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Jon Gosselin's New Habit

7/12/2009 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin and his new +1, Hailey Glassman, enjoy a smoke while aboard Christian Audigier's yacht in Saint-Tropez.



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she has the same sour-pus face as Kate- this chick will look just like her in 10 yrs (or sooner)

1894 days ago


Does anyone else remember when one needed to actually have talent to be famous?

Please no more Jon, Kate or their current f**k partners.

1894 days ago


Ok, John does seem like a total douche going through a mid-life crisis...but really...
I've seen so many women, put-down, bitch at & nag their husbands, and for the life of them, they can not figure out why their husbands don't want to spend time with them, or prefer to hang with their friends, which is one more thing they bitch about ... I am a strong female with a career in law enforcement....but I also serve my husband his dinner, learned to cook his favorite foods from his mom, have never put my husband down and would not stand for anyone making a joke at his expense...I am very loving towards my husband.. I always try to look my best especially when we go out together...being a doting wife sounds like a lot of work, but so is being a single mother that’s angry and tired all the time. I could not stand KATE for more than 60 seconds on that show... How’s the old say go, “You reap what you sow” and to wrap up my preachy soapbox post…One of the best things parents can do for their children is to love each-other!

1894 days ago


What did I miss??? Deanna Hummel-23 yr old school teacher- to Hailey Glassman-Dr's daughter? He moves fast!!

1894 days ago


I do not get what happen to this person... He was a normal person a good father and husband and then he think he turn 13 years old... why he act can like a mature man. What happen here he does have 8 kids his a father and he think he is single without any kids

1894 days ago

Big Red Fan    

Jon, if you truly loved Kate and your kids, you would have never gotten involved with another woman. You disgust me.

1894 days ago


This is getting so old!!

1894 days ago


It's hard to tell who's skankier, him or her. She looks like she's been rode hard and put away wet way too many times, and he just looks like some kind of teenage wannabe, some thirty something loser who's having a pre-mid life crisis. 'The only one I feel sorry for is those eight kids, must be pretty embarassing to watch both your parents act like swinging singles.

1894 days ago


Does anyone else think that she resembles Kate?

1894 days ago


What an effing douche bag. So much for being a great role model for his 8 kids... Does he read them their bed time stories via Skype now?

1894 days ago


Ugh he has certainly turned into a real jerk. A good role model for his children, he and Kate certainly had us all fooled. Oh our children are our first priority and we will do what is best for them and their happiness! They have it all wrong the two of them are putting their needs and happiness first before the children. It doesn't seem like they even took time to see what will be the best for the children. I can see divorcing if it is absolutely necessary but they have 8 children their choices are going to affect. They jumped right from oh we don't like each other anymore, to divorce. Very immature on both parts but looking back when they met got engaged and then marry all within a year..or so. That would be fine for most people but it is not for the immature which they certainly have proved to be. Hope these children survive the stupidity of their parents!

1894 days ago


Wow, this woman is only 23, and looks at LEAST 10 years older. Look at the CRACKS -- uh, wrinkles -- in her forehead and around her mouth. Someone get her some BOTOX, asap! What would you folks do without your Botox? HA HA!

1894 days ago


Jon and Kate remind me of my daughter and son-inlaw, only they have two kids. My daughter works hard and goes to school and he he sits on his lazy butt doing NOTHING. She has to nag the hell out of him to watch the babies for 5 minutes. She comes off like a bitch, but she is so tried and frustrated with his behavior. I don't blame Kate at all for being what some are calling a bitch.

1894 days ago


Do us a favor jon. die of lung cancer and have a big insurance policy in your kids name You are a sack of stink! Lazy doesnt work. ugly as sin and has a personality to match. Get it neutered Jon before you have another unwanted dozen! Your poor kids are the ones that are most hurt here. They are your meal ticket! Why a designer would care to see you i dont know. Making a line of loser clothing huh? Call it the Another dead beat dad1 Crawl back in the hole you crawled out of jon. Keep little henry active and hope you get the gift that keeps on giving. OH YEAH, HE CRAWLED OUT OF THE JON. BUT UNLIKE CRAP HE DOESNT FLOAT AND THE PUBLIC IS TIRED OF HIM! ET IT NEUTERED!

1894 days ago


That guy is such a loser.

1894 days ago
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