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Jackson Self-Injecting Demerol, Doctor Says

7/10/2009 1:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Self-Injecting Demerol,A doctor who treated Michael Jackson claimed the singer self-injected Demerol into his system.

We've combed through tens of thousands of pages of the official file for the 2005 molestation trial. In the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's notes, a member of Jackson's security detail -- retired L.A. County Sheriff's deputy Michael Laperruque -- said some doctors were trying to get Jackson off of Demerol, and that one of the doctor's in Santa Barbara "was upset with JACKSON because he had been self-injecting."

Laperruque told detectives he had picked up Jackson's prescriptions for the singer, usually under the name Chris Carter. Carter was one of Jackson's bodyguards.

Laperruque also told detectives one time when he was at Neverland his job was to keep Jackson's family out because they were planning an intervention.


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i'M DONE WITH A FORK IN IT. I can't read anymore of this trash. MJ was no more special than my 2 addicted sisters who drive me nuts with their Drama and helped put my mom in her grave. I've tried to get them locked up the best you get them to is detox. The family has no rights by law all we can do is stand back and watch the train wreck. Please keep your comments about interventions to yourself unless you've tried to help a loved one yourself you know nothing about the things that hinder that help. There are laws that keep us from getting them help. Hepa laws keep us from helping. Two years ago I watched my brother go down by his own hands. I couldnt get the Doc's to help me. The best you can get them to is detox and that's not even close to the answer. If you want to help people with drug problems then you have to help change the laws starting with the hepa law and follow that up with getting narcartics off the internet. Geez, you can buy this crap online and get it shipped COD next day. Do you really want to make a change or just watch the train wrecks and post about them? It's not fun seeing loved one on life support because they shut down. HOW ABOUT WE REALL MAKE A CHANGE.

1876 days ago

diana wynn    

Seriously PEOPLE- This man was SICK. He was a DRUG ADDICT and a CHILD MOLESTER. Lets take him down from this pedestal and honor and revere peple who deserve our troops.
California is bankrupt and we just shelled out 4 million for a drug addicts funeral???? What happens when the next wildfire breaks out and the state has no money to pay the brave men and women who risk their lives to put those fires out? All because we had to make a circus out of this?
Its sick- we are billions in debt and in 2 wars and this is what we do?

1876 days ago


Hmmmmmmm some of you are cofusing the Demerol with the Propofol. Demerol is for pain, and propofol was the anesthesia.

1876 days ago


Look st all the time that a normal parent needs to spend with their children every day, especially when they are as young as "his" children are. They need a parent in their live constantly and consistantly. It's becoming more and more evident that Jackson had LONG been unable to be there for them because of the drugs alone, - no wonder they're introverted and isolated, they were raised by nannies (paid help). Jackson was ultimately very selfish. Unless you're an uncaring pig, the ONE thing that would make you stop all the crap is your love for your children. It's obvious who he put FIRST in his life.

1876 days ago


Where was Dr. Murray with the Narcan?!

1876 days ago


49. Of course he was a junkie,,,look at the video of him in his pajamas heading into the court room during his molestation trial. He was out of it,,,and they dragged his sorry ass out of bad,,,,and to court under threat of arrest if he did not show up
And his family is a bunch of liars,,,they say they knew nothing...One lies the other swears to it,,,,
Get those poor kids away from the whole jackson bunch,,,,,and to a loving family,,,THAT UNDERSTANDS SOME TRUTH IN THIS LIFE.
What a sick bunch

Posted at 1:05PM on Jul 10th 2009 by Dee Dee

1876 days ago


Font Size: Decrease Increase Print Page: Print Chris Ayres | June 27, 2009
Article from: The Times
THAT Michael Jackson lived until the age of 50 is in many ways shocking.

As one of the reporters who camped out in Santa Maria, California, during the spring of 2005 to cover his child abuse trial, there were times when I doubted he would still be alive to hear the jury read its verdict.

In my notes from the final day of testimony, before the jury retired, I observed that the defendant was, "tiny, weak, and with the flesh visibly shrinking from his face, leaving behind an almost skeletal jaw line made stranger by the pulled lips and white man's chin dimple," and concluded that, "Michael Jackson is clearly in extremely poor health".

Facing more than 18 years in jail on ten child molestation-related charges - and forced to sit through 60 days of court proceedings involving 135 witnesses and 1,000 pieces of evidence - Jackson suffered at least one complete mental and physical breakdown during the trial.

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The judge was not sympathetic.

After being told by the judge that he would be arrested if he did not show up to court, the singer arrived almost two hours late, still wearing his pyjamas, with a flunky holding an umbrella over his head. Only a couple of months before, Jackson had been in such high spirits that he had moondanced on the roof of his vehicle after a preliminary hearing.

