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Madge & Whitney: 2 Divas, 1 Dress

7/15/2009 3:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With only two nations and the English Channel separating them, Madonna (in Milan) & Whitney Houston (in London) both wore the same Dolce & Gabbana dress last night. Hell to the no!


This is probably the closest thing to a duet these two pop icons will ever do together.


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Of course Whitney looks like Dionne Warwick, they are cousins. They originally hail from New Jersey.

1904 days ago


Whitney looks ten times better than MaDIRTY. It's a bad sign when even a crack head looks better in a dress than you.

1904 days ago


Madonna hands down! I cant believe that people are voting for a crack addict. Whitney is winning simply cause she is getting the sympathy vote! Disgusting! Just so that u all know, the dress was tailored for Madonna by D&G, she was waring it at the party that D&G threw for her in Milan in celebration of here Sticky & Sweet tour visiting that city! So there, Whitney is still a crack addict copy cat!

1904 days ago


There Must Be a lot of Black People voting here for Madonna to Only
get 5% .....

Why does Whit look so much Older than Madonna ? maybe the Coke...and of course being around bobby...

Posted at 5:41PM on Jul 15th 2009 by Racist

I don't know why people are making this into a white versus black thing. The dress looks more custom fit on Whitney and her complexion compliments the fabric. Simple.
As far as Madonna looking younger..That is OBVIOUSLY because of a MAJOR face lift. Her face did not look like that 6 months ago!

1904 days ago


Like other young black girls I am sure Whitney was Fu**ing every boy man in town when she was 13

Posted at 8:12PM on Jul 15th 2009 by b

Well, if we are F**king them at 13..I guess the tons of little white girls are taking it in the a** and the mouth! PLEASE! PERSONALLY, I didn't have sex until my early 20's, but being one of few blacks at my school, the white girls did all kinds of freak s**t..anal, even if black girls are doing it white ones needs depends by the time they graduate high school! LOL

1904 days ago


Are you people kidding? I have seen the other photos on the net. Whitney's lack of boobs and ass make with her stick figure fails to Madonna's bodacious body. TMZ isn't showing the full body pics of these ladies.

1904 days ago


How can Whitneys broke ass afford that dress.

1903 days ago

M. Jacques    

Madonna is the Queen Bee.. Madonna has remained beautiful and relevant. Whitney became a druggie and only puts out new music and attempts to pull herself together when she needs to score some more crack, cocaine or whatever drug she's doing at the moment.. LONG LIVE QUEEN MADONNA!

1903 days ago


To: 180
Madonna may have worked her self up by her crotch! But there isn't a person on this earth who would have paid a nickel to see Whitney Crack Head's bush! Whitney does have a voice, Madonna has talent, creativity, charm and she is still very relevant and selling records and braking records and selling out stadiums world wide. What has Ms Whitney been doing for the past decade? Oh thats right NOTHING! Oh no wait, she's been spending her money on crack! and has been irrelevant for quite some time. And if you think that here skin is natural after all the drug use and beat downs by Bobby, then you are more of a crack head then Whitney! From NY to LA Madonna is the Queen! and if you are going to fight me on this one, please make sure you support it with facts! Dont just blurr your mouth off! Or is it that all black ass crack heads stick together?