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Jackson Addicted to Xanax, Bodyguard Says

7/10/2009 3:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In the documents obtained by TMZ, a former bodyguard of Michael Jackson's says he was a bagman for Jackson and the mission was Xanax.

Chris Carter told Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Deputies he would pick up prescriptions for Xanax for Jackson at various pharmacies, and that Jackson was taking 10 plus Xanax pills a night.

Carter told detectives he expressed concerns to another Jackson employee, who said the singer was actually doing better -- because he had been taking 30 - 40 Xanax pills a night.


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THis is ridiculous -- even 10 Xanax would kill anyone, or at least put them in a coma. What bollocks.

1901 days ago


WHy didn't any of these people report this to the family or police. Now everyone comes out and said they knew all along. They all should be charged with providing prescription drugs and murder. Michael is responsible for himself, i get that, but he would not have walked in toa Walgreens and picke dthem up himself. If everyone said no, he maybe would still be alive.

1901 days ago


It really depends on the dosage. I am on 1/4 mg. Very light. If I tried, I could probably wolf 30 of them down in a day. Xanax is prescribed up to 4mg (might be 8). Now if he was popping 30 of those a day, yeah he would probably be in very bad shape

1901 days ago


michael jackson's life is really starting to sound like lil wyte's song "oxycotton".. agree?

1901 days ago


1901 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

What is so sad about this is that all the know it alls say NOW that they knew all along... well why didnt they take some responsibility... worried about losing out on the cash cow? well he didnt leave any of you morons any money and now you are out of a job in this economy.... Feel even more better that you never said a thing? Maybe if you had he would still be alive and in REHAB for awhile. But no you all stayed silent.. untill he fell dead and NOW you chose to speak up! You all are just as bad as his money grubbing ex-wife and evil father... this is so sad!!! Poor guy was in the hot light all his life and now even in death.. and Joe is already planning to put Paris and Blanket in show biz.... WHAT AN ASS!!! Michael would not want any of this for his kids as he had NO childhood, and that was inportant to him, for his children to have a childhood!!! I hope everyone responsible for enabling him gets arrested!!!

1901 days ago


I think he should have stuck with the Jesus juice!

1901 days ago


Drug abuse is the workings of Lucifer. Michael was possessed; no amount of intervention by family or police would have saved him. Insanity appears to run in that Jackson family. There is no point of reasoning with MJ fans. There is no point of questioning MJ's doctors and lawyers because they are professional enablers out for the $$$. It is my belief, and I thereon suggest that Michael knew he could run with for several years, but couldn't hide the truth. It was his choice - jail or death. He ordered up so much junk because he knew that he couldn't handle jail. The junkie met his fate.

1901 days ago


It's actually kind of amazing that he lived as long as he did!

1901 days ago


Jim, re Xanax dosage:

You are probably right that a quarter dose tablet could be taken more often....I use it for a sleep aid. My doc prescribes in a large dose so that I can halve or quarter it and save a lot of $$ for the Rx. At any rate, I doubt MJ was using the .25 dose, LOL
I also know that my doc is VERY reluctant to renew my Rx unless he sees me in office 2x a year. Just goes to show how unethical some Docs can be when they're star-struck. Can't help feeling like MJ had a LOT of enablers.

1901 days ago


If this was in the uk all the docs would be arrested by scotland yard and bail refused and would serve at least 10 years for manslaughter and that would be the min tarriff before parole give all the money grabbing docs to the fans and see them get their ass kicked shame on then and shame on the media they should had at least put him in rehab... to late eh?? no more money for those tossers.

1901 days ago


The body guard, Chris Carter was totally discredited and never took the stand at MJ's trail because he would have been taken apart by the prosecution. Everthing he told the police was a lie including the stuff about the drugs. No body can take that many pills and not be dead. It's a shame because MJ is not here to defend himself.

1901 days ago


I really get sick of these witch hunts whenever some famous person kills themselves with drugs. The fact is it was MICHAEL'S Responsibility for the drugs he was taking. It was his responsibility to get off of them just like it was his decision to take them in the first place. Just because he's famous and had the people and the means to do whatever he wanted to do doesn't mean anyone except himself is to blame for his own damn actions.

1901 days ago

Very Proud    

My question is this.............

If MJ was taking all of these meds, and was wacked out on them.......

Where were the children during all of this? Did they have to witness their farther in druged up?

If he loved his children so much, then why didn't he stop taking all that crapp and get some help so he could live a long life for with them?

To me it seems, they weren't as precious to him as he tried to make it look like. His drugs meant more than his kids.

Shame on him... I don't feel sorry for him now after finding out all of this.

Not a very good roll model for sure.

The children didn't ask to be born into this circus. I feel sorry for them.

1901 days ago

screamin in dig    

This is a bunch of Bull@&*& The amount ofpills per day and the Hi $ amount does not add up! Do you know how muany pills you get for 45000 Per month! This is insane no one can take these many pills and for years. The whole story is fabricated to make MJ Look like a big Addict. Every day they keep adding more injection sites on his body. Now all of asudden all these people that were around him are saying the amount of pills he was taking and demerol daily and this and that. This is a crock. With the amount of pills and shots and this and that he would have to be wheeled around in a bed 24 7!! Xanax common pill widely prescribed and 30-40 per night! Load of crap i take 2 and it makes you tired imagein 30-40 . Story is false jackson is still alive no one seen his body the family did not show anyone not even to prove that he actually passed away! The only phot that was circiling around was a planted photo to make you believe he was dying or dead in the abulance! if he was heavily guarded then how did they get that shot of him , besides being behind the large gates!1 That was a wax figuer . made from
Madame Tussauds wax factory. this was his plan to escape. he idolized how elvis faked it and he did the same.the media took the bait and now he has the motion set the media will hype this and now they are the fuel/ MJ is alive not even his closest so called friends attended his funeral?that is because they know he is not dead . he just could not live in his life anymore thanks to ythe media hounding him and destroying his character... live well MJ

1901 days ago
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