I doubt that anyone who sat through that trial, day after day, will be engaging in much sentimental talk about Jackson this weekend - regardless of the great sadness that always accompanies the death of a great pop culture icon.

It is not that Jackson was obviously a child molester who happened to get lucky with a soft jury in 2005. That was not the case at all: the charges against him were overblown and should never have reached court.

The accusers were hucksters with zero credibility - something that should have been obvious from the beginning to Tom Sneddon, the red-faced, shouty Santa Barbara County District Attorney, who seemed to have made a personal crusade out of putting Jackson in prison. No, what made a little bit of your soul die every time you went to court was the spectacle of a man who had been so utterly corrupted by everything that's wrong with fame - to the point where he had quite literally mutilated himself.

Once you saw that tragic mask of a face up close, it never left you.

And it was not just the plastic surgery, or the large doses of prescription medication that the man was obviously taking - it was everything about his life.

Contrary to the image he created for himself in his later years, Michael Jackson was no man-child, trapped in time. That was an act, and only his most doe-eyed of fans ever bought it.

During the trial it became clear that the singer had two voices: the girlish showbusiness falsetto, and the gruff, grown man's baritone that he used to scold his employees. And as with the facial alterations that had turned a black man into a white one, there was a sense Jackson loved the illusion. Indeed, his whole life was a series of circus mirrors, right down to the red wine he served himself on his private jet in Diet Coke cans.

He had been a showman since the age of 8, so the sleight of hand came naturally. But it came so naturally that he didn't know when or how to stop. Which, of course, made him a terrible judge of character.

Like a lottery winner with a lot of new friends, he surrounded himself with the very worst kind of people imaginable, most of whom spent their whole time trying to find new and innovative ways to scam a percentage of his vast wealth which, until he squandered it, must have been worth close to a billion dollars.

Practically everyone who ever met him ended up suing him. And his profligacy, which he never abandoned until his last days - he was broke but living at a $100,000-a-month mansion in Bel Air when he collapsed on Thursday - only made him an even bigger target.

However, it was in 1993 that Jackson essentially destroyed himself. A boy named Jordan Chandler had accused the singer of grooming him as a sexual partner, and had provided the Los Angeles police with a vivid description of the singer's genitalia. In a gesture of co-operation with the police, Jackson agreed to a 25-minute strip search, and the match was not conclusive. But Jackson didn't go on to fight the allegations. For whatever reason he chose instead to pay the Chandlers to go away

1876 days ago


TMZ really needs to stop with the Jackson death. Now they are just pounding sand. Old news move on.

1876 days ago


I wish he had more will power for the sake of his children.

1876 days ago


99. Michael Jackson had absolutely NO RIGHT to have those 3 young
children in his house with him being a drug addict. I hope these
children can be normal after all they have seen and lived through.

Sharpton telling the kids that their daddy was not strange, but it
was strange what their daddy had to face. GEEZE! GMAB! Sharpton,
Jesse Jackson, and Joe Jackson need to take a hike and never come

You make it sound like he was on coke, heroin, ecstasy, etc etc. He
had medical conditions, maybe TMZ should get the info about lupus,
fibromyalgia, insomnia, and the pain he suffered through the burn to
his scalp. People who don't take medications would have no
understanding of this what so ever. Not to mention the constant
belittling of the media and the public. We as regular citizens have
no idea of the strain it may put on a celebrity. None of this
supports a theory of him being a bad parent.

1876 days ago


Rest in peace, Michael. You gave the world much entertainment and great artistry, but even in death, you are not free of the heavy price of worldwide fame and great wealth. Rest in peace, Michael Jackson.

1876 days ago


Who are we to judge him? Are we perfect citizens who lead the most 'normal' life? Stop scrutinizing every action that he took. Would you want your life to be looked under a microscope? Let the man rest in peace. It's over and done with.

1876 days ago


The cops didn't trash Jackson's house, doofus. The pictures were taken to show the condition it was found in. this is the way he lived. Face it, the guys was a louse.

1876 days ago


When this is all over, the end will be the same as Anna Nicole and Elvis Presley...addicted to drugs..always looking for the ultimate high...and they got it: DEATH. I'm said to read this because of his kids. Living with someone addicted to drugs or alcohol is a terrible way to grow up. I pray the nanny kept the kids away from MJ when he was high and they only saw him when he was lucid. Very sad story. BTW..I am a MJ fan and have defended him since he died, but I must look at the facts and it's looking like he caused his own death, whether accidently or intentionally.

1876 days ago
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