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Sacha Baron Cohen

BINGO! Re-Sued

7/10/2009 10:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who sued Sacha Baron Cohen over a "Bruno" attack now says the actor never struck her, but beat her down emotionally to the point she's now confined to a wheelchair.

Sacha Baron Cohen -- BINGO! Re-Sued
Richelle Olson has amended her lawsuit against Cohen, NBC Universal and others, claiming Cohen and his crew were "replete with deceit, fraud and misrepresentation" when they contacted the charity she ran, offering to send a "celebrity" to her charity bingo tournament for the elderly.

Olson claims the character Bruno showed up and began calling bingo numbers "using vulgar and offensive language over the loud speaker system." She says she asked him to stop but he didn't, and the film crew captured her "humiliating emotional reaction."

The suit claims Olson left the stage, went into a side room, began sobbing uncontrollably and lost consciousness, falling headfirst into a concrete slab. As a result, she's confined to a wheelchair and a walker.

She's suing for unspecified damages. And, we're told, the scene was cut from the movie. Welcome to Hollywood.


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I would be embarassed to be her. How ridiculous. I'm not a fan of Bruno - but she is just out for money. It's not like it even makes any sense. She needs to grow up and go to work like the rest of us.

1930 days ago


I was hurt at work today. My boss reprimanded me and said some vicious things and I'm very hurt about it.

1930 days ago


leave it to a woman to give our advocate a hard time . is like to slap her silly . shes just jealous because bruno looks better in fishnets . leave my man alone . rodolfo valentino, hair dresser to the stars ............

1930 days ago


Too bad the bingo scene did not make the movie, because we could have really decided if Cohen was being a butt to her.

1930 days ago

zheng ye    

Those two deserve each other. Why can't they all just get along??

1930 days ago


Bruno is on my last nerve, but it sounds to me like this broad was too fragile to leave the house in the first place.

1930 days ago


I have never read one thing on this guy, however seen his distugsting pictures. The looks and the poses he displays of him grosses me out.

1930 days ago


I thought Borat was hilarious, especially rhe society dinner party. SBC has gone a bit too far IMHO with Bruno. He has crossed over from satire to downright cruelty.

1930 days ago


REALLY LADY REALLY?????? Are you kidding me. You were emotionally distressed and passed out. PLEASE!!!!!
Another someone trying to extort money just because they can, I think for putting this bogus lawsuit even together she should have to pay all legal fees, to both sides and pay the court money for such a bogus lawsuit. She is gonna milk it for all it worth. IT WAS JUST BINGO FOR GOD SAKES!!!!!!!! I hope Sasha comes back a sues you for being so stupid. Then he donate all money to a charity that is much more in need than your pockets. YOU ARE A SICK REPLUSIVE WOMEN!!!

1930 days ago


Why don't more people hate him. I do.

1930 days ago


I hope she gets every penny.

1930 days ago


Boy she must really hate calling bingo for the elderly to try to get out of it this way.

1930 days ago


Get over it red, it's Bruno...where is your sense of humor? I love him, he suck!

1930 days ago

james o'halloran    

loser, go back to work and pay some f ing taxes.

1930 days ago

cosmo in texas    

Too bad he didn't pull this at the bingo hall that his grandparents play at. His is just like Madonna, grabbing at straw, trying to stay on top.

1930 days ago
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