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Levi Johnston: The Maverick Wanted Mo' Money

7/10/2009 1:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston thinks he's cracked the mystery behind Sarah Palin quitting her job as governor of Alaska -- she's all about the Benjamins.

Johnston says Palin was pallin' around with people who were offering the mavericky maverick millions for book deals and reality shows. He says he heard Sarah say she'd love to cash-in on the offers ... and that's why she resigned as governor.

And speakin' of cashin' in -- Johnston's currently pursuing his own book and movie deal. Birds of a feather cash in together.


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Do we care about either! If she did a video like Nalin' Palin...she could make millions. And Levi grow some pubes first before you discover the real world.

1895 days ago


Two Losers...1) Levi 2) Media asking him the questions. Media...grow up!

1895 days ago


how the hell would this loser know anyway? Her daughter dumped his lazy, opportunistic, mooching, wannabe famous ass. He's not in the know anymore, so how would he know his balls from his nose? He's a liar.

1895 days ago


Who cares what Levi thinks, why is he even being asked?

1895 days ago


Levi is such a hanger-on. Go disappear into the Alaskan wilderness!

1895 days ago


Here we have a nineteen year old loser with absolutely no credentials - whose only claim to fame is he impregnated the daughter of the Governor of Alaska. So far any thing he has stated, shows the only part of his body that functioned close to normally are his sex organs. He is a marginally employable looking to cash in on anything the media is willing to toss to this bottom feeder.

1895 days ago

Debbie B    

Okay. His 15 minutes of fame are WAY up.

1895 days ago


He's young and stupid. That is his excuse for being an idiot.

What is Palin's? She doesn't have one.

She'll end up on cable news competing with Ann Coulter for being the most ignorant b*tch.

1895 days ago


Yes, I'm sure Sarah Palin would make such a comment within earshot of the "weiner" who impregnated her daughter. Puhleeze!

1895 days ago

What the Hell?    

A woman-gets to a high office and then quits-and puts her career future in jeopardy!
There's more to this story we just haven't heard it-"get on it Harvey"!

1895 days ago

cosmo in texas    

He is justing trying to keep the camera's pointed in his direction so he can also cash-in.

1895 days ago


Sara Palin is persona nongrada in Republican camps these days. Everyone can see her for the train wreck she is. She is borderline psychotic folks so get a grip, anyone following her is probably half wacked too. Hey Sara, nobody cares about you anymore. You will have to file for bankrupt you stupid money hungry bag, there isn't enough money in the world to fill up your greed lust. Why don't you come back down to reality and act like the mother you are instead of fantasizing about being a superstar. You are basically a nobody so go on and exit stage right before we boo you off.

1895 days ago


To Shady Lady,

She may be a nobody in your eyes but she was nominated and ran for VP of the USA. What have you done that is so spectacular?

1895 days ago


No I don`t think Sarah Palin is a quitter!!!! If she feels she has a higher calling , she should follow that feeling. GOD BLESS her and her family. I think she can be the BEST thing that happened to our COUNTRY!!!!! I hope to hear and see more from her and her family.

1894 days ago


Liberals are hilarious. At first they protrayed Levi as a dumb hockey playing hick, loser that just happened to knock up Sarah's daughter, now they're treating him like an intellectual God since he's clearly willing to lie about the Palins just to keep his 15 minutes going. You people are so pathetic and desperate that it's comical!!!!

1894 days ago
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