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John Travolta Comes in for a Landing

7/13/2009 8:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta flew himself in and out of Miami this weekend, stopping briefly to enjoy a cheeseburger and fries.



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Cookies Girl    

I love john travolta all you mean people need to shut the eff up !

1891 days ago


God I feel so sorry for John and his family. To have gone what he and his family had to endure no parent should have to go through. But please leave him alone. This poor man is trying to find a new kind of normal without needing you sticking a camera in his face. Give him space. Please.

1891 days ago

Dave In Tulsa    

He always seems to be one of the good guys in Hollywood. He's not wacky like Tom Cruise, he just makes movies and raises his family. He'll never be back to normal after losing his son, so give him a break.

1891 days ago


#43 Gawd

Defending scientologists by attacking Catholics (who weren't even mentioned in previous posts) is wrong. You are as bigoted as the person you are answering.

1891 days ago

Wanda W.    

One of the most over rated celebs EVER ! His movies are stupid, he has clearly passed his prime(if he ever had one) and HE NEVER WAS A GOOD ACTOR to begin with ! He was merely a personality.And his off beat "religion" is what helped kill his son. The young man was autistic ,and Scienciotology does not recognize the disease, so how could it be treated properly ? Clearly he has the sympathy factor going for him though, so I expect to see him and/or/ the wife on talk shows anytime now. And a book deal, with him chronicling his struggle with his grief that was over come with Scientolologys help, of course.

1890 days ago


I am happy to see him out and about. He has been mourning so badly and deserves to enjoy like again! He is a sweet man.

1890 days ago


can he ever ever be left alone without cameras everywhere?

1890 days ago


To all those who made mean comments about John, you may have to feel his pain soon.

1890 days ago


he looks upset in the photo.
this poor guy was so dumb, he contributed to his kid's death in my opinion. him and his really dumb wife refused to treat his son's condition very well, and refused to realize his son was autistic. I don't think he would have ever wanted anything to go wrong with his child, but they could have been smarter......but they let their cult religion tell them what to do instead.

1890 days ago


John is a class act and his wife is hot hot hot.

1890 days ago


I love john way to not go green! Earth's been around along time and doesn't need ppl to go green to continue on

1890 days ago


If he keeps eating like that he will be joining his son soon.

1890 days ago


I love that Johnny reaps the benefits of what he has earned. He enjoys life and living large. I do too.
Once I earn my money it's alllll mine. I can do what I want with it...and so can Johnny.
He's an honorable man. He is a great philanthropist, although you rarely hear about that because he chooses the path of anonymity.
You will never hear him speak negatively about anyone.
He has integrity, good taste and manners,
You don't have to be wealthy to have any of those.
While you do have freedom of speech, I think some of your comments are somewhat slanderous and just plain tasteless.

1890 days ago

CO$ Is Whacked    

Poster 66: You don't capitalize Moron. Here do some reading, it might make your head hurt a little but learning is a good thing.

1890 days ago


Poor old John all that money and fame and still no friends. Boo-Hoo

1890 days ago
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