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Neverland Ranch -- The Raid Photos

7/10/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies who raided Michael Jackson's home in 2003 at Neverland Ranch had their hands full -- the place was a mess.

Neverland Ranch -- The Raid Photos
All these photos were taken inside the house, as deputies faced the daunting task of sifting through all of MJ's stuff.

By the way, most of the evidence involving drugs was never admitted at trial, because authorities felt it was not relevant to the molestation charge. Most of this evidence hasn't surfaced until we combed through tens of thousands of documents and photos.

Raid at Jackson's Netted Heavy Drugs

Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies who raided Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch back in 2003 found a syringe, powerful narcotics, vials and IV bags containing what could be anesthesia.

Michael Jackson drugs: Click to view!

We've obtained the documents from the Sheriff's Department detailing what was found in the search. Among the items ...

-- A vial of Versed -- a powerful sedative
-- Several IV bags containing "a milky white fluid, located in a small cardboard box on top of the bathtub." Propofol and other anesthesias are milky white. As we first reported, Propofol was in Jackson's home the day he died.
-- A vial of Promethazine -- an antihistamine with strong sedative effects
-- A bottle of Alprazolam (generic for Xanax, a powerful anti-anxiety drug)
-- A bottle of Percocet -- a painkiller
-- A syringe
-- A vial with Demerol in it
-- Numerous loose pills outside bottles
-- A bottle of Prednisone -- a steroid
-- Ery-tab -- an antibiotic
-- Prescriptions for Xanax that had been filled
-- A prescription for Alprazolam
-- Oxygen tanks
-- IV stands

Jackson Self-Injecting Demerol, Doctor Says

Michael Jackson Self-Injecting Demerol,A doctor who treated Michael Jackson claimed the singer self-injected Demerol into his system.

We've combed through tens of thousands of pages of the official file for the 2005 molestation trial. In the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's notes, a member of Jackson's security detail -- retired L.A. County Sheriff's deputy Michael Laperruque -- said some doctors were trying to get Jackson off of Demerol, and that one of the doctor's in Santa Barbara "was upset with JACKSON because he had been self-injecting."

Laperruque told detectives he had picked up Jackson's prescriptions for the singer, usually under the name Chris Carter. Carter was one of Jackson's bodyguards.

Laperruque also told detectives one time when he was at Neverland his job was to keep Jackson's family out because they were planning an intervention.

Injection Marks on Jackson's Neck

 Injection Marks on Michael Jackson's NeckMichael Jackson had injection sites on his neck, according to law enforcement sources.

As we first reported, Jackson had "dozens" of injection sites and punctures all over his body the day he died. Law enforcement sources tell us some of these injection sites and punctures were old and some were fresh. They were found, we're told, on his upper arms, upper legs, ankles, inside around his knees and the neck.

Dr. Arnold Klein told Larry King, "I never saw needle marks on his body." Klein, who saw Jackson multiple times in the weeks before his death, did not explain why he didn't notice marks on the singer's neck and other places.

Jackson Used Employees' Names to Score Drugs

Michael Jackson went to a variety of doctors to get strong narcotics and used multiple aliases (including the names of several employees), this according to notes compiled during the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's investigation back in 2004.

Michael Jackson drugs: Click to view!

Sheriff's detectives interviewed Chris Carter, who worked as Jackson's bodyguard prior to the Sheriff's raid of Jackson's home in 2003. According to Sheriff's Department notes obtained by TMZ, Carter said he would get Xanax prescriptions for Jackson under various fictitious names. Carter told detectives that Jackson would even use his name and the names of other employees to score prescriptions.

In addition to using his name, Carter said Jackson would use the names of Frank Tyson (a Jackson employee who was a prominent figure in the molestation trial, having had numerous contacts with the accuser's family), Jesus Salas (Ranch manager) and Joe Marcus (another Jackson employee) to get prescriptions.

Various pill bottles were found at Jackson's Neverland Ranch. One bottle of Alprazolam (generic for Xanax) was prescribed for Frank Tyson by Dr. Arnold Klein. A bottle of Prednisone found at the Ranch was also prescribed by Dr. Klein in the name of Peter Midani.

A bottle of Percocet, a narcotic painkiller, was found with the name Michael Armstrong, prescribed by Dr. Gerald Labiner.

A bottle of ERY-TAB, an antibiotic, was found with the name "M,M." The prescribing doctor was Dr. Carey Logan from Las Vegas.

A prescription receipt from a pharmacy was found for Alprazolam (generic Xanax) and written for Frank Tyson by Dr. William VanValin. Another receipt from Dr. VanValin was for written for Xanax in the name of Manuel Rivera.

Jackson Docs Not Cooperating, Coroner Claims

Michael Jackson Docs Not CooperatingLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ two doctors who treated Michael Jackson have not been forthcoming with their medical records.

Sources say Dr. Arnold Klein and Dr. Conrad Murray have not turned over the medical records the L.A. County Coroner's office has requested. We're told both doctors have turned over some records, but the coroner's office has not gotten the complete file from either doctor.

