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Jacko's Kids: Let Us Pray

7/15/2009 3:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A week after speaking at her father's memorial, Paris Jackson (left) with older brother Michael Jr. (right) were spotted entering a Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall on Tuesday.



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So you torture the kids now as well? Leave these kids alone, they have been thru enough already. This IS NOT news its called stalking.

1924 days ago


I understand some of the feelings regarding "most" organized religion. But as one of Jehovah's Witnesses I can tell you that our beliefs is what the Bible teaches; not what is convenient, cool, or someone's opinion. But what our creator, Jehovah God has stated, and recorded FOR OUR BENEFIT.
In regards to Michael, he knew his mothers beliefs, she has been one of Jehovah's Witnesses for a long time. He knew what he was doing. It will give him a chance of seeing his kids again, in paradise, on earth. Michael once stated he wanted to live forever, he has the opportunity. We all do. Ask one of Jehovah's Witnesses what the Bible teaches. Don't take someone's word for it. Most misconceptions come from people who do not know what they are talking about. So ask one of Jehovah's Witnesses - and ask them to show you from the Bible.!

1924 days ago

deez s    

I read too Michael left that religion well the kids should chose what religion they want not be forced to follow Jehovah witness if they dont want too

1924 days ago


being a witness is great it'snot a cult get facts righ I am witness you suck don't speak about things you don't know about

1924 days ago


ramond,everything what you say is a sweepings of lies. for those who know the Jehovah witnesses is a religion that helps the people, and is not as ramond says. I am sure that these children will receive the aid and strength that need. That I guided them to Jehovah and blesses at any moment.

1924 days ago

Jennifer W.    

Can you please stop referring to Michael as Jacko? Out of respect to him please do not call him that. He expressed how much he hated being called that and I think it would be nice to allow him some honor and dignity for a change. It's doesn't take that many more letters to at least write out 'Jackson' or even MJ.

1924 days ago


oh boy! what a fun cult to belong too. RUN WHILE YOU CAN!

1924 days ago


TMZ, you're doing a great job of keeping us informed of all the latest developments about MJ. You're the only site that is accurate on all the news. Keep up the good work and people if you don't agree, then log on somewhere else and keep your rude comments to yourself.

1924 days ago


Since Jehovah Witness's are going to hell for their beliefs - this is just necessary to ensure that Michael Jackson and his purchased kids are together in the afterlife.

Also, why is Katherine Jackson RAISING 5 other grandchildren in her home, why are their PARENTS not raising them in their home. That makes 8 children living in the home. This family has major functionality issues and needs serious help. And then there is LaToya, what a wack job this plastic whore is, all about HER. And for all of you who think Janet is there involved, NOT. She returned to Atlanta and is working on a film.

1924 days ago


Oh great!! If these poor children didn't have enough to deal with, now that have to sit around and listen to that crap! Michael was even a Jehovah anymore. Great move, Katherine.

1924 days ago

Auntee Rach Rach    

TMZ u guys r such Swagger Jackers..........dang...........using my Idiom........."Let us Pray"...................why not publish the article I sent from "Anesthesiologist News".......about Propofol abuse...........I think it will give people a better understanding of Anesthesia Addiction............which affects Doctors, Nurses, OR Techs, Anesthesiologists and a lot of professional folks closely related to Operating Room environments...........................the article is very informative .........................I know it's long.................... but was written in 2007 and it is said that this form of addiction is known more so with persons dealing in surgical room settings on a day to day basis............ as MJ had surgical procedures done about every 6- 8 weeks per one Dr. he to inadvertedly became addicted/ so many OR professionals........Addiction is a disease just like alcoholism...................I hope MJ's children are mentally mature enough to see through the media BS................saying so many horrible things about their Father....even more so now........and it is only gonna get crazier...........all in the name of money............keep in mind these people who were close t MJ are getting paid to do interviews and will say damn near anything so they can "shine". and get paid...............remember kids.....they lied on Jesus Christ...........Yeah TMZ good idea to swagga jack my lil idiom.........."Let us Pray"

1924 days ago


Unless it is some kind of informal JW meeting that they have out there, they must not attend often, because most JW's wear dresses and suits (not jeans) to their meetings. You can't tell me that the girl doesn't have a dress. I was raised as one, so I know their rules.

Also, I don't understand people's concerns about those poor kids that don't get to celebrate birthdays or Christmas. I never did, either, but my parents had a special family day occasionally that was a surprise and we would spend family time and get a bunch of gifts. I like it better because it was a surprise. No expectations.

It is a very restrictive religion, but it might keep those kids out of trouble.

1924 days ago


Who cares what kind of church they go to? I'm sure these children were not forced to go to church! Maybe this will give them some "normal" hang out with other children their ages. And maybe they will start to go to a real school too. Private I'm sure. My only request to the media, PLEASE let these children have some privacy. Don't let them live life in a Fish bowl like their father was forced to do when he was a child

1924 days ago


OMG. Those kids are so adorable. TMZ leave them alone. They have been thru enough already. May Jah be with them and god bless them financially

1924 days ago


I read TMZ all the time, and get a kick out of celebrities and crazy lives. But can you please stop calling him” Jacko”. It really is not nice or sensitive (neither is TMZ at times). He died and so should that name. For any child, at any age that is tough situation to go through and in the public. Regardless of his religious choices, or that of his family members and children, calling him Jacko is just not right. They did not do anything, why continue to hurt them with calling their dad hurtful names. They have the right to explore their reglious options as well as any other person on this earth.

1924 days ago
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