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Jacko's Kids: Let Us Pray

7/15/2009 3:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A week after speaking at her father's memorial, Paris Jackson (left) with older brother Michael Jr. (right) were spotted entering a Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall on Tuesday.



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Poor kids. I know some JW and it is a sick religion. I was told by an ex-member that they search the new papers for deaths of older people that have no one and then zoom in on them to get there money. Is that Blanket? Did they cut his hair?

1924 days ago


I think it is wonderful that they are seeking comfort from God. He alone can heal their hurts.

1924 days ago


#13 I totally agree with you. Those kids need a "normal" life. Not with the Jackson or with Rowe.

1924 days ago


It would seem that these children will most likely end up like Micheal ,their father. Afraid to grow up running from the cameras, feeling trapped,unable to do business properly. If they do not get a few months of privacy the mental illness will set in, and there will be no postive end results for these children. How could there be a normal life for them?

1924 days ago


I guess it would be the ulimate to get their hands on Michael Jackson's fortune!!!!!!!!!

1924 days ago

Lillian Gorham    

TMZ, PLEASE don't do this. We do not want to see his children harassed. Please let them live. This is so wrong.

1924 days ago


OH my God, poor kids! their dad distanced himself from the jehovah's witness religion which bans celebrations like birthdays and christmas..etc so now the poor kids will go through the same exact troubles he went through as a kid. I think child services should step in NOW. Katherine has to put her beliefs aside and educate them the way her son did! otherwise, its time to put them in foster care with a loving family. debbie wants money, Katherine will wreck their life...I hope that the justice system steps UP.

1924 days ago


Somebody needs to take responsibility for MJs Kids, so if you are not happy with kates choice on relligion just back off. The kids will get to choose when they are grown up enough.

1924 days ago


@ARtie And Catholics aren't allowed to use birth control, so they are forced to have many children. Isn't that oppressive as well?

Don't know any JWs, but I don't think they are any worse than any other organized Christian religion.

1924 days ago


Every loving parent does what they think is BEST for their kids and
Katherine is doing that now for those kids. Michael Jackson knew that
his mom was one of Jehovah's witness and if he did not want them
involved with that then he would of had someone else care for them.
She is doing there right thing for them. At least they will have some

1924 days ago


I hope these kids are ok. I do think they will form their own opinions when they get older, as Michael did they can sever ties with the church if they choose to. I was raised Catholic, and I certainly gave that religion the boot as soon as I learned better. haha, so just because they are in that religion now, doesn't mean that things willstay that way. Perhaps, some structure, and some basic teaching of right and wrong may not do them any harm. While I don't believe in most religions, I do believe they were put into place to give man-kind a basic understanding of "right and wrong." Some people need that in order to live a good life. I don't think the church can harm them, I think the harm would come from Katherine and Joe.

1924 days ago


Going to church will not hurt these kids. Katherine, is probably one of the few Jacksons who has stayed the same throughout the years. The one thing she has held onto has been her faith. Quit making this out to be a bad thing.

AND, TMZ shame on you for taking these pictures. Leave those kids alone.

1924 days ago


Leave his children alone! Have some respect!!! Let those children mourn their father. TMZ you guys are jerks for doing this segment.

1924 days ago


I know these poor kids can't wait until they're adults so they can pick and choose their own religion. Does'nt whoever is raising them now (Katherine) realize the religion "thingy" is part of what happened to Michael.

Also, as far as Michael being buried, you would think that the jacksons have some sort of family plot ..... Sadly though, I think Michael stopped a long time ago being a practicing Jahovah's witness .... if it's found that the Jackson's have a family plot he won't or can't be burried there because he was forced out or turned away from the faith.

I have a few associates who are practicing Jahovah's witnesses and any time they mess up so to speak, they're forced out of the religion until the elders of the religion meet and accept them back in. Hard to beleive but it's the honest truth.

1924 days ago


18. I think it's a pretty fragile time in their lives to start shoving any specific religion down their throats. I think this further illustrates how out of whack this family is. If I had my way, these kids would go live with an anonymous, normal family somewhere in middle America willing to adopt three children in need. They can visit Grandma at Christmas and in the summer like millions of other normal children do.

Posted at 11:24AM on Jul 15th 2009 by lostinlalaland

Yes and become the little snot nosed brats that are being reared in America now is much more preferred than children who try to be good stewards of society. I would much rather they be raised playing video games, texting and become girls gone wild video wannabes. THAT is a much better path.

1924 days ago
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