfortunately, taking The Dude to Church didn't help him Spiritually, but expanded his client list.

Anyone remember the second Flintstone's movie? No? Explains a house in foreclosure.

1898 days ago


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1898 days ago


No-o-o-o Not Alex ? He seems so-o-o-o-o Normal. Say is isn't so-o-o-o lol

1898 days ago


Was the druggie Michael Jackson?

1898 days ago


Baldwin was at least doing what he should as a Christian, and sometimes you just can't help some people who do not want to help themselves, there are many on our welfare roles.

1897 days ago

Yo Daddy!    

MADRADDER ......... Get a life!!!! loser.

1891 days ago
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