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Tony Romo -- Living Single?

7/14/2009 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Word on the street is Tony Romo dumped Jessica Simpson the night before her "Barbie & Ken" themed birthday party last weekend -- and it didn't take the Cowboy long to have his first guy's night out.

Tony Romo: Click to watch
Romo hit up the Steel Panther show at the Key Club in Hollywood last night with his mantourage -- who tried blocking the dude from every question we threw at him.

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She already has problems keeping her weight reigned in. Just wait till she has a couple of kids. Bitch will be 5ft wide.

Tony can easily find someone thinner and younger if and when he gets good and ready to marry and father children.

1929 days ago


WHY is she so desperate to get married and put up with the moods of some jerk???
You know they all relax and stop being attentive once they have you.

She's rich and could stay single forever. That way, if a guy starts treating her badly she can kick his assss out.
It's a lot easier to walk out of a relationship than a marriage.
That's what emotionally and financially independent women do these days.

1929 days ago


10. Marco - it's reap what you SOW - sew means to stitch (as in "sew" the clothing)

Posted at 10:14AM on Jul 14th 2009 by just sayin


Do you feel better now that you have corrected someone? Being an anal hun must be fun.You probably stand in line at the mall telling small children waiting to see Santa he is fake, too. Lighten up, control freak. Your obsessive compulsive disorder is showing again....

1929 days ago


One thing for sure. Tony isn't as dumb as he looks. He nailed her and when he got tired of her whining and clinging he moved on.

1929 days ago


This is just another "boo hoo for jessica" stunt to get publicity and attention for her new crappy tv show. Ignore them!!!!!!!

1929 days ago


Thank God! Can't stand the "Simpsons" - Maybe we can see some football again this year in Dallas. Way ta go, Tony! A "Ken/Barbie" party? No way.

1929 days ago


No one knows for sure why, and the birthday sounded like something that was too much presure, like a wedding. Could be she was wanting an engagement ring for birthday. Also, to some 29 is still thought of as 'the end of life', and she couldnt deal and cried begging for a ring, God knows.

And calling him "homo" or "gay" is juvinile, as if you'd know what a true gay person is. Calling a man 'gay' just means that you are too stupid to think of something truly critical to say.

1929 days ago

Chuck D    

It'll be even more of a pleasure to see the Cowboys dump this guy...probably this season. If not this season, it will be soon. he is an underperforming jerk with no class. What a moron.

1929 days ago


I never understood why any man would be attracted to her. On her and Nicks show, she constantly talked about her body functions and Nick said more than once she had really bad breath. Any woman that announces to the room she is off to "drop the kids off at the pool" is a disgusting pig.

1929 days ago


"Jesica bought Tony a $100,000 boat in order to keep him" A $100,000 boat really isn't a particularly impressive boat.

1929 days ago


Looks like the Simpsons are posting and duming on Romo for dumping fatasss reject jessica.
Smartest thing Romo has done lately.

1929 days ago


Pro-athletes are the most useless creatures on earth. And football is a stupid waste of time. Football obsessives need to get a life. Not only is it a stupid game, but you're not even playing. Grow up and stop being such losers.

This Romo guy is dumb dumb dumb like the typical overpaid athlete. He's not even good looking. At least the occasional good looking one has that to offer. And a grown man who's so worried about what his equally dumb buddies think is pathetic and a little baby.

Seriously, this pro-athlete thing is so lame and borrring.

1929 days ago


All those talking smack about her Ken and Barbie party are probably in their dying years, senior citizens. Stop generalizing people by age, and let them do what they want. She's a gorgeous young lady, and if I was in my 20s or 30s, I would go out with a bang. You people need to stop being so spiteful, sit back and look at yourselves. The reason you are here bashing people is because your lives are sad and miserable. Perhaps you should live a little, and have a Ken and Barbie party yourselves. You people are sad. As far as Romo, I think the guy looks like a possum. Good luck to her, he's getting older, his career will be over soon enough.

1929 days ago


Ken and Barbie party? WTF is wrong with her, besides being a fat ass heifer and a crappy singer that forgets the words? She reminds me of Mikey Jackson, not wanting to grow up, taking a fantasy personality as your own. Barbie? What's next? Is she gonna build a "Dream House" and get a pink corvette?!

1929 days ago


There is nothing wrong with a woman staying girlish and sweet forever. So what if Jessica wants to be a Barbie.

That's much preferred by most men over a woman "growing up" and becoming a bossy and bitter old shrew - like most of the bitches posting here and heaping scorn on any girl/woman who is cute, tender, and rich.

1929 days ago
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