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Jon Gosselin's New Habit

7/12/2009 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin and his new +1, Hailey Glassman, enjoy a smoke while aboard Christian Audigier's yacht in Saint-Tropez.



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Joe Schmoe    

"Ed Hardy -- Clothing to fit your mid-life crisis"

The only remotely extraordinary thing this man has ever achieved in life was fathering sextuplets. In the middle of raising them he thinks he needs more "me" time in Saint-Tropez with a 23-year-old woman.

1897 days ago


They look so happy together huh?

1897 days ago

The Truth    

If this is news I'm going to watch cartoons

1897 days ago


must be nice...a' yacht in Saint-Tropez'.......well, enjoy it now, dude....'cuz when you have 8 teenagers, goin' down the wrong path, and your life is can remember these days...............what a jerk

1897 days ago


What a FU*KIN LOSER!!!! way to give up on your family and act like you are 20 again- GROW UP and take responsibilities already. If you are going to date, at least hide it from the public you fame WHORE!!!!!! Or how about this option, what until your divorce is finalized, you horny PIG.

1897 days ago


Remember when everyone was all "Team Jon" because Kate was such an abusive spouse. (And she was!) But now, we get to see what a tool Jon really is. I'm sure he's happy to be free of his shrewish wife - but he should still comport himself like the father of eight children. I don't think traisping around France with the twenty-something daughter of your wife's plastic surgeon is the way to do it. It's so sleazy. Doesn't he realize....1. he's not officially divorced.....and 2. his kids, especially the older twins, are old enough to find out friends or their friends' parents about their dad's less than stellar behavior. Team Jon - my foot!

1897 days ago


How sad that his children are going to see these pics when they are older and realize that there "wonderful father" was cheating on their mom way before the divorce papers were filed. I can understand a little more why Kate may have been such an unpleasant bitchy person at times - this guy seems to have the maturity of a 15 year old.

1897 days ago


now we all know why kate treated him the way she did...he is a freakin joke! Not to mention ugly as well you know to!!!!

1897 days ago


Classy... what a tool and she's a contributing home wrecker. I feel so bad for those kids. At least lay low and let the dust settle from the previous year's mess.

1897 days ago


Team Joh !!

1897 days ago


What a guy!!!! Before you know it...some whore will do a "McNair" on your Ass.... Take his rights away Kate... He don't deserve to See his kids...nor would I want that half-breed near them.....what a piece of.....

1897 days ago


Why in the world would she think that Jon could further her career as a designer in ANY way? He has no clout whatsoever!!
This is hysterical!

1897 days ago


usually when someone is hot i say she is smokin, but in this case smoking makes you look fugly

1897 days ago


Why are ppl trashing Kate over a photo that has nothing to do with her...all u ppl who say that she drove jon to this are idiots, he wanted to quit the show but she is a all about the money" are you serious seems to me he could afford to go to France if it werent for this show and he is benefiting just as much as Kate is difference is, she is the adult here, he is acting like a stupid 18 year old boy. Prime example when OCC gave kate a bike she donated it to the Ronald McDonald house to give back after all they did for her, what has Jon done to give back, even when I watched the show where he took Cara skiing, it was more about Jon snowboarding and then bobsledding, even when poor Cara just wanted to go to bed, Jon selfishly had to go out to eat, HELLO have you heard of room service you Jerk so your child could eat and rest at the same time. Wake up ppl and see maybe Kate was the way she was because of Jon.

1897 days ago

Thank you for the Joy Mr. J    

I hate those shirts. They were on sale here for $2.00 each at a clearout. I bought two for my granddaughter. She said, too ugly . They went to the goodwill. Oh well, Jon is a turd and his gf is a turdette. Who would want Jon as a marketing person for anything. Or Kate for that matter ? Their marriage was on the rocks, he dates some young chick, all the while negotiating for more shows that were based on bs. Some kind of smoke and mirros. None of them have anything that I would want to aspire to.
Jon is out of his league in St. Tropez. No talent, no character. Doomed to wear these ugly shirts. Go to the Goodwill and get some, Out of style ugly shirts worn by turds.

1897 days ago
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