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Man Claims He Got 'Lost' First

7/13/2009 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There may be one human being on Earth who understands the TV show "Lost" -- a guy who claims he created the show 32 years ago.

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Anthony Spinner -- a producer on "Baretta" and "Babes in Toyland" -- says back in 1977 he was paid $30,000 to write a TV pilot, which eventually became a 121-page script called "Lost."

Spinner is now suing ABC and Touchstone Television, claiming the network passed on the show in '77, '91 and '94 ... then suddenly created an exact replica with Touchstone in 2004.

Spinner lists a ton of similarities in his suit -- which was filed on July 10 -- notably an "airplane headed to Los Angeles [that] crashes into a tropical jungle-like environment."

Spinner also alleges the new "Lost" characters -- including Jack, Locke, Sayid, Kate and Sawyer -- are all rip-offs ... down to their occupations and dark pasts.

The comparisons go on and on. Spinner is suing for damages and a cut of royalties, profits and a bunch of other stuff. Spinner tried to sue a few years ago, but it was dismissed for procedural reasons.


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number 46 the movie lost flight , was a 1969 movie starring lloyde bridges , about a guy and his passangers on a island but that move was made way before most of the tv show lost was born . so maby the guy that is sueing ripped off that move . theres no end to it . relax and enjoy the show . who care s its a great show

1896 days ago


I would wait wait until it becomes huge!!!! Hello people that's where the money is. BIG money is on the way if he's telling the truth :)

1896 days ago

donna james    

I live in England. Joan Rivers nasty joke about Micheal Jackson is pathetic. She shows what a sick ugly person she is. I never watch this woman on television this joke just confirms my position, she is ugly both inside and outside her disgusting mouth. Go and get lost.

1896 days ago


Did he write it on speck or had they optioned the script from him. Was this just a pitch he had made? Need some more info

1896 days ago

Eagle Globe & Anchor    

U idiots NOT read the whole story..Was dismissed before because of " procedural" something or rathers

1896 days ago


this is a total DOUCHEBAG show written by DOUCHEBAGS that hang out in DOUCHEBAG-infested Echo Park because they feel they have "an edge". oh also canadian writers too, but they are about 500000000000000000 steps below ever being allowed to be called DOUCHEBAG. so whatev, all you starlets keep flocking to LA, most of you will end up being hookers and/or druggies anyways, because. just a bunch of DOUCHEBAGS making money off ya, but yer too douchebaggy and stupid to know any different. bye douchebagssss hahahahahahahah!!!!! (omg all you douchebag starlet production assistant starlets, aka 50% of LA, your all gonna hate my posting, but whatev, coz your all DOUCHEBAGSSSSSS!!!!!!).

1896 days ago


who cares???? all i gots to say is tough titty said the kitty when the milk went dry....

1896 days ago


If I wrote a show as cool as Lost, this would have come up five years ago. Why now? Procedural? Still, why so long?

1896 days ago


The guy is an absolute idiot.Takes years to complain.Now?

1896 days ago


Get a job

1896 days ago

jane doe    

Can you people not read?

The comparisons go on and on. Spinner is suing for damages and a cut of royalties, profits and a bunch of other stuff. Spinner tried to sue a few years ago, but it was dismissed for procedural reasons.

1896 days ago


It's amazing how many idiots are out there who pass judgment without knowing all the facts of the story.

This is directed towards every "why wait until now?" comment out there. Which was about half the damn posts in here...

Spinner first filed suit FOUR YEARS AGO. Just because your dumb asses are just finding out about it now, does not mean it just now happened. Do your homework and stop talking out of your asses.

1896 days ago

To hell with her    

I'm willing to bet that he's right; he's been ripped off. Having submitted ideas to networks (and having them rejected, then all of a sudden an exact copy pops up made by them), I can tell you that there is absolutely no honor or creativity at the network level. They're full of creeps, jerks, liars & thieves who can't create anything themselves; they have to rip off others work & then hope that these people don't find out. Not only are they liars & thieves, but they're stupid as well; everyone finds out in the end, and it ultimately costs them millions.

We're preparing lawsuits to be filed against 2 networks, regarding series currently on the air that we pitched them years ago (that they rejected then then did the series, claiming the idea was their own). The lawsuits will be for tens of millions; when we file them, we'll be sure TMZ is notified, as it will be BIG news.

1896 days ago

Buck Farack    

BEST OF LUCK TO YOU MR. SPINNER!!!! I hope you win and that right soon!

1896 days ago


Maybe that is where the word: Spin-off comes from ??


1896 days ago
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