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Jon Gosselin Fashions Himself a Designer

7/13/2009 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

His reality show may have ended his marriage, but it's also giving Jon Gosselin a douchey clothing line for kids.


Jon -- with his new 22-year-old GF Hailey Glassman by his side -- has been partying up in St. Tropez with bedazzler extraordinaire Christian Audigier and are going into the children's fashion biz together -- with a line that might even be featured at Kmart. The best part, Jon's eight rugrats will be used as models for the clothing line.

Those poor kids need more fame about as much as they do a tacky, rhinestoned dragon and skeleton t-shirt.


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Me in DC    

1. They are NOT exploiting their kids, yet. Having them model for cheesy kids clothes, might put them in the exploitation range, especially if Kate doesn't agree. Jon won't have much of a job without Kate's approval.

2. Why doesn't Audugier wear his own designs? Are they too ugly and stupid for him?

3. Jon and Kate are legally separated, so they are free to date. Although I do think Jon is taking it to the extreme!

4. Jon seems to be going through his male life crisis about 12 years early!

5. Didn't Jon want to be out of the spotlight? Didn't he admit he didn't like being a 'celebrity'? Well, he's doing a fine job of it!

6. Kate is doing what she is supposed to do. She is making a living, although it does occasionally take her away from the children. But when she is home, she is home with the kids. She seems to be trying to keep a stable life for them.

7. The children are not being exploited any more than any of the children on all of the other 'reality' family shows. The Gossilin children just are a little more famous since they have been doing the 'reality' show a whole lot longer.

8. I enjoy the show, and I will continue to watch it when it comes back on. It is much better TV than 'The Bachelor', "The Bachelorette', 'The Newlywed Game', etc. The Bachelor and Bachelorette show is just legalized prostitution on TV.

1896 days ago

Herpes Ho Hilton    

WOW.... bad enuf the kids have been exploited by their own parents & TLC; but now that skank is latching on to Jon & this disgraceful gravy train. Live Journal had a link to her facebook pics; she's a zero-class lowlife, very trailer park. Glassman must feel like she won the lottery, finding an affluent *man* desperate to act like the immature ahole he is, with a young chick.

I hope the few people who still shop at Kmart will stop, if this deal goes thru. I Used to feel sorry for that store with their decline, but now I only feel sorry for the kids.

1896 days ago


Seriously, he's not the brightest dude around, is he.....

1896 days ago


i know her personally from Indiana University...boy would I have stories to tell the press.
She has more to hide than just an arrest record, she also used to be a very "out & proud" lesbian on the IU campus. I've got more details than that!

1896 days ago


what a freakin PIG...nice role model for his sons!!

1896 days ago


My god when will this train wreck end. Quit using the kids for profit. If I were you kid and grew up knowing all I was a $$$$ sign to my parents I think I would hate them for life or divorce my parents. Geez, When will childrens services decided these children do not need anymore exposure. Let them be kids.

1896 days ago


Good for him...I wish him well. I have watched the show since it came out and sorry to say, Kate was becoming nastier with each show and she speaks to people like they are beneath her. Good for him that he got out while he is young. I do hope that he continues to be a good father and does not put a relationship before the needs of his children. Kate and Kate alone, has portrayed herself as a nasty bitch, so she has no one to blame but herself. Why would anyone, husband or wife, want to stay in a relationship with someone who is constantly nasty, treats them like dirt and on camera no less and badgers someone.

1896 days ago


He is such a loser! Typical man... out partying it up with his ho while Mom is home watching all eight children. Guys, wake up and smell the coffee. He is why women get custody of children in divorces. I don't care what bad things people say about Kate... if I had to choose a side, I'd be on hers. He sucks!

1896 days ago


OMG, these poor children are still being used to support their parents. Someone Somewhere rescue these kids before its too late. I can see it now Jon and Kate will be fighting over the money and who gets to use the kids next.
What a jerk he turned out to be. Not that Kate is much better but she does seem to care about the kids and their well being, at least today.
What a Train Wreck these people are.
Sharon, Greenville, Mi

1896 days ago


holy cow...there is a band of douche bags. REALLY john? there wasn't anyone left in the world for you to whore around with except THE FAMILY FRIEND who happens to be a skanky homewrecker who is half your age? how pathetic for them both...and I bet the little whore's parents are so proud of her. I can't imagine the confusion the poor kids must be going through dealing with "daddy" being gone all of a sudden and little miss homewrecker whore going from family friend to "daddy's girlfriend" if his mid-life crisis is rendering his THIS dumb he should just buy a gun and blow his worthless head clear off. PUKE!!! he's is disgusting and this little skank is even worse than him it makes me wonder about the kind of family she was raised in. if I went whoring around with a "family friend" who was married, had 8 kids and was twice my age my parent would shove their feet so far up my @ss I wouldn't be able to walk for years. WTF is wrong with people?

1896 days ago


anyone notice she look,s like she,s 42

1896 days ago

Laura S    

Jon and his lady friend who needs a red letter A on her shirt ought to tuck tail and hide. Who does he think he is running all over the place and leaving his wife at home with 8 kids? Every woman in America is furious with this low life.
A Father he is NOT.... A husband he is NOT and worse....... we can clearly see HE is the one in it for personal riches. Anyone can tell Kate is and has always been a Mom.... Mother..... and if she was cranky at times.... what Mom isn't... what lady isn't when she is trying not to let the world know her man sucks!!!
Give kate a break and Jon the boot... with his little young thing who ugly and anyone can tell is seeking to latch on for a glam ride. Sheesh...

1896 days ago


Hey good for him....

1896 days ago



1896 days ago


Cheers to you Kate.

1896 days ago
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