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Tony Romo -- Living Single?

7/14/2009 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Word on the street is Tony Romo dumped Jessica Simpson the night before her "Barbie & Ken" themed birthday party last weekend -- and it didn't take the Cowboy long to have his first guy's night out.

Tony Romo: Click to watch
Romo hit up the Steel Panther show at the Key Club in Hollywood last night with his mantourage -- who tried blocking the dude from every question we threw at him.

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Good. Now maybe Romo can get his head out from under the sheets and back into winning football games. Go Cowboys!

1929 days ago


OMG! this guy is so full of himself! and why?? He is so FUGLY! she is better off without this loser....

1929 days ago


Word on the street is he left her for Bobby Carpenter.

1929 days ago


What a dud, why isn't he working out - trying to be all holleywood.......

1929 days ago


Guess he just didn't want the hassle of buying her a gift. I'm no fan of Jessica but right before she turned 29! That's cold Romo!

1929 days ago


The night BEFORE her birthday? Double whammy; hurt from the break-up and devastation that someone she loved could do THAT (night before her birthday) too. THIS GUY IS A MAJOR LOSER and should be black-balled on women's men of interest list. Real insensitive chump.....may you reap what you sew.

1929 days ago


NIck and Vanessa split, tony breaks up with Jessica do I smell newlyweds part 2?

1929 days ago


Only cruel and inhuman men and women dump anyone around important dates or holidays. While I like Jessica Simpson, it is time for her to find a new manager, personal stylist, and wardrobe consultant. That striped dress she wore to the recent golf tournament with him (photographed with Tiger Woods) was totally inappropriate and made her appear as a hooker. His own career can no longer sustain tabloid exploitation!!!! It's time for someone to tell Jessica the truth and not what she wants to hear...maybe Nick Lachey will reenter her life, they can go into relationship counseling and then have beautiful babies together.

1929 days ago


Marco - it's reap what you SOW - sew means to stitch (as in "sew" the clothing)

1928 days ago

Michael Madsen    

this one is simple...this guy's worthless. if i were an nfl team he wouldn't be hired to sell peni...peanuts.

1928 days ago


What is with the Simpson women? Ashley has an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding, and Jessica at 29 is having a Barbie and Ken themed b/party. Let me see, she was suppose to be Barbie and Romo would be Ken. I'd break up with her too. We all know Ken was gay. (My Barbies dated G.I. Joe~ and with the don't ask don't tell policy I felt pretty good he was straight). Anyhow, As I said, it has long been suspect Ken was gay as he never put a ring on it....Romo has already been labeled HomoRomo, you couldn't ask the guy to reinforce fan speculation.... ;- )

1928 days ago


I'm sorry, but any woman who plans a "Ken and Barbie" birthday party is asking for it. Tony probably gets enough flack in the locker room as it is....he's never live that one down!!

1928 days ago


Maybe now that Nick & Jessica are not really famous anymore & both have grown-up, maybe they will give it another chance w/o all the media. They did make a cute couple. I think they should talk....but she should also do something with that hair!

1928 days ago


I don't blame Tony for bailing - even if it WAS the day before her birthday! Any self-respecting guy would have dumped Jessica. She is whiny, clingy and way too high-maintenance. And let's face it, she has the IQ of a brick. A "Barbie-Ken" birthday party? At 29 years old??? She tweeted that she was "sleeping with her mommy" after the breakup! Jessica needs to freakin GROW UP and ACT LIKE AN ADULT. Sure, she can be hot. But she definitely demonstrated that she has the potential to be a future Jenny Craig spokesperson, too and I'm sure that once she gets some sucker to say "I do", she will swell up like the Goodyear blimp! Good move Tony.

1928 days ago


I can't believe this guy dumped her a day before her birthday-what a pig! I don't care for Jessica because she wears too many dead animals and the dumb blonde act is really old, but I actually feel bad for her now.

1928 days ago
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