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Nicole Richie's

Plus-Sized Beach Body

7/13/2009 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pregnant with her second child, Nicole Richie showed off her growing baby bump with buff boyfriend Joel Madden on the beach in Malibu this weekend.


Nicole's healthy glow has nothing to do with the sun.


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the truth hurts huh    

A lot of you getting carried away with how EVERYTHING about PREGNANCY is OH SO BEAUTIFUL are probably the same ones who show your birthing videos - FULL VIEW of your Vajayjay and ALL that stuff - to your family and friends! Not EVERYTHING is for PUBLIC viewing and consumption!!!!

1837 days ago


She isn't "plus size". She's pregnant. Therefore, she's maternity. She will clearly be back to her normal weight and body size after the baby is born, but she hasn't gained enough weight to be "plus size".

1837 days ago


Good Lord, have a little modesty and cover up your belly! Why is it women seem to have to show off their pregnancies as if they are the only ones who have ever been pregnant? Yes, it's beautiful, etc,, etc., etc. I just don't feel the need to see it, and there is something wrong with those who feel the need to show it.

1837 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

Why announce giving birth to another human being: garbage makers, porn-users, crack smokers, rapists, murderers, bigomists, fraud artists, C*ck suckers, urine drinkers, war makers, TMX watchers...

exactly why would you want to advertise? You are a true Human... a blind and ignorant follower... yuo are leading the Human race to extinction... congrats! Job well done... now shut the F*ck up and go feed one of your screaming horde of hell-raisers.

Posted at 12:49PM on Jul 13th 2009 by Father of Truth

Angry much?

1837 days ago


she looks great. incredible actual and if you don't think pregnancy is beautiful that's fine but you have to have some kind of respect for what mothers do to their bodies to give birth to dumb a$$es who obviously don't respect, appeciate or even deserve it.

1837 days ago

Black Power    

The prize for idiocy goes to Father of Truth. You are an idiotic, butt licking, ball cradling, shaft sucking, child raping, mother effing retard. You're probabling sitting in your mothers basement pounding one out as you read this. Now hurry up and clean that sticky stuff off of you computer keys. Your mama's coming. She mad because you haven't serviced her today. But don't worry. Once you get that stick out of your ass, she'll be able to do all of the nast things you want her to do to you. I'm sure you don't even use K-Y jelly.

1837 days ago

blah blah blah    

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! She is a good mom too. I'm very proud of her turn around. Sometimes it takes a kid to put life in perspective.

1837 days ago

supa b    

Only woman can justify this pick as not looking gross but it is sooo nasty. I saw a girl like her working at Hooters one time, I couldn't believe they let her work at a place like that, most of the guys were grossed out, unless its your own wife, we dont want to see that!!!

1837 days ago


I agree with the comment saying how disgusting another human being. Seriously the world is getting waay too overpopulated with spawn like trash bits. IDIOCRACY is what sums up this COUNTRY. MIKE JUDGE is BRILLIANT but the only problem I have with the movie is it is NOT THE FUTURE but the PRESENT.

1837 days ago

hello, it    

Why all the hate. The picture shows 2 people, walking on the beach. They seem happy and healthy. Good for them!

The rest of you can go suck eggs.

1837 days ago

Good Charlotte Freak    

What is wrong with people?? If Nicole wants to wear a bikini when she is pregnant, so what?? this isn't the dark ages you know. She looks fine. As for all you haters that say nasty things about Joel Madden and his band, you all suck. Joel is a very nice guy. I've met him several times. He is very sweet and down to Earth, not to mention smoking hot!!!! And Good Charlotte is still popular and recording. So shut up!!!

1837 days ago


she needs to COVER HER BELLY up!!! that is DISGUSTING to see out ther like that===naked-bell on ANYONE!
where are peoples' sense have decentsy gone??????

1837 days ago


Why do these retarded woman think that we want to look at their pregnant stomachs and want to look at them breast feeding there babies in public. How about if I walked around with my D**k hanging out but no woman think that we want to look at there boobs even if they are hanging down to there big ass stomachs and that we will look at anything. Please girls if you're going to walk around showing us your junk then do us men a favor and hit the gym first.

1837 days ago


Adorable??!!! what a minute I'm going to go puke.

1837 days ago


Land hoe I think I see a Whale!

1837 days ago
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