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Rowe Has a Cow -- Cops Called

7/14/2009 7:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops came a callin' to Debbie Rowe's horse ranch in Palmdale, CA yesterday when two photographers were cuffed after Michael Jackson's surrogate called the cops.

Debbie Rowe: Click to watch
One of the photogs was busted for not having a driver's license -- the other for riding on top of the first guy's car while it was moving.


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She's waving to acknowledge their presence. (and "just wait n see" what happens). She was on the phone, probably calling cops. Great video getting these guys arrested. Funny that one of the photogs didn't want HIS pic taken! HA! That's comedy.

1928 days ago


it always makes me so happy to see these idiots in cuffs. Oh Happy day..

1928 days ago


A few more sleezebags cuffed!! way to go!!


1928 days ago

that's all    

I dunno know why anyone would want to take that heifer's picture.

1928 days ago

pink wig    

debbie rowe is a feral creature stop takin her ugly ass picture if u going to go white
do it right that thing is hideous, the kids are beautiful must have been a good lookin
sperm donor debbies jaw eats her face mj and her never had sex im sure arnold
frankenstein tapped it he reminds me of larry flynt Go away debbie leave the kids alone
if a judge gives her the kids those kids will be messed up imagine if they get out of line
that filthy language she uses whoa i memba her on et talking about those kids
like they were animals she is a white trash nobody

1928 days ago


It really is about time someone just started punching these stupid paparazzi until they don't get up anymore.

1928 days ago


If she didn't want the press around why was she waving? She is soooooooooooooooo disgusting. I know that Michael chose her to have those kids and she caught him when he was most vunerable---getting divorced from Lisa Marie.
What if those kids are hers and Kleins-----hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. She knew how badly he wanted children and she was right there with her claws telling him she would have the children. It's a good thing what she did but he's still paying for her. She's still wanting spousal support, how do you get that from a dead ex-spouse? Never heard of such a thing. I thought he quit paying her awhile back, how long was this spousal support supposed to go on?
She said she doesn't want MJ's money, noooooooo she just wants the kids money--they are worth more than a measly settlement. I'm sure she has a figure in mind when she meets with Katherine. She will make sure she doesn't go away empty handed. Too bad MIchael didn't see the type of person she really was before he decided he wanted her to be the surrogate.
She definitely does not fit into the Hollywood style. She's obese, doesn't care how she looks, etc.

1928 days ago


Debbie Rowe is trash. This woman dont give a rats ass about those children, She has managed f to live her life without them happily, tending to her horses. If there is any concern on her part now, its not about the kids, its about money. This woman has zero desire to raise kids, but dangle that carrot in front of her, and she will pretend she cares.

This nasty looking cow should leave these children alone, they dont know her, and quite frankly I dont think they would want to know her. She looks like she could benefit from anger management classes, as well as have someone teach her about personal hygiene. Bet she reeks of horse chit

1928 days ago


More celeb's need to call the cops on the crazy photographers-Good For Her!!!

1928 days ago

Fools Rush In    

Hey, at least Debbie deals with it all and gets the job done. More than we can say for the Jacksons.

1928 days ago

I Love Joe    

This nasty, fat cow just wants attention again. I believe the bitch got paid again for the kids. They are claiming it's a rumor but I don't believe that. And for her having a cow. LOL!! She is a cow. Damn bitch, you look like you have gotten even bigger. Stop eating all that fatty, greasy food already. You could benefit from a good colon cleanse as well as a gastric bypass like someone else on here mentioned. Are you sure you're not carrying a cow in your womb now? You must didnt' lose the baby weight after you had the kids. Like someone else mentioned on here, TMZ need not waste their time taking pics of livestock animals. Use your lenses on something useful.

1927 days ago

I Love Joe    

Oh my gosh!!!! I didnt' realize how big she is. She didn't look that big when she was coming out of that restaurant the day she went ballistic on the Paps. They must have been viewing her from a different angle. What in hell do you eat lady? How about eating a salad once in a while or something. Not McDonalds. What size bra do you wear? How did you find jeans that big to fit your ass? I bet if you farted today, it wouldn't come out until next week. You look like you stink too. No wonder Michael picked you as a surrogate mom. He has better taste than that.

And to the person saying that Debbie is classier than the Jacksons, LOL! I'd like to know where. Joe Jackson looks alot better than she does and he can definitely dress and keep himself up. He's a really nice, sweet guy. He was also commenting on how nasty Debbie looks. It's a shame when a man in his eighties looks better than a women in her fifties.

1927 days ago

I Love Joe    

And one more thing. Please don't ever take pics from the sideway again. YUCK!!! Did they have to use a wide lense camera?

1927 days ago
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