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Jackson's Maid -- He Binged On Drugs

7/14/2009 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonOne of Michael Jackson's former housekeepers told law enforcement the singer was often in such bad shape from drugs, his eyes would roll back in his head.

We've obtained documents from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff Department's 1993 investigation into allegations of child molestation. Kristina Fournier told deputies back then ... she saw syringes while she was employed at Neverland. Deputies asked her if she ever saw Jackson inject himself with a hypodermic needle -- she said no.

Fournier told deputies she was aware Jackson was under the influence of drugs and "under a doctor's care." Fournier said she saw doctors "come and go" at Neverland.

And Fournier said, on the subject of Jackson's drug addiction, "I think he had good periods and bad periods, and when he had a bad period, he had a bad period. Then he would get off (referring to drugs) and then it would start again."

Fournier said it was "well-known" among the Neverland staff that Jackson had a drug problem -- "Yes, and people would say, his eyes were rolling in the back of his head and he wouldn't know what he was talking about."

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I find it halarious/entertaining that people come on this web site that belongs to TMZ and tell them to stop posting stuff on MJ but some posters come to scream at others, If you dont like what is posted on TMZ why come here?

1892 days ago


If the 1993 investigation turned up so much evidence of prescription drug abuse, why did the police not pursue the case then? Or at the 2005 trial when additional abuse evidence surfaced? If the police had done their job, perhaps MJ would be alive today. Apparently he refused help from friends and family but he wouldn't have been able to "refuse" the police!

1892 days ago


Everyone knows Joe Jackson is a used car salesman riding the coat tails of his now dead son....nothing more...

I wounder how he pays his bills....

1892 days ago


MJ hasn't done anything for 15 years because of drugs (and other strange sleeping with boys).
I hope the real stories come out from the boys he set the story straight...

His mind was so could he do anything...

1892 days ago

Australian Mum    

For a guy whom was presumably so addicted to drugs, he sure put on a good act on stage!!
Everyone involved in this MURDER should be given life and not just because it was Michael jackson, but because it was plain and simple MURDER!

1892 days ago


I would want to be bogger headed from drugs too if I looked like Michael Jackson and had little triangles for nostrils. Wonder what that freak thought when he looked in the mirror?

1892 days ago


Wonder what his brain is doing right now?

1892 days ago


OK, TMZ, that enough. I agree with Bla....This stuff that you are digging up was from 1993. But you are creating the headlines of the story as if the interview with the maid just happended. I am sure that its a lot of information from the interviews. What are you going to do, post a story from those 1993/2003, etc...files everyday? Its getting old and annoying. I love Miohael Jackson and like millions of others, I am very big fan.

So he may have had an addiction, where he took precriptions in excess and most likely the folks around him allowed him to do so - because he was MJ/money. While those things may/may not be true, you still cannot deny the fact that he was an awesome entertainer. His music lives on.

So TMZ/Mr. Levin, while I do like the fact that you get the news first....stop digging up the old crap. If you still want to dig up old crap, go investigate Elvis Presley, Marvin Gaye, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, Billy Mays, Natalie Wood, Pamela Anderson, etc........and trust me, I am not being cruel, but I am saying that other people have passed away. I know that their lives were not perfect either, stop trying to sell news.....let MJ rest in peace and please give his minor children some respect.

Again, readers out there, I am sure that we can all think of some celebrities that have died, some mysteriously, some tragic, some natural causes and if you look deep enough, they have and we all have some secrets, issues, addictions, phobias, paranoias in the closet, out the closet, in the backyard whatever.....He that is without sin, CAST THE FIRST STONE!!!!!.....

1892 days ago


His brain is hooked up to a Deprivan wants to sleep...

1892 days ago


sadly all the rich and famous have employees sign confidentiality agreements that if they ever speak about what they see/hear in the home they will be sued for huge amounts of money that they don't have
and they won't be employed again at that level

so now upon his death they feel free to speak finally

have you ever wondered why you don't hear from Madonna's nannies-or the Pitt/Jolie nannies
or maybe Howard Stern's housekeepers or Oprah's chef or Hugh Hefner's chaufer etc.
why they don't write tell all books?

staff in the homes of the rich and famous know better once they sign on the dotted line that they will be sued

remember after Princess Diana died her butler wrote a book-so maybe death releases them from the contract-not sure

any lawyers out there to give the 411 on this so everyone will stop saying staff should have talked earlier than this

Jackson's friends & family didn't sign any agreement-so they were more a part of his cover-up of what he was doing....

not the paid employees

1892 days ago


you can once again thank Joseph Jackson for all of this.. and his mom who stood by and let it happen...

1892 days ago


was a great musician and a great dancer too, filled my childhood magic...from Madrid, thanks, you're always in my heart
Rakel, Madrid, Spain

1892 days ago

marie costello    

i think all this media, and to any one else out there that was blessed to know michael. PLEASE STOP trying to cash in on stories ,interviews, books whatever!!!! think of those three beautiful children who don't know their destiny. with my prayers they will stay with Katherine Jackson and the Nanny that they grew up with. whatever michael did he always made sure the children were well taken of. so for the rest of you people trying to make the almighty dollar on jackson's life again think of the children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1892 days ago

Deshara Thompson    

Michael Jackson may have gone through stress down thru the years,but that wont leed him to commit suicide.
He was taking care of three of his children that he loved soo much.
I have my suspisions that Michael's doctors have something to do with his death by medication over dose.
I would also say that all the medications that he took wasn't in his name and that some belong to others. Soooo sad.
Michael was feeling great during the time of his rehearsal to go to London with nooooo complaints at all.Not even a chest pain.
And that was only a few days before his death.
If that was the case.... I hope the doctor or doctors would be charge with Michael's murder.

Deshara Thompson

1892 days ago

Total Package    

If you don't like TMZ doing stories on Michael Jackson here is an idea... STOP READING THEM.

They are posting it because they know they will get a reaction from the paedophile sympathisers out there who will turn a blind eye to his child abusing ways just because they grew up idolising him.

PIss off the website if you don't want to read about it.

1892 days ago
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