And there's this ... We've learned a driver for Michael Jackson told coroner's officials shortly after Jackson's death that the singer was going to Dr. Klein's office multiple times a week in the months preceding his death and sometimes would spend 3 to 4 hours inside.

The driver told coroner's officials Jackson appeared disoriented when he left Klein's office. This is consistent with what a bodyguard told Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies in 2004 ... when Jackson left the offices of Klein and other doctors.

Jackson Addicted to Xanax, Bodyguard Says

In the documents obtained by TMZ, a former bodyguard of Michael Jackson's says he was a bagman for Jackson and the mission was Xanax.

Chris Carter told Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Deputies he would pick up prescriptions for Xanax for Jackson at various pharmacies, and that Jackson was taking 10 plus Xanax pills a night.

Carter told detectives he expressed concerns to another Jackson employee, who said the singer was actually doing better -- because he had been taking 30 - 40 Xanax pills a night.

Jackson Doc Offers 'Potent Narcotic' Solution

One of Michael Jackson's doctors wanted Michael Jackson to trade his dependence on Demerol for another "potent narcotic."

Dr. Alex Farshchian wrote Michael Jackson a letter -- dated July 21, 2002 -- in which he writes, "Buprinex (sic) is the potent narcotic I told you about last week. It is just like the D but better." Buprenex is an injectable narcotic painkiller.

During a search of Neverland, Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies seized a scribbled note -- which may have been written by Jackson and found around his drug stash -- that says "Buprenex does the same as demerol, the only difference is you can't become an addict on Buprenex." The note refers to Buprenex as "synthetic demeroll (sic)." It goes on: "2 viles, I would feel safe having it in case of axident (sic)."

Our research shows if Buprenex is taken for long periods of time or at high doses, it can become addictive.

MIchael Jackson Demerol

The doctor refers in his letter to a "5-7 day program that offers you the solution." The doctor does not explain the program.

Jackson Seemed High After Leaving Docs

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson used to leave the offices of various doctors looking "out of it," according to a former bodyguard who was interviewed by detectives during the 2004 child molestation investigation.

Chris Carter, a former Jackson bodyguard, was interviewed by detectives from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department. Carter told detectives he would drive Jackson to doctors' offices in New York, Florida and California. The Sheriff's documents, obtained by TMZ, say "[Carter] named Dr. [Arnold] Klein, Dr. [Allan] Metzger, Dr. Barney from Solvang, Dr. Saunders and Dr. Farshchian."

The notes continue, "Carter described JACKSON as being sharp and 'in tune' prior to the doctor visits and afterward he would be out of it and sedated."

The notes also say "Dr. Farshchian told him that JACKSON was addicted to Demerol, but said he was giving JACKSON a placebo to wean him off."

Carter talks of an incident where Jackson was intoxicated in a hotel room and fell on his face. Carter said he confronted Jackson and spoke with him about his drug problem for an hour. Carter said Jackson denied having a problem. According to the notes, "Carter said he told Jackson he was not comfortable in getting prescriptions for him." Carter says he then quit being Jackson's bodyguard as a result.

Jackson Doctor Visits -- High Exits?

As we first reported, Michael Jackson's driver told coroner employees MJ appeared disoriented as he left Dr. Arnie Klein's office in the weeks leading up to his death. We compiled video of Michael's exits from April-June -- outside Klein's office. Check it out and decide for yourself.

Michael Jackson: Click to watch


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John Edwards    

It seems to me Dr Farshcian was one of the docs who was trying to help him. TMZ please look alittle further look at pictures 3,23,28 and 30 at

1886 days ago


Gee.........I'm shocked. Drugs found in Jackson's ranch. I bet that damn Bubbles was up to no good again.

1901 days ago


What in the world was this "man" doing having children in his custody? What were the authorities thinking when they discovered those drugs and didn't arrest him. Those authorities should be arrested for dereliction of duty. Why wasn't he reported to children services? Why wasn't "his" kids removed from his care? Where were all these folks who are supposed to be looking out for the children in our country? If it was anyone else that person would have been sentenced to jail. Thank God he is finally paying for his atrocities against children and society. He should have been put behind bars years ago. But, as the saying goes.....Money Talks. We should be focusing on our soldiers, feeding children in our own country, making jobs for our own people instead of allowing companies to close factories in the US just so they can get cheaper workers in other countries and make higher profits instead of giving a freak so much limelight. I'm glad he's dead, should have happened a long time ago. Get the focus off this creep.

1901 days ago


Ok, alright then. Child molestation charges aside, this just reinforces the notion that many have offered up that he wasn't stable, couldn't care for his kids, was in far over his head, etc. How on earth was he going to do 50 sold out concerts? He surely would have died in Britain if he was taking all these drugs. The heart of the matter is this: Michael Jackson did what he wanted, when he wanted, and had the money to do it all. No one dared to tell him, "No!" and with all of this new information, doubts are cast in my mind that the acquittal on the molestation charges wasn't bought. And he was the greatest entertainer of all time? Doubt it.

1901 days ago


Firstly, "Tabonga" is an idiot. If you have nothing but goofy comments to add---you really need not say a thing. And for you "Dragonflight," you say [he] should have been arrested for the possession of the drugs??? These were not illegal drugs! So arrest him for what??? The dereliction falls squarely on the physician's shoulders. You're an idiot too. Especially for saying you're "glad he's dead..." He has done a lot for the underprivileged and charitiable foundations his whole life. You can only hope and wish YOU'LL be remembered...which I sure you won't be. Your day of reckoning will come. What will you be remembered for??? Just curious...

1901 days ago


I feel really bad for this man. Think what his life was like not being able to go any where with out an army following him. Look at all the people running after him and chasing him. Each and every person that was in the video should be ashamed. I could not and would not live like that no matter how muh money was involved. The thing the poor guy could of used the most is a simple every day person saying here use your masks and stay in my simple town and be able to shop, walk and be YOU. I think MJ was wrong for his drug use esp. with children, but I wonder if that was they only way he ouldd ccope. Just remember he is a son and a Father and the words we write today can be read by his family. I pray for MJ and I hope that he has found TRUE peace. I wish and hope only for the best for those beautiful children.

1901 days ago


Wow, is this supposed to be a surpise for MJ the addict to have all of these drugs?

1901 days ago


Michael could not have been capable of being any kind of Father with all these drugs he was taken. He was nothing more than a major junkie. Why didn't his family take these kids away from him for their protection. Obviously they didnt care if the kids were in harms way or was the nanny suppose to protect them from their own father. How stupid for anyone to think this person was anything but a druggie. He hadnt done anything in many years and this is probably why, he wasnt any longer capable of it. At one time he was on top but it was Michael himself that caused his own death. Get those kids away from this whole family and let them know what a normal life is.

1901 days ago

Brenda Wyatt    

And we care about this now WHY? Hes dead people let him rest in peace! He must have been good to his kids they dont look like they suffered to much!

1901 days ago


Everyone new that M J was weird, but as I watched the video online of just him being out in public it is unbelievable the photographers act, like some of the things they say; telling M J THEY HAVE HAD A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE JUST BECAUSE HE DROVE DOWN THE STREET AND THEY SEEN HIS FINGER OR HAND, SAYING LET ME SEE YOU 1 MORE TIME PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, AND WILL YOU TOUCH ME ,OH PLEASE TOUCH ME JUST ONE MORE TIME, AND SO ON. It's crazy these people are the nut cases now REALLY, and they were all grown men it sounded so bizaar. I'm truely noe trying to be or sound like a horrible person but
i'm just giving my opinion on what I seen and heard, thepaparitzi are crazy I can't say I blame the celebrities from running from them and not talking to any of them, the things they say...WOW!!

1901 days ago


DOE: You sound jealous you wasn't molested by this freak. He should have been put 6 feet under after he payed his first victom off. You MJ loving pieces of poop really piss me off. I suppose you would have let your kids stay with this KNOWN pedophile. The authorities where he lived should also be held accountable for letting this slimebag to be within miles of a child.

1901 days ago


I'm not as surprised by the drugs (he admitted being addicted to pain killers) as I am the mess. It's oddly reassuring to know that, even with cleaning staff available, a celebrity kept at least one space more cluttered than my house. So much for the sterile and unattainable standards of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" or "MTV Cribs." Either Michael was a pack rat who enjoyed a little disorder, as many creative people do, or his intimate surroundings were chaotic and bizarre in reflection of his addiction and troubled mind. Now, WHAT is that bald mannequin dressed like Hannah Montana all about??? And why is a big bottle of bleach sitting out with no washing machine in sight? Was he using it on his skin or to clean his needles? No doubt Michael had mental issues, but I'm trying to remember the positive things about him out of respect for the dead and all the good he did.

1901 days ago


amazing this all comes out AFTER he is dead...please

1901 days ago


Dragonflight what world do you live in? Have you not noticed they let people get away with everything these days, especially celebrities.

I totally agree 100% that Jackson should not have had kids in his care, he was addicted to drugs obviously and obviously had alot of issues.

When they found the drugs at his ranch they SHOULD have used it as evidence in his child molestation case. In a child molestation case you are suppose to try and prove the person guilty and show what kind of person they are so how in the heck is showing he is a drug addict not relevant to the case?

I just think it is funny that after his death everything is coming to light about his addiction with medication, the kids not being his and all this other stuff. This stuff should have came out a long time ago

1901 days ago


Oh sheeeeeeeeeeeeeet, i'm convinced. I'm talking about all the prescription medications in MJ had in his home. It's totally apparent that he was a definant drug addict. I wished the la police dept would have submitted all the evidence they found at his neverland ranch back in 2003. If it had been submitted as evidence then people would have took notice of what mj really was. The very idea of doing illegal thing of useing his employees name in order to recieve medications he wasnt entitled to is just not right. He was sure a good entertainer and a pretty good actor portraying how innocent he was but when you draw all the facts togeather you'll see,that he was a desperate drug user bent on getting what he needed any way he could. Too much fame not enough reality.

1901 days ago
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