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Debbie Rowe Injected Jackson with Drugs

7/13/2009 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie RoweDebbie Rowe frequently injected Michael Jackson with drugs while she worked for Jackson's dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein.

We've obtained law enforcement documents from the 2005 molestation trial. Included in the records is an affidavit from a Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputy who served a search warrant on Dr. Klein in 1993 to obtain Jackson's medical records during the first molestation investigation.

In the affidavit, the deputy writes, in August 1993, "...Ms. Rowe observed the back of Jackson's body while she gave him massages to help him sleep. Ms. Rowe also observed Jackson's buttocks on numerous occasions when she gave him injections prior to acne treatments."

The affidavit does not specify the type of drug Rowe administered. As we reported, Jackson sought out anesthesia and other sedatives for even minor procedures, including acne treatment.


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Are you kidding me with this non-story?! She was a nurse! What is described in the story is what nurses do to patients when at work. You have no idea what she was injecting him with and yet you manage to make it sound salacious. Who was the moron editor at TMZ who thought this was a story?

1893 days ago


Jeepers, a nurse injected a patient in the doctors office. Happens every day. She probably injected lots of other people over the years of working there as well. Slow weekend TMZ?

1893 days ago


Hey Rowan #15.....LOL! My sentiments exactly. She was a nurse for God's sake.

1893 days ago


I don't like Debbie Rowe...never have, never will....but this story describes her job as a nurse. Ok, she injected medicine and gave back massages.....then they got married.

Anyway, with these stories of MJ being murdered by a "conspiracy of people", it would not surprise me if she was one of them. Case in point....its all about flying dollar signs to this woman.

1893 days ago

LUkas B. Killed    

OMG she gave him a massages .... what a scandal :D :D :D :D

1893 days ago


WOW! I can not believe she injected Michael with medication. I am a nurse and I never injected my patients with medication. If they have Lupus and are undergoing simple procedures ( lupus can be very painful and life threatening) I would never injected them with their meds, I just let them suffer and let them be uncomfortable. To the average person a simple acne treatment is whatever but to a person whose skin is sensitive has lupus, has had many facial surgeries so their skin is no longer 100% good and is probably super sensitive a simple procedure can be painful, I cant believer her, BAD NURSE!!!! ( in case those who are slow im being sarcastic) Wow TMZ trashing a person for doing her job as a nurse, I think its time you start looking elsewhere for your stories

1893 days ago


Sorry TMZ but I don 't call this a score for my rumor addiction.

1893 days ago


She and Dr Klien did for money. Dr's make Michael get addicted and ruin Michael life..Even after his death he still suffer abt his brain.. RIP Michael :'(

1893 days ago


well i should hope she saw MJ's buttocks! she had his kids for crying out loud! sheeesh!

1893 days ago


I agree with others!! She worked for a DR and DID her job!! Harvey and your lackey's are really trying to spin her into the enabler! What a bunch of LOSERS!!! If she IS leagally able to regain custody, so-be-it!!! She IS the mother whether YOU TMZ likes it or not!!

1893 days ago


Michael was NOT bleaching his skin! This article written in 2007 clearly SHOWS Michael's vitiligo:

Sad that he had to suffer with THAT, lupus and all the snide remarks and false accusations. No wonder he wanted to sedate himself.

1893 days ago


It was part of her job to inject patients prior to having medical procedures done. She was following doctor's orders. My dermotologist gives me an injectible numbing agent prior to doing a skin biopsy. Dermotologists do office surgeries such as removing moles or cancers all the time under injected locals.

1893 days ago


she can do that as he had lupus and was getting skin treatments.HEART DOCTOR VOODOO is the one who THRILL KILLED MJ for the stockholder billionares at sony.POP BLACK STAR the first one in history gets BURNED DOWN.GOD BLESS DEBBIE for having MJ`s kids.

1893 days ago


all these doctors are killing hollywood hard to believe so many of them get away with it. loading up Anna Nicole and now Debbie Rowe injecting Micheal and Heath Ledger etc...getting all these meds cos they are stars. Wonder how the government is going to deal with these doctors who can be bought off..heavy fines and jail sentences because the reality is these people are now murderers...go after them all FBI before someone revelent dies.

1893 days ago


Cronkite, that was the funniest thing I have read about the MJ affair. More power to Jesse, hope he can endure one of Joe Jackson's stick beatings. People are right, it does sound like a nurses work. More shocking is that his privates may have been discolored by his disease. That's one heck of an illness. I'm sorry he had to go through that. But, he put himself out there, and took a lot of PR mis-steps. I have a feeling that this is all going to get a lot worse before it's over. RIP MJ. Thanks for the music.

1893 days ago
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