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Akon's Baby Mama Wants Money Right Now Na Na

7/13/2009 4:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

AkonAkon made a baby with a woman who now wants him to make child support payments -- but she claims the only thing he does better than sing is hide from process servers.

We're told Sara Coleman's lawyer has been desperately trying to serve Akon -- even at Michael Jackson's memorial -- but so far no luck.

Akon has already taken a paternity test -- and it was a match! The kid is 6 months old.

Akon's lawyer gave us the following statement:

"Akon has taken responsibility and has been extremely cooperative and proactive in handling this private matter. Paternity was only established just over 30 days ago. Since the case was filed outside of Georgia jurisdiction, where he is a legal resident, Akon is currently in the process of engaging counsel in California and will continue to handle this matter in a timely manner."


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oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

Susie????????????????? why do u have to say " Black people"...omg..this isn't about race...its 2009...the only reason a female gets pregant these days is too catch a man or grab some coin thru government assistence...OR..just PLAIN STUPIDITY..that is why I say ...GUYSSSSSSSSSS WHERE CONDOMS!!!!!!!!!

1930 days ago


oh ohhhhhhhhhh you betta pay or you gona be a konvict

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1930 days ago

The Truth    

14. Ain't mine we only slept together one time...

Duh you Idiot it only takes one time..

I hate to see the guys say something that Stupid.Makes men look stupid..
Come on guys if you're man enough to stick in in MANup to what comes out..

Posted at 5:20PM on Jul 13th 2009 by The Truth

maybe for some guys it takes 1 time.
Took me 11 times before I could get one.

But I did man up lol

1930 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

Love Sasha - Totally agree. This isn't a color thing this is about stupid people screwing and making kids. Condom, The Pill, tie the damn thing in a knot if you have too but PLEASE stop making babies with virtual strangers.

This is yet another reason why I have rats instead of kids. If any of these "kids" were mine I'd have the boys leave the house with the condom already on and the girls on the pill and covered in a plastic body suit that is only removable with a key.

1930 days ago


Brattus Rattus - "This is yet another reason why I have rats instead of kids. If any of these "kids" were mine I'd have the boys leave the house with the condom already on and the girls on the pill and covered in a plastic body suit that is only removable with a key."

That made me laugh so hard, hahaha. Sounds like a lot of my friend's parents!

Akon is a deadbeat dad.

1930 days ago


Somebody tell the bruthas about condoms

1930 days ago


This is one of the best headlines.

1930 days ago


Wow MJ is off the front page, this guy is too ugly to have kids. Why are the female golfers so fat? Esp the orientals, I live overseas for years. The women are so thin and pleasant, they pick up a golf club and a donut instant bitche lesbian and fat.

1930 days ago


I wish all parents were like mine, they always kept a box of condoms in the bathroom with the policy if you need one, take one. They never asked questions and the box was always replaced when it went empty.

1930 days ago

MY offer is    

wow man that was funny...with so many little sister,s in our home,,,they said i was an armed guard at the front ,back and side door.Santa had a hard time getting in.....Good bro,s watch out for their love one,s

1930 days ago


HELLO! WHY don’t men ever learn to use condoms? Don’t they know by now that some women sees an opportunity when they catch a famous/rich guy? Ill guess not, so pay up!

1930 days ago


Well, I guess that does it for me buying any of Akon's music. If he won't take some of the millions he is making to be a responsible dad and take care of his child, I definitely won't be giving him any of my money to do whatever he wants with it. NOPE... NO LONGER AN AKON FAN!!

1930 days ago


Oh, he'll pay.

1930 days ago

i still hate retards    

when will people, ALL PEOPLE, start realizing that it is NOT ok to make babies and not raise them. DO NOT HAVE kids. and don't have kids without being in at least a committed relationship of some kind. marriage is ideal, but let's face it, in today's society not practical. but other people, i.e. taxpayers, SHOULD NOT be paying for or raising your children (in general, not just Akon who has money). and just because a "mama" has custody in a single-parent household does not mean that she is raising the child. i have 3 beautiful, WANTED children that my husband and i made a conscious decision to have. stop procreating like friggin' bunnies. as mentioned, wear a flippin' condom or get tied, whatever. but do something. that guy that left his 9 kids on the doorstep of a hospital in nebraska under the safe haven act is having twins with his new "girlfriend"!!! unf##cking believable. and the state has paid already $1 million to raise his first 9 kids. that's why i believe in madatory forced sterilization for some people--disagree or hate me if you will, but not all people deserve to be parents and it is not a right to procreate but a privilege.

1930 days ago


Akon's lawyer needs a refresher course on the definition of "responsibility."

1930 days ago
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