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Jackson's Maid -- He Binged On Drugs

7/14/2009 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonOne of Michael Jackson's former housekeepers told law enforcement the singer was often in such bad shape from drugs, his eyes would roll back in his head.

We've obtained documents from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff Department's 1993 investigation into allegations of child molestation. Kristina Fournier told deputies back then ... she saw syringes while she was employed at Neverland. Deputies asked her if she ever saw Jackson inject himself with a hypodermic needle -- she said no.

Fournier told deputies she was aware Jackson was under the influence of drugs and "under a doctor's care." Fournier said she saw doctors "come and go" at Neverland.

And Fournier said, on the subject of Jackson's drug addiction, "I think he had good periods and bad periods, and when he had a bad period, he had a bad period. Then he would get off (referring to drugs) and then it would start again."

Fournier said it was "well-known" among the Neverland staff that Jackson had a drug problem -- "Yes, and people would say, his eyes were rolling in the back of his head and he wouldn't know what he was talking about."

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RIP MJ !!!!!!!!

1929 days ago


people need to have and show some restraint and respect. MJ was a beautiful person. With or without the strange behaivor he was a human being first. M.J. did more in his life of 50yrs for other people than all of you people bashing him put together. I don't know any of you personally but- w/ the outrageous and dumb remarks that I'm reading; you can't be doing too much positive for anyone. Even if you didn't care for the man why do you feel it to be necessary to even comment w/ something so hateful about him? God hears every word you speak. You are held accountable for what you speak against another. Whatever you feel about his child molestation charges you are not his judge or jury. God is. Let him worry about MJ now. You need to take MJ's advice and look at yourself in the mirror and be honest about the changes you need to make; to become a better human being.God knows we have enough negative and mean people in this world.The more you focus on that then the more peace you give back to the world. Were you even listening to his music, or were you just waiting to find a flaw beacuse you are hateful and jealous. If any of you could take his place or be apart of the action you would have left your families and went for it and you know. Wishing you were brilliant enough to have so much $$ and have the entire world love you. or even know your name for that matter. When your judgement day come oooooooooooh let me tell you. The Lord is going to have the last laugh w/ you- you know who you are. So enjoy your ridicule on others because you will vanish from here I promise you.

My heart goes out to the entire Jackson family. I will always love Michael and I know he is dancing for the Lord and continuing his mission on saving this beautiful world w/ these lost souls.

1929 days ago


I can see by YOUR post that you must like to give it to your kid in da butt.

1926 days ago


We wouldn't want you at the hospital I work for. We need to protect the patients who are young from pathetic people like you, who think child molestation is a good thing.

1926 days ago


I just dont understand how these people can come out of the wood works ......saying this or that about him....and no one stopped to think he was a Human Being in need of help yet they just kept quiet in efforts to feed off his money.

1926 days ago


Notice it is always the hired then fired help that suddenly appear to have known everything that happened yet did NOTHING to help. Eyes rolling back in his head?.... never heard of that symptom..... such a weird fabrication.

1870 days ago
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