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Jacko's Kids: Let Us Pray

7/15/2009 3:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A week after speaking at her father's memorial, Paris Jackson (left) with older brother Michael Jr. (right) were spotted entering a Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall on Tuesday.



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Paulie Wants a Cracker    

Jehovah Witness people scare me, I wouldn't expect anything less from a wacked out family like this but it's a step above Scientology at least. Cute kids though, just wish someone else would raise them besides Kathryn and Joe. Isn't anyone looking into child services about keeping Joe Jackson away from the kids?
.......and why is Jermaine Jackson blasting himself on tv? He doesn't speak well, speaks uncertain about his words, he tried to sell a book on Michael Jackson years ago that was saying bad things about Michael. Jermaine Jackson is an oportunist in the worse way. He hopes to be famous again and has always resented Michaels fame. Michael didn't like Jermaine anymore. Go away Jermaine Jackson, wash your hair, retire and take your daddy with you. Jermaine is a gross greasy old man....has been.

1896 days ago


Please leave the kids alone. Jackson is fair game as a celebrity, and I have been reading your stories about the death investigation with interest. But I think it is inappropriate to publish paparazzi photos of the kids.

1896 days ago


16. I think it's a pretty fragile time in their lives to start shoving any specific religion down their throats. I think this further illustrates how out of whack this family is. If I had my way, these kids would go live with an anonymous, normal family somewhere in middle America willing to adopt three children in need. They can visit Grandma at Christmas
and in the summer like millions of other normal children do.

Posted at 11:24AM on Jul 15th 2009 by lostinlalaland
Unfortunately, Christmas with grandma would suck pretty bad too. Jehovah's Witnesses don't celebrate Christmas. It's considered to be a pagan, as are all the other holidays, including birthdays.

1896 days ago


To the person who stated that JW's don't get help for things such as appendicitis, sorry your wrong. The only medical intervention that JW's do not agree with is Blood Transfusion. This is very life threatening. My mother-in-law, a JW died because of this belief. She had a disected aorta and the day spent finding a surgeon who would do a bloodless operation caused her death. Though our nephew who had cancer received treatments for 3 yrs. prior to his death. Though I feel that the isolation the children will be under in the Jackson compound surrounded by the control of the JW faith will be detrimental to them. Also having lost their father and having all celebrations (birthdays, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, 4th of July (yes they are not to celebrate our country nor serve in the military), or any celebration honoring anyone or thing other than Jehova are not allowed.

1896 days ago


NOW these kids look so ordinary! What happened to this mysterious look & cover ups Michael always wanted for them to have? Come on Katherine, pay some respect to your son's wishes & put a table cloth over these children's heads immediately!!!!

1896 days ago


Paris does not look happy to be there at all. Just another reminder to people to appoint guardians for their children and make all their wishes clear. People often assume that their loved ones know them and will honor their wishes. For example, Michael made it clear that he hated the way he was raised. He probably assumed that it's common knowledge, and his mother won't do to his children what was done to him. But one you're gone, people do what the want, what they feel is right, regardless of what your wishes were, UNLESS, you make it perfectly clear, signed and sealed with consequences (such as a different guardian filling in) if your wishes are not followed. Just went through a death in the family, so unfortunately I'm familiar with these issues.

1896 days ago


What Debbie Rowe's biological children are about to experience through the introduction of the archaic Jehovah's Witness church which instills fear, panic, doom, and non-celebration of one's life on this planet is absolutely criminal. Neither of Mjs parents are suited to finish raising these innocent children. I supported Debbie Rowe until I heard one attorney say she should have been knocking on the doors of the Court House two weeks ago instead of worrying about her back spousal...where did the rest of the millions go? These children need a Guardian ad Litem for the rest of their years as minor children.

Pray that the mother of the youngest child has figured things out and is proactive (behind closed doors) with an attorney right now to rescue him from this stupid, dysfunctional, and money-hungry family.

As Americans, we need to become proactive in the abolishment of surrogacy and in vitro fertilizations with the exception of one successful birth.

1896 days ago

MJ Misser    

I hope these children find some comfort as to where Michael is now and that he is only asleep in death awaiting resurrection back to life on a beautiful paradise earth. We are Jehovah's Witnesses, Jehovah is god's name for people calling us "Jehovah's", just to clarify.

This makes me so happy to see them learning about the bible and the wonderful future everyone has that the bible and Jesus speak about.

1896 days ago


Please someone weed these kids off this Jehovah stuff asap,is the whole family brought up on this belief,are these the same people michael rented the house from,was michaels Dr death a Jehovah to

1896 days ago



1896 days ago


I AGREE WITH N. 33. Every loving parent does what they think is BEST for their kids and Katherine is doing that now for those kids. Michael Jackson knew that his mom was one of Jehovah's witness and if he did not want them involved with that then he would of had someone else care for them. She is doing there right thing for them. At least that will have some direction in life

1896 days ago


The family is so dysfunctional because they choose to live their lives according to their own desires not that of the Bible. Point in fact it ISN'T a cult you can't get out of because None of the kids are still JW's..rumor is one of the sisters is, but that is beside the point.. they weren't FORCED to be ones. They chose not to, and therefore they have problems they wouldn't of otherwise had they chose to live a life in accordance with bible principles... Is anyone stopping to think MAYBE the reason there are so many problems is the price of fame... Most child stars have these problems...

1896 days ago

Tulip from JerusalemIsrael    

Wasn't MJ a muslim since last year? But reached out to Andrae Crouch, just prior to his death. Mj was always speaking about Jesus. I'd rather think Jesus would be his example instead of Muhammed.

Larry King suggested it might be a good idea for him to be buried abroad. He also named Michael "Mickaeel".

1896 days ago



1896 days ago


It is misleading to say that JWs do not charge anything.

While they may not pass a collection plate during meetings, members are pressured to pay - and you know it.

1896 days ago
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