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'Twilight' Star Is a Soccer Mom

7/9/2009 2:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kellan Lutz plays a vampire in those "Twilight" films -- but it's his ride that really sucks.

Kellan Lutz: Click to watch
The hot-bodied star left Mel's Diner driving every 40-year-old mother's ride of choice -- a white mini van -- and the paps rightly let him have it.


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WOAH - a parent driving a safe and practical car?! "New Father Makes Smart Vehicle Purchase!" - shocking! I don't know how you guys sleep with all this scandalous breaking news to report.

1932 days ago


The paps sounded like idiots. I hope he doesn't go out & spends big money to get a sports car just because some uneducated pap yells out stupidity. Like to see what piece of junk that pap was driving. Geeeez

1932 days ago


TMZ how did you not notice that he's drinking and driving....BEER BOTTLE in hand....

1932 days ago

The Truth    

This is NEWS?????????

1932 days ago


Hey, it's not every 40 year old Mom's choice. I would rather walk than drive a minivan!

1932 days ago


I never thought I'd say this, BUT, HOT DAMN...THAT IS ONE HOT SOCCER MOM! haha

1932 days ago

truthfully yours    

You guys are nuts. Maybe minivans aren't cool, but they are like a living room on wheels. Comfortable and able to carry anything..I don't have kids, by the way. Once you are a grown up, you stop worrying about what is cool.

1932 days ago


I'm pretty sure that he still gets more ass minivan or not then all of those paperazzi put together!

1932 days ago


Swore I'd never own one...then had kids and realized WHY all of these people have them. They are very convenient. Don't knock the nice vans. I have a top of the line Sienna with all the bells and whistles and it's like driving a Lexus. No joke.

1932 days ago


Let's see here, the Nazis at TMZ were more than happy to trash Sarah Palin, but for some reason failed to report on David Letterman's "joke" about her 14 year old daughter getting raped in the middle of Yankee Stadium. MJ was a child molesting drug addict that in recent weeks tried to BUY Octo Mom's kids from her, but you'd think he was the Pope with the amount of spin and lies you've read on here about him. Gov. Sanford had an affair and Harvey's minions had a field day with it. Steve McNair gets killed for having an affair with NUMEROUS women and you'd swear he was a single man that just had a crazy girlfriend. Millions of people are losing their jobs daily thanks to Obama's Socialist, irresponsible spending and tax increases, yet the First Ho is seen walking around Russia with a 6,000 dollar purse. Shana Moakler, Harvey's poster child for a "classy, intelligent" woman, sings Sarah Palin's praises at Diddy's White Party yet you don't see a single report on here about her comments. All of which we don't hear a peep about on this liberal mouthpiece of a hack site. You'd almost think TMZ is trying to protect their liberal propaganda agenda or something.... :)

1932 days ago


The TMZ staff remarks are typical of Hollywood types. It's all about who or what is considered "cool" by their standards. I do hope you grow up and get out in the real world someday. You might find out what is really important about a person instead of judging them by what they drive, what they wear and how many chicks they bang. Hollywood is only beautiful on the outside. Inside it is rotting.

1932 days ago


TMZ is crazy! ROFLMO!

1932 days ago


who's the annoying a-hole yelling?

1932 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Hey #14 Harvey's a biooootch!!!!!! ......

Just LIGHTEN UP ..... and go do something USEFUL with all that energy of yours ....... LOL

1932 days ago


If he's not a dad yet, I can help make him one.

1932 days ago
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