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Dr. Arnie Klein Calls the Cops

7/10/2009 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnie Klein Calls the CopsWe've learned Beverly Hills Police have just responded to the office of Dr. Arnie Klein, Michael Jackson's close friend and doctor.

We're told Klein's office asked the cops to come -- someone in the office told us they called for protection. We do not have further details.

UPDATE: Cops tells us Dr. Klein's office has been receiving "suspicious calls" today -- so they took a report and are going to investigate.


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Miko comes from a very dysfunctional background himself....dd it ever occur that he is covering up for MJ? He was around him all the time but never saw anything unusal? He no doubtly benefited from his friend MJ who was so wealthy and famous......I don't believe that he didn't see anything......the authopsy will prove there was so much going on.........which is doubtful considering he is the son of the brilliant actor but troubled Marlon Brando.....

MJFAN- How DARE U accuse Mikko Brando!! He has been the only loyal friend to Michael out there. You can tell he doesn't want to say anything bad about him and just wants to treasure his memory since everyone else is trashing it. You should be ashamed!!!

Posted at 4:59PM on Jul 10th 2009 by givemeabreakidyit

1896 days ago


Im not accusing Miko, if you google him, it says he was under investigation as being one of the former body guards interviewed by police as maybe getting prescription drugs for him. Look it up.
Also,how can you be a friend and be that clsoe to someone, everyone else has stepped up and admitted that MJ has had a drug problem but Miko says no, never. im sorry, but thats hiding something. again, it didnt come from me.

1896 days ago


for protection?
pretty funny

1896 days ago


I agree on the Milko Brando bit. The guy is lying through his teeth !! Come on, he never knew Michael had a drug problem, or used drug's ??????? Oh Pleaseeeeeeeeeee !! He was using MJ just like everyone else was. No one believe's a word out of his mouth when he is on Larry King. Why do they bother having him on the show for ??? Everyone with even a small bit of a brain can see he is lying !! I can understand where he want's to defend his friend, but than don't go on TV and play dumb for crying out loud !!

1896 days ago


Regarding the suspicious calls to Dr. Kliens office....yeah right! The cops better get a search warrrant and go in there to find MJ's records or the next thing you know they will be saying that the office was broken into and the records are gone, missing, something.....he is obviously guilty of something!

1896 days ago

hmm ha    

For protection??? Did this guy think he would go back to his normal life after appearing on GMA, and Larry King Live???What an idiot, he wants his 15 minutes for sure! They all want their 15 minutes of fame. Everybody wants to come out and talk about his "alleged drug use" now that he's gone but nobody(his friends and ex and current employees) really bothered to search for help or question the doctors when he was alive. Please idiotic friends and coworkers it's called and "anonymous tip"

1896 days ago

Oh My Goodness    

Not only is Klein a drug addict but an apparent FOOD ADDICT AS WELL!

1896 days ago


the whole story is just making a sharp turn, and everybody, every close friend, every doctor, every body guard is just saying the same thing..
i don't want to believe the compiracy theories, but i just smell something is going wrong, so wrong...
somebody is trying to hide the real truth...
maybe the truth is never meant to be told to the public

look at the death of elvis, bruce lee...

1896 days ago

too sad    


1896 days ago


The fact that Miko is Marlon Brando's son doesn't mean that he has money. We all know the Brando family is very troubled.

Again, it was very obvious that Miko was lying on the Larry King show. He made a complete fool of himself.

1896 days ago

too sad    

maybe this so called doctor will suicide !!!!!!!

1896 days ago


59. WOW. TMZ, you should investigate MIKO BRANDO! maybe its just me, but he seems more and more suspicious. he has known Michael for years and was his security guard and yet still insists that MJ never had a drug problem. Who knows, maybe he was one of the ones who picked up teh drugs for him. I dont trust him!

Posted at 4:53PM on Jul 10th 2009 by MJfan

Actually TMZ needs to look at pictures of Miko and CHRISTIAN Brando when they were younger....
..Prince looks exactly like Christian did when he was younger, also very similar features to Marlon Brando when he was young The night they showed him on television I said OMG! that is a Brando child???
Google them ~ you will see...

1896 days ago



1896 days ago


He wants to be on record in case something happens. He was no real friend of MJ. He benfited off of MJ as many did including his former wife Debbie Rowe who use to work with Klein. Many other drs did the same thing. I listened to him on Larry King and he was purely there to make his statement for Debbie Rowe as was her friend on GMA the other day.

1896 days ago


If he is indeed responsible for Michael Jackson's demise and death as is widely being speculated, then Heaven help him. Michael Jackson fans are loyal and tenacious. Dr. Klein might consider relocating to Aruba or Dubai.

1896 days ago
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