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Jon Gosselin Fashions Himself a Designer

7/13/2009 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

His reality show may have ended his marriage, but it's also giving Jon Gosselin a douchey clothing line for kids.


Jon -- with his new 22-year-old GF Hailey Glassman by his side -- has been partying up in St. Tropez with bedazzler extraordinaire Christian Audigier and are going into the children's fashion biz together -- with a line that might even be featured at Kmart. The best part, Jon's eight rugrats will be used as models for the clothing line.

Those poor kids need more fame about as much as they do a tacky, rhinestoned dragon and skeleton t-shirt.


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Good thing Jon does what's best for his kids. Screw being an actual father and role model, right? Kids are only good for making money. And bring on the skanky fame-whore girlfriend. Shame on you, Jon.

1929 days ago


TLC= The Losers Channel Boycott all these sick, exploitive reality shows. How pathetic Jon & Kate can't find jobs without using their children as cash cows. Someone needs to step in and protect those children from further exploitation and emotional's beyond sick! Using the kids as living billboards for that clothing line is pathetic. No one in their right mind would buy any of his clothing as it will only fatten his wallet at the expense of the kids. Every penny made already should be in a trust fund for the kids only when they turn 21. The parents should not be permitted to use that money for their greedy, selfish needs. Jon & Kate need to evaporate!!

1929 days ago


are they toasting to his freedom from Kate?

1929 days ago


Enough of the jon and kate freak show, are they really a good example for what family is. Really these people are joke. i wish the children well

1929 days ago


Jon left gorgous Kate so he could date these ugly women? He's such a loser.

1929 days ago


those two look miserable in almost every pictures. Was the sex not what each expected?

1929 days ago


douchebag clothing for a douchebag. seems like a match for him.

1929 days ago


Hey JON are you going to knock this girl up 8 times too?

1929 days ago


To Kates PR team..... Helloooooooooooooooooooooo
Give Jon a break, he took crap and nagging from Kate for years....
Im glad to see him have a good time! : )

1929 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

I can't picture K-mart being involved with this set-up...Jon banging this chick who is gonna b involved with designing somehow= her around kids at photoshoots..and J&K not even divorced...K-mart isn't gonna get mixed up in this...YES..if Jon and Kate were together..but not with infidelity going on b4 they were seperated..just more publicity for Christian...and Jon I think is getting sucked right in..ain't gonna pan and c

1929 days ago


I used to love this show but I think I'm done. Won't watch it anymore-

1929 days ago


GOOD 4 KATE! she got the best part of this deal the 8 little faces that came out of this union. YOU GO KATE... I WISH you and the children the best GO GET A REAL FATHER FIQURE for your Children JON is a BUTT WIPE and his new Gurlfriend looks like SKELATOR! YUKKKKK....

1929 days ago


Please stop showing this LOSER! Its a new show now----Jon&Whore

1929 days ago


Those poor kids a year ago were in their parents renewing of the vows. Now dad is boinking some young thing. Jon you said you didn't want your kids to google you and see this garbage well guess what now that can't even go to the store without seeing you and your trash out together.

No thing is worth the damage that you are doing to your kids. I think this is the saddest thing that could happen to them a month ago they were told mom and dad are separating now they get to see the tabloids dad on vacation with his new thing. I hope Kate hires a private investigator and gets all the dirt on the piece of trash you are with you're gonna have one hell of a divorce. Especially the pic where she is holding a gun to one of her friend's head and her mug shot. Your new gf is gonna be the cause of you not seeing your children not because kate the bitch and yes I've seen the show and know exactly how she treated you but because her attorney is gonna take you apart!!!

Think with the head on top of your shoulders not the one between your legs!!!!

1929 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

I seriously think the drugs he is on or is smoking, is clouding his judgment! This is disheartening to watch what he is putting his own children through, all because he is reckless, selfish, and wanting to use his children so he can have all the big boy toys and the lavish lifestyle and uppity attitude.

He lied to the viewers who helped make his show a success. He lied about being a Godly man, a Christian, from sporting Christian t-shirts to now skulls and crossbones with death sayings. He pulled in viewers who could relate to a strong faith and Christian family (at the start), so no wonder the outlash right now.

He is committing every sin possible, then claims he hates the paparazzi and celebrity life, yet goes and does these things?

To the slut he is slumming with and drugging up with, you are a waste of breath! Daughter of the doctor who did Jon's wife's surgery and Jon does this to Kate? Haleigh you are the lowest of lows, with no morals, no shame, no conscience.

Yep, that is a drug dependent person, they are the most self centered people ever, people addicted to drugs only care about numero uno and their next fix.

Hope the courts protect those children from their own father's destruction and from him using them to support his sex and drug addictions!!

That is one SICK guy! And one low life skank to be the homewrecker she is. Her parents do some thing nice for Kate, if I were her parents I'd disown her for what she has done, takes two, time these two grow up and act their ages and take some accountability for the hurt they are causing, and continue to with their selfish desires for fortune and fame.

You both are nobodies who ride of the coat tails of others!!

Those kids deserve a better father then him, all he was, was a playmate, a child in a teletubby fat man suit. Who had to be nagged in order to man up and help around the house, and engage in fatherly responsibilities. He whines, bitches and moans, and works so hard (cough).

Anyone can drive a John Deere tractor down a driveway with two garbage cans in it, yet he won't even mow their own yard or lift a finger, unless it is to smoke a doob.

He wants the ski trips, the trump apartment, the fancy sports car, custom bike (then acts like he is this hardcore biker).

He's trippin, he's a wannabe who is a no-bodee!

he is turning his family into one FAT JOKE!

That saddens me for his kids or what their future has in store for them.

Selfish fat f*k!

1929 days ago
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