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Neverland Ranch -- The Raid Photos

7/10/2009 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies who raided Michael Jackson's home in 2003 at Neverland Ranch had their hands full -- the place was a mess.

All these photos were taken inside the house, as deputies faced the daunting task of sifting through all of MJ's stuff.

By the way, most of the evidence involving drugs was never admitted at trial, because authorities felt it was not relevant to the molestation charge. Most of this evidence hasn't surfaced until we combed through tens of thousands of documents and photos.


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I believe the place was not a mess- Look at the empty boxes - If it was a mess I believe it was where the police tore everything out and was trying to see what they could find for evidence- The other parts of house looked put together except for his rooms - I believe the empty boxes were the polices and the mess the police made . What does these pictures matter ? I can see pictures of the medicine- What does these pictures have to do with this case? He was found innocent at trial and I believe he was innocent. These pictures of his house has nothing to do with the case.Just trying to make something out of nothing with pictures of his room.

1898 days ago


what a Rats Nest Geeezzzzzzzz

You would thing he would keep it less cluttered...

1898 days ago


GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! He didn't live like this. I agree, how do you honestly know this was not done during the search? They throw things around, go throught drawers, as you've seen in the pictures, and don't even close them. How stupid do you think we are? I believe his house was spotless, for crying out loud, he had lots of employees and I'm sure there were a lot of people who cleaned that place daily. It was a huge house.
Don't believe everything you see. The police were out to get him and they made sure he wasn't there when they tore his home up like this. What a disgrace.
So what if he had the mannequins there? He had a lot of statues of butlers, maids, etc. Let him finally have the long deserved peace he desperately wanted when he was alive.

1898 days ago


Not to offend anyone, but I have 5 brothers, aren't most guys slobs?

1898 days ago


Michael needed the reality show "Clean House" to come in. oh-well.

1898 days ago

ya stink    

Did it occur to anyone that these pictures are the result of the mess that was made during the raid. Some of these pics seemed staged. Maybe they had to take pictures to cover their asses after they were done in case it was said something was missing. All those manniquins are not really strange(except they are all boys), but it seems as if they were put in certain positions for the camara (remember, they needed evidence for the molestation case). There are many statues in these pics, not just of boys, but they don't focus on them because why...........

1898 days ago


It's a shame that you have posted these photos. Who knows where the photos really came from and who made the mess.

1898 days ago


exactly#10...if anyone has ever seen a raid, you know that they totally destroy your property and leave you to clean it up afterwards.

1898 days ago


#2 do you REALLY think that MJ used Clorox to bleach his skin, I mean really!!!!

1898 days ago


Holy crap, how did he find anything? That place is my nightmare! I'm so OCD about cleaning!

1898 days ago


It is pitiful that the cops had to destroy his home, they could have been a little neater.

1898 days ago


I think you people are SOOOO gullible. These are pictures from AFTER the raid!!! You people have to really learn how to decifer false things from truth.

1898 days ago


Not only was MJ mildly retarded, he was a hoarder as well. Also, much of all that stuff looks like you are going through a child's room!!! What is with all the male dolls?? That is just wrong!!!

1898 days ago


What really concerns me and I'm shocked that nobody has brought this up yet is the fact that his 3 kids have been growing up with all these drugs and this mess in this house! I mean if everyone is saying there were drugs everywhere...then why on earth would you let Michael raise 3 kids in a house full of drugs? If the cops knew he had so many drugs everywhere and then did nothing to stop Michael from having his kids...they are also guilty of child endangerment! Then this mess to top it all off! How on earth could you let someone who is hooked on drugs and lives like this raise children! I'm pissed nobody did anything to protect those kids!

1898 days ago


Here's a map to Michael/Barry Gordy's crypt (circled in pink). I highly doubt you'll be able to get back there now.

It's a tinypic URL so either copy or click on the link.

1898 days ago
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