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Rowe Has a Cow -- Cops Called

7/14/2009 7:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops came a callin' to Debbie Rowe's horse ranch in Palmdale, CA yesterday when two photographers were cuffed after Michael Jackson's surrogate called the cops.

Debbie Rowe: Click to watch
One of the photogs was busted for not having a driver's license -- the other for riding on top of the first guy's car while it was moving.


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Well TMZ I guess you did not hear the scoop from Barbra Walters on the view that Debbie Rowe got paid $4million dollars to stay away from the kids. Look at that and you all call her a damn mother. She is nothing but a star struck B*tch who is cashing in as usual on Michael's fame. He made a mistake as did his mother in letting her have his kids. I'm sure he regretted it, the day she began opening her big fat cheeks about him to the public talking about she is defending him. PLEASE ... like the rest of his entourage, she is a blood sucker, no more sympathy for this B*TCH! I always knew she was in it for the money despite public sympathy.

1935 days ago


She called the police because they didnt bring her any food.

1935 days ago


Good for her.She handled it perfectly.Get rid of all those losers who need to get a life.It is a wasted of time to even bother her.She is not a real celebrity.Another in a long line of famous for being famous.A trend that so far is becoming the norm.

1935 days ago


WHY oh WHY are there morons on EVERY comment page who post "FIRST" ... most of the time, they AREN'T. and just look like idiots.. just a stupid waste of space... especially the doofus above who managed to get in at #16... my pet peeve of the week...

1935 days ago


She called the Copperatziz

1935 days ago



1935 days ago

JoJo Dancer    

Sorry Melody. As a black man I love my beautiful chocalate sisters. Honestly, I think people can be with whomever they fall in love with. That said, I love my thick, juicy lipped, curvaceous sisters. As far as Debbie is concerned, I think she is just a horrible person. No need to discuss her race in this. She's just a horrible mother in general. She keeps putting a price on her kids head.

1935 days ago


Glad these photos were arrested, the ones filming the arrest ought to be also. Harrassing people by creeping around their property is the lowest of professions.
No point in leaving any words of logic here tho as this seems, with a few logical exceptions, just a repository for those who cannot spell, cannot reason, and have lots of anger to try and unload, setting up user names they must feel are comical, and having an opinion of how excellent are their instincts that they read ear sizes, eye 'expressions', and other things they "KNOW" to be correct about people they don't know from Adam's house cat.
Waste of time.
Michael Jackson, rest in peace.

1935 days ago

Tony from Chicago    

I bet ya any money dat da photog used a wide angle lens! Dis broad is gettin on my nerves and I may send Big Paulie to have a little talk wit her! Lay off da pasta Deb!

1935 days ago

that's all    

What on earth would this FAT, ugly, bloated, thin-lipped cow do for money if she hadn't been able to rent out her womb? Does she have ANY other talents? Can white women make $$ in any position other than on their backs?

Hell, yeah white women make money on their backs instead of giving it away for free and spitting out kids for welfare money. I bet I have to pay for kids you don't support, garboon!

1935 days ago

JoJo Dancer    

I'm sure that Michael Jackson is rolling over in the basement of Forest Lawn about all the racist statements attached to story about him. He was all about bringing people together. It's sad that his death has been all about a money grab and racial barbs.

1935 days ago


# 17 You are so dumb he covered the heads so they the (children) wouldn't be hounded by people like you. So they could have a normal life like go to a McDonald's, are a mall, are Disneyland without being hounded by papparrizzi. Now there doing it to Halle Barry and her baby everywhere she goes lights flashing, helicopers flying.

1935 days ago


It's a little surprising how all these black people are defending Michael Jackson when in fact, he did everything he could to be white. He even bought white kids. Aren't they even a little upset that he didn't want to be black???

1935 days ago


Amazing the black people standing up for Michael Jackson. At the end he was a white Asian woman. Why don't you defend white Asian women? Hmmm??? As far as Rowe leave her alone. Whatever her past is she is a private citizen and it only shows the paparazzi to be the no class morons that they are.

1935 days ago


Well I just heard she did it again... the B***h sold her kids again. She is the most worthless piece of garbage I have even heard of in my life. Money does not buy happiness & I hope she remains miserable for all her life!! God bless those kids & I know the Jacksons really love them & will take good care of them.

1935 days ago
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