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Debbie Rowe Injected Jackson with Drugs

7/13/2009 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie RoweDebbie Rowe frequently injected Michael Jackson with drugs while she worked for Jackson's dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein.

We've obtained law enforcement documents from the 2005 molestation trial. Included in the records is an affidavit from a Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputy who served a search warrant on Dr. Klein in 1993 to obtain Jackson's medical records during the first molestation investigation.

In the affidavit, the deputy writes, in August 1993, "...Ms. Rowe observed the back of Jackson's body while she gave him massages to help him sleep. Ms. Rowe also observed Jackson's buttocks on numerous occasions when she gave him injections prior to acne treatments."

The affidavit does not specify the type of drug Rowe administered. As we reported, Jackson sought out anesthesia and other sedatives for even minor procedures, including acne treatment.


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Debbie Rowe SHOULD NEVER GET THE KISDS ...............JACKSON'S FAMILY SHOULD KEEP THEM ........................OR ELSE DEBBIE WILL GET all the childrens money and cheat them...................................ANY OF THE JACKSON FAMILY MEMBERS SHOULD TAKE CARE OF THE CHILDREN .......................

1936 days ago

thouroughly disgusted    

Okay if you have skin problems on your butt a nurse will look at it. I broke out from some an allergic reaction to some meds and I went to the doc's office. The first thing the nurse said was let me see where it is. I dropped my pants and showed her my ass.

MJ's docs need to be rounded up and thrown in jail. SONY should be held accountable as well. What happened to the days when record companies watched out for their investments?

1936 days ago



1936 days ago

lawry, from France    

According to Ian Halperin, MJ was gay - loving young men, not children, really not children-
No matter for me if it's true or not, everybody has the right to have sexual preferences.
But if it is, i suppose this must one thing more MJ prefered to hide, due to US media pressure.Or family pressure?

(sorry or my english, i'm french)

1936 days ago


Are some of you really stupid enough to think dermatologsts only treat acne?

1936 days ago


i agree with the above. those kids should go to debbie rowe because they are white kids and they will be scared to death growing up with black folk. those kids got used to living with michael jackson, and he had straight hair, light skin and a pointed nose. kathryn and joe jackson both have frighteningly dark skin, kinky hair and wide, flat noses. the kids will not understand what race they are, but by living with debbie rowe, they will have a chance to grow up properly.

1936 days ago



1936 days ago

I Smell Michael Burning in Hell - AHHHHH! AAAAAH!    

I wrotes dis song for Micheal so everybody listen, goes like dis here:

Oooga booga booga,
Steal dat car.
Lets go where
De white women are.

Lemme ax you, does you likes it?

1936 days ago


I don't think she did any wrong. She was under the employment of the Dr. at the time and was doing what the Dr. told her to do.
Should she get the kids? NO.

1936 days ago


To Terrance:

You sir, are a racist. Not all black people are "frighteningly dark skinned". And just because someone has dark skin, that in itself does not have to be something to be frightened of. Most people are frightened by danger or the possibility of danger, and that is why dark skinned people are sometimes considered frightening.

So please do not generalize as you have, it only makes you appear to be a racist.

1936 days ago

robert pusateri    

how about a article that is fact based not rumor about that pedophile loser.

1936 days ago


I don't know if I like that song... Maybe if you can moonwalk to it? Lets see some moves #53 I think the song needs more crotch grabs.

1936 days ago


Ignorance on Aisle 57

1936 days ago

another perspective    

She might've been the only one of the bunch actually giving him injections legitimately.

Was there anyone in MJ's life who wasn't helping to drug him, legitimately or not? Besides probably the kids... ?

Seems like all the people who'd been around him in recent years (Sorry Brooke) knew he had problems with drugs. Why didn't anyone take him aside and give him the business about it? Who cares if he would've been mad. At least he'd have been alive! I don't care how loving he seemed with his kids -- It's not being a good parent to risk your life by taking all those drugs. What if he had OD'd with one of them in the bed with him, or dropped dead during a birthday party? It's horrible those kids lost their dad, but he didn't seem to care about the effect his actions could have for them.

And as much as these doctors need to be held accountable for giving him drugs he didn't need, it's nobody's fault but his for taking them, even if others injected them. I doubt the doctors forced him to be injected. MJ acted like a child but he was a grown-ass, 50-year-old man. He had lived long enough to learn right from wrong. He would not have gotten any of those drugs without asking/demanding/insisting that he get them. He killed himself through his own desire for the drugs. He gambled with his life and his health and unfortunately, he lost.

1936 days ago
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