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Joan Rivers Cracks MJ Molestation Joke

7/13/2009 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If anyone was going to crack the first Michael Jackson joke, let it be comedy legend Joan Rivers.

Joan Rivers: Click to watch
The question is ...


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jack sparrow    

When people like Joan Rivers talk about legends like Michael Jackson....all i smell is hatred and jealousy.... i mean..who is she as compared to Michael Jackson??? and then shez saying 'michael jackson died, is that true?' ........excuse me...what planet are you from???? coz even creatures on Mars would know that MJ passed away...

If u can't say good about someone...just zip up..coz whatever u say IS NOT FUNNY...

1866 days ago


Joan Rivers is a hideous freak. Ewwwww!

1866 days ago

Fools Rush In    

It was tacky, really not a fitting comment that would indicate someone that has been successful in their career as comedienne.

1866 days ago


This is what she posted on her blog the day after they both had passed...God! What about pictures of her from the past..Oh yeah the camera hadn't been invented yet.

FRIDAY, JUNE 26th, 2009
Michael Jackson (1958 – 2009) & Farrah Fawcett (1947 - 2009)
I’m very sorry about the recent deaths of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

Even though I would never have allowed my grandson to be in a room alone with him, Michael was an enormous talent. I was a huge fan of his work and I’m saying a prayer for his children.

As for Farrah, I only met her once when we did an infomercial together, years ago. Unfortunately, at that time, she seemed spacey and drugged out. But she certainly redeemed herself in my (and everyone’s!) eyes with her brave and courageous battle against cancer.

God! When you look at those 1970s posters of Farrah, she was beautiful!!

(Is it too early for a joke?)

And when you look at those 1970s posters of Michael, he was black!! (Too soon?)


1866 days ago

Just Me    

Shame on you Joan. Michael Jackson never told the real reason while Edgar took his life.

1866 days ago


You know, Joan Rivers does have a Twitter account.

1866 days ago

Daphne kenward    

JOAN RIVERS has a strong resembelance of MICHAEL JACKSON. May be she has been playing with LITTLE BOYS.

She can't help being a STUPID COW. I wonder if she was jelious of MICHAEL JACKSON, because he had more plastic surgery than her, and she is still DAM UGLY.

1866 days ago


Whether MJ or someone else, Joan is not as funny as she thinks. It's a new day and time but her jokes stay the same. Have you notice how she babbles and makes faces (sorry her face doesnt move anymore) when she doesnt know what to say. Besides, after Celebrity Apprentice, I really avoid watching her. She and Melissa were over the top and immature. Neither could accept feedback and acted like untamed animals. It was always "me, me, me". Not classy at all. So let the old lady have her day. Society is just accomodating her now because she's a "legend".

1866 days ago


I like Joan Rivers and I liked Michael Jackson. That comment however in my opinion would have been totally inappropriate at anytime. Way off....................very bad taste.

1866 days ago


I thinh people are finding the TRUTH about Joan and her DECADENT behvior- She has proven, thet with that "joke" and her performance on "Trumps Apprentice" that she is a cunning, ROTTEN, cruel.. and SELF-SERVING hateful human being!!!

1866 days ago


Shame on you, you are not even funny! you are PATHETIC

1866 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

TMZ has said far worse things than this. Joan should have made a joke about MJ's father. One thing I will condone MJ for: Why would he want his MOTHER to take custody of his kids when he bitched about his father being abusive? I say, his mother isn't a figgin bargain either. She should have stepped in when that prick beat up on the kids. She's just as incompetent as her husband. IMO of course.

1866 days ago


She can't help being a STUPID COW. I wonder if she was jelious of MICHAEL JACKSON, because he had more plastic surgery than her, and she is still DAM UGLY

Uh, hey stupid....the words are spelled "jealous" and "damn". I am sure that someday, with Affirmative Action, you will be able to spell. Enjoy your lunch at KFC.

1866 days ago


#22 aka Just Me--- Now THAT'S funny!

1866 days ago


Joan has dementia and was actually talking about her ex husbands.

1866 days ago
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