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War Erupts over MJ's Memorial Cost

7/9/2009 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The battle over the cost of Michael Jackson's memorial has officially begun -- as an L.A. city councilman and the president of AEG traded licks today about who's responsible for the ceremony's hefty price tag.

War Erupts over MJ's Memorial Cost

Councilman Dennis Zine told KTTV today that taxpayers "are getting ripped off" because AEG made $50,000 by charging the media to use risers outside the venue. Zine said AEG should grow a pair and cough up some cash.

AEG President Tim Leiweke immediately swung back, saying Zine was out of line because the company helped secure funds for the L.A. Lakers championship parade last month.

So the question is...


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How about the TV companies chipping in apparently there were 220 news organizations represented from outside L.A.

1878 days ago


AEG is not responsible. They did not invite a million people to the memorial. They only invited 18,000ish people. Any additional people that showed up is not their problem. And then, look at the economic benefit the city got from this. hotels, meals, transportation, and all the other income. The question as to whether they should pay is foolish. Cities beg for events. They fight to get the Olympics. They want the World Series. LA should be glad they get this bonus event!

1878 days ago


I think the Jackson family should foot the bill. I'm sure they have a couple bucks lying around somewhere.

1878 days ago


The city of LA should sue the Jackson estate to help pay up. His estate has probably made over 100 million and this just after his death. This money is going to those kids and Jackson's mother. I think Katherine should re-direct some of that charitable portion to the city of LA as charity for the cost.

If the Jacksons say no, the next celebrity that dies should make provisions to cover their own escort, etc. Let the fans raid the casket and the bones. It is embarrrrrassssing LA is is begging for money. They should have anticipated this fiasco and put it down by contract. You listening LA???? You loved all the hype and now you are in trouble. How much tourist dollars did the city net?? Didn't a million people descend on LA for this extravaganza.

1878 days ago


TO 137....... cops in every department work whats called "details" which is outside of their normal duties.... also known as "cops for hire" "uniformed security" many places demand you hire uniformed police as security if you're having a function.... and the city had numerous officers on that day because of the memorial, someone has to pay for that. I rented a hall for my daughter's 18th and stated in my contract was the fact that i had to have one uniformed officer at the party.... at my expense. As i stated earlier i think all three, Mj's Estate, AEG, and the City all benefit and should share the expense.

I will also say thank for making MJ's Memorial perfect, and safe for all involved.

1877 days ago


Pretty much the tax payers of california will ultimately be picking up the tab.....

when the heck did i sign up for that i didnt even get to go i was working for a living.

1877 days ago


Once again, America embarasses themselves. Its once again about color as usual. When we buried our aunts, uncles and mother, we needed police and never were charged for it. Other countries would have held this memorial and never asked for anything. Black folks are accepted more in other countries than our own. For God sakes China is paying 15 million to create a downsized version of Neverland. Where are the police who GOT PAID? Are they complaining? LA IS STUPID. SINCE THEY WERE GOING TO HAVE THAT MANY POLICE PATROLLING ANYWAY, THEY SHOULD HAVE ENCOURAGED PEOPLE TO COME TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE TOURISM DOLLARS LIKE WASHINGTON DC DID FOR THE INAUGURATION.

1877 days ago


If it has been anyone else the city would have required a conditional use permit....fees would be paid and costs absorbed by the entity providing the "event". In other words....MJ's family should pay the cost or the city should not have allowed it. Since when can anyone else in the city have an event of this magnitude without paying the cost that the city would absorb......Good Lord, even LA is star struck.

1876 days ago


Dude screw that no one asked the city to send all the cops to be security or close down th streets lets the city pay for it AEG and the jacson family could have hired people to do those things but the city went ahead and did it for them let them pay and next time they cry about how broke the city is maybe they can think back to the money they just sunk down the drain and to the guy who was running his mouth about the lakers (Post 184) stop crying we all know your just bitter the lakers probably kicked your team's ass to get to the finals and win so get over it theres always next year

1876 days ago


I say let the Hollywood docs foot the bill - seems like they've got the extra cash.

1876 days ago

Laure H    

Aeg and l.a, should pay the bill for that "RIDICULOUS" circus of a memorial, how can a state that is "BROKE" nwaste money like that on a memorial service, he sang a couple good songs , but comeon this is ridiculous, he is not worth that. People need to get there heads out of there ass.

1875 days ago
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