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Lenny Kravitz

Good Genes

or Good Docs?

7/12/2009 2:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lenny Kravitz may party like a rock star ... but you'd never know it.

Lenny Kravitz
Here's the 25-year-old singer back in 1989 (left) -- and 20 years later, the 45-year-old version in London last month (right).

Are you gonna go his way?


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Damn he is so hot. The newest picture just gives me chils,good ones! Not sure how this became about race, the ones that made it that way are dumb asses! This is just a fun question, black,white,asian who cares...the question was genes or doctor,not what color takes the sun the best idiots!

1892 days ago

Kitty Knows Best    

It's a shame that most of the postings are racist. It was a simple question if Lenny has good genes or good docs. Why did a bunch of idiots have to make it into Blacks vs. Whites, Whites vs. Blacks? Seriously what does Barak Obama being president have to do with this story?!! It seems like when the story is about a black celeb or celeb of color it turns racist very quickly. I noticed when white celebs are featured it tends not to turn racist. The white celeb is judged based on their (individual) behavior or lifestyle choices not for their skin color (unless they're deemed too pale then they're called white - not nearly as bad as the racist rants on this stream). Black celebs are grouped together and not seen as individuals. It's amazing how they are painted with the same broad (usually negative) brush (meaning they must all act the same way). It's totally unfair but America was not founded in fairness was it? Our troubled history explains why racism is alive & thriving to this very day. Sexism is another problem with roots in the past.

I'm just sick of it! Our county is so obsessed with race, money, class & sex. What about our common humanity? Is treating each other with respect really a fairy tale notion? Oh, wait that would be the decent thing to do and it's obvious by the majority of the postings decency is not a priority. Vomiting out hatred and lies is always in vogue.

To all the hate mongers please Free Your Minds and maybe your souls will be filled with light instead of darkness.

It's so sad to know that people happily live with deep-seeded hatred. Life is too short to waste it on hating others.

One last thing, women of ALL ethnicities wear hair weaves. The trend has been popular in Hollywood for decades.

1886 days ago


Lenny doesn't have to change a thing except to meet me. He is so fine. Yes and everybody knows it. He's half white, half black and his complexion is so nice and he happens to be sweet and hot. And he's a gentleman a real hot man. He dosen't have a slow eye its the camera with the flaw cause that man is beautiful all over and flawless like a diamond.

1870 days ago


Black or White...Our bodies still all die,decompose and rot!!!
Come on human race it's not about how we look when alive is how we treat one another and how to learn to acknowledge the fact that nobody is better than one another because in the end we all end the same way...So why not use the time and energy you have in discriminizing and use it to become a better person or in other words a better human being.

1863 days ago
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