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Joe Jackson -- 'I Do Believe It Was Foul Play'

7/10/2009 2:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson continues talking to anyone who will listen -- and last night on "ABC News" he said he does believe there was "foul play" in the death of his son, Michael.

Joe Jackson: Click to watch
As far as drug use is concerned, Joe says he didn't know anything about it but said whatever Michael took he did so he could "relax and sleep."


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MY offer is    

Michael Jackson Reported to us HIS FATHER HAS BLUES EYES. MORE B.S . reported by sister Janet,,SHE went to his home in NEVADA ,Janet was shocked what SHE saw. also WHO WAS WATCHING THE CHILDREN WITH ALL THE DRUGS FLOWING IN AND OUT OF HIS VEINS...when he is OUT ...would you have mj baby sit your kids.

1933 days ago


I was wondering when the Jackson family was going to start spinning the truth about the facts. This man should not be allowed around his grandchildren or anyone else's for that matter. If he beat his own blood, I wondered what he will do to the grandkids who aren't from his blood. Also If Katherine stood by when her children were beaten and did nothing, she should not be allow to raise them either. We all know it about the money...I am wondering if Michael loved his kids so much, why he didn't bother to finalize their adoption...The kids deserve some resemblance of normalcy, and that would be outside the celebrity world.

1933 days ago

Just Saying    

And the extension of Joe Jackson's 15 minutes begins! On top of that he is clearly ready to start pimping out his grandkids.

Meanwhile, Joe Jackson told ABC that he and his wife, Katherine, should have custody of Michael's three children. "They'll grow up to be strong Jacksons," he said.
He said Michael's daughter, Paris, who spoke at the Tuesday memorial service, was taking the death hard and was crying whenever Michael's name is mentioned. He said that she might have a future in the entertainment business along with the youngest son, nicknamed Blanket, who "can really dance."

1933 days ago


He hasn't lived at the Jackson compound in over 10 years. He lives in Las Vegas. He'll have nothing to do with these children. There were even reports that Katherine did not let him into the compound several times since MJ's death. He "hears" Blanket is a good dancer. If he had any prior relationship with these children, he would "know" if his grandchild can dance. This guy will be a total non player in their lives, just like he has been a non player in his own children's lives and estranged wife in recent years.

1933 days ago



1933 days ago


this man needs to be kept away from michael jackson children..... KEEEP HIM AWAY, michael jackson must be twisting and turning in his grave. Michael Jackson was mentally abused by this creep...

1933 days ago


I can't really say anything new about this man that hasn't been said. He's pathetic and still doesn't get it after all these years! I hope these children will be allowed to stay together and grow up to be happy and healthy in all ways, (mentally/physically) and will be allowed to be what THEY want to be when they grow up. Not what someone else has projected on to them. Only from the information I have seen via media do I not think their biological mother would be a good choice to raise them. She doesn't appear to have had a relationship with them for many years. I am adopted and have always wondered why courts think that just because they share the same blood doesn't mean they are the best choices for children! I'm wondering why Janet doesn't try to become their guardian? I haven't heard anyone ask this question. She seems to be the person that has been steadfast in Michael's life. I know we heard Jermaine say he was his voice and his backbone, but I tend to question that a bit in my mind, personally. Janet was the one that cared enough to try and stage an intervention. She is the one that his daughter and oldest son were with on the platform of the memorial service and who they turned to. She is younger and knew Michael perhaps better than her other siblings. I hope she will remain a steadfast presence in their lives. I fear for them among all these people that seem to only want a piece of them for their own selfish reasons.

1933 days ago


this man should be in the coffin, not Michael!!!! the way he treated him all time he was a child and after, teenager!
better stay home, old man, the public and the fans are Michael's, not yours! there is no one who gives a damn about your opinion, nor on your so colled "record company" to continue MJ's legacy, you proudly announce to have set up when your son was not even cold yet! MONEY is not everything in this life! you should be ashamed of yourself!
Forgive him Michael, wherever you are right now, for he is a foul never been blassed to feel and share LOVE!
RIP Michael, beautiful soul!

1933 days ago


The more the JackAzz opens his mouth, the more he does damage to the family. What judge in their right mind would grant Katherine Jackson custody, especially after this interview. This man wants to live off those kids & knowing they have money, it's just disgraceful. IF a judge grants this woman custody after hearing this interview, I'll lose all faith in the justice system. All Joe JackAzz wants to do is pimp those kids out to make himself money. I mean right after MJ's death, at the BET awards, he showed NO REMORSE for losing a son and was more interested in promoting his new company more than anything. Who is going to make sure those children don't suffer at the hands of Joe ??? Someone needs to get those kids out of that environment & give them a normal life. I'm all over Debbie Rowe getting custody of ALL of them, they'll at least have some sort of life than with this JackAzz CREW !!!

1933 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Joe Jackson -- 'I Do Believe It Was Foul Play'.. JOE JACKSON IS THE FOUL PLAY !!!! .. I wish he would just go away ..

1933 days ago


that is the messed thing about it ppl, he did make MJ the man he was. would michael been successful wihtout the help of his father?

1933 days ago


Joe Jackson is a DOUCHE! If there was "foul play" he would be my number one suspect. Shut up old man!

1933 days ago


Joe is a HEARTLESS JERK! All the media needs to QUIT interviewing his dumb ass, bc he could careless about Michael and what happen to him. He is LOVING all the attention he is getting and is probably happy about what happened. Michael left him out of his will for a reason! Joe Jackson, if you happen to read any of this, GET A LIFE YOU ADULTERER, CHILD ABUSING, HEARTLESS PIG!!!

1933 days ago

MargaretB. ( British nanna ) ( your ref: Ife27f4c )    

Hello everyone. I am sitting here in England @ 5-30 p.m. feeling absolutely physically sick to my stomach after watching that horrible video of that slimey man ..ugh ! The look on the Interviewer 's face said the same !
I hope the Jackson family do not let that man near those lovely children - or any other children for that matter .
Paris was so brave and as a Nanna - Grandma - my heart was so touched by her courage in speaking out . The two brothers were brave too ; I wanted to hug them all as I do my own Grandchildren .I do hope their Aunts and Uncles protect them .
I was very saddened by Michael's death , and loathe all the nasty creepy stories by money grabbing people.
None of us can really know what he did/ not do but we CAN see what nice, well mannered , lovely children he raised .
The thought of that slimey person getting his hands on them makes me ill.
Michael was multi-talented and it is sad he is gone - but how I wish so much he had listened to his sister , Janet, and got help , not judging him at all but if he had,those dear little souls would be safely at home now well away from Joe Jackson .
I wish you all well , especially those three children.
A British Nanna .

1933 days ago


Joe Jackson is one of the most evil looking, vile people I have ever seen. Why anyone would want to interview him is
beyond belief. Homicide??? Who would want to kill Jackson? He was set to do 50 shows and all those "hangeroner's"
would be in on the payroll. Now what will they do? Why would the Doctor kill him, his $150,000 a month would stop right there. If someone "killed" Michael, then find that person and send him to Joe Jackson who really needs to be gone.
Those poor kids are in for a rough time. I hope there is a Judge smart enough to sort this out. No Way should they live with the Jackson's. !!! Michael must be "rolling"!!

1933 days ago
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