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Debbie Rowe Injected Jackson with Drugs

7/13/2009 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie RoweDebbie Rowe frequently injected Michael Jackson with drugs while she worked for Jackson's dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein.

We've obtained law enforcement documents from the 2005 molestation trial. Included in the records is an affidavit from a Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputy who served a search warrant on Dr. Klein in 1993 to obtain Jackson's medical records during the first molestation investigation.

In the affidavit, the deputy writes, in August 1993, "...Ms. Rowe observed the back of Jackson's body while she gave him massages to help him sleep. Ms. Rowe also observed Jackson's buttocks on numerous occasions when she gave him injections prior to acne treatments."

The affidavit does not specify the type of drug Rowe administered. As we reported, Jackson sought out anesthesia and other sedatives for even minor procedures, including acne treatment.


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Makes you wonder if a setup was taking place back then between Klein and Rowe for her to marry Michael and have the kids. Maybe she thought she would be eternally tied to him for that. I think between AEG, doctors and so called "friends" they all have his death on their hands. The man had alot of health issues and many creating pain so I could see how he could have gotten addicted to pain meds. It also could be that his insomnia was caused by other drugs that he took so some idiot got him into the "knock me out to sleep" routine. I just think it is so sad but I really feel that he is finally at peace from all the crap on earth.

1892 days ago


What background has this Debbie Rowe?Education,family?You judge the Debbie from 2000-2009 but before?How old is she?

1892 days ago

Joe Schmoe    

We used to always joke about the headline "Elvis Left Me with Child" says Elvis' babysitter. This one's even better. A nurse gave a patient an injection in a doctor's office in 1993? Clearly she must be responsible for his death 16 years later! Wow, TMZ, you've found the smoking syringe!

To previous poster, Rowe is the adopted daughter of a millionaire Malibu couple. She attended Hollywood High School.

Now, TMZ, surely you can dig up Rowe's highschool yearbook somewhere? At least we could compare the photo to the photos of the children today. Doesn't Dr. Klein have children? Let's see photos of them and compare.

I think Paris looks like a young Elizabeth Taylor:

1892 days ago


Dear God, People. She was his NURSE. Her JOB was to administer medications ordered by his physician. Ordered by AND under the supervision of his licensed physician. It was her JOB!!! Over the past 30 years I'm sure I have given medications to users and abusers but it was my JOB to follow the physician's orders .......give it a break. Shame on you TMZ. This is nothing but inflammatory but....oh, wait....that's what you bad...I forgot.

1892 days ago


Was Debbie Rowe unfit as a parent? Absolutely

Was Michael Jackson and unfit parent? Of course he was. How can anyone that is drugged to oblivion be setting a good example as a fit parent. Obviously he was too out of it to be a full time parent. The parenting was left to others most of the time.

1892 days ago


Oh no what will TMZ do ? The MJ stuff is getting old too fast, they need more news. And hey at lkeast we knwo a white person may have killed him. Joe Jackson was right. And Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson can make more off the race business because of MJ's death too. Just when they thought they might slow down the money train because King Obama got elected, but he has done more for their business than they ever thought. Even the NAACP has had a surge in membership, and to think they were going under until that rebel flag thing came up, but that has died down much as they would like to bring it back. But now with a black Prsident who sucks & people can't say anything agains thim with out being racist, they have new MONEY! Ye Ha

1892 days ago

Wanda W.    

To "Dusty " #122............... The defense line of "I was just doing my job" doenst fly here, and anywhere else honey, where decency and common sense come in to play. What about standing up and telling the truth? When did that become a second choice? They were just "following orders" at Nuremburg and at Maelai in Vietnam. That kind of bonehead thinking gets the human race in big, big trouble time and time again. AND ITS A TOO CONVENIENT EXCUSE FOR A SEVERE LACK OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

1892 days ago


she is so ugly she couldn't get a white guy.

1892 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

#75 and #97 - you two go on to the next round. Everybody else (except me, because I'm a genius), get the hell outta here.

1892 days ago


She was a nurse, working for a Doctor, of course she injected him. How does doing her job make her unfit?

1892 days ago


I'm glad money don't mean that much to me. There is no way I would prostitute myself to a freak with little triangles for nostrils and is a replica of skeletor.

1892 days ago

Tony Quinn    

Another Gold Digger The Bitch.

1892 days ago


Michael Jackson was a terrible Muslim. Muhammad will not look favorably on his soul when he enters the kingdom of heaven for judgment because of the wicked acts he has committed and the foolish way he lived his life.

1892 days ago

thouroughly disgusted    

KayKay... you are not going there are you??? More white kids have their parents AT HOME and not dead beat or in jail!!!

Posted at 5:29AM on Jul 13th 2009 by Gatorbabe

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- yes, i WENT THERE.
That is b-s. It is a known fact there are more white folks on welfare in this country period. The only reason why people say there are more black folks with divorces is because white folks go to the malls in poor neighborhoods and hand out free crap to black folks so they can do surveys and report what they find to the damn media. We may have more people in jail, but bottom line there are more white child molesters and serial killers in prison than black folks. You can't argue with those facts. Some of US sell dope, pimp,forge rob banks and businesses, but hey there are some crimes we just do not commit on a regular basis. If you white folks want to say M.J was a molester and hated his skin color and changed himself to look more like you, than have at it. I say you proved your point. LOL

1892 days ago


Where is it said that she was a NURSE? Just that she was an assistant. Since when do assistants give injections.

1892 days ago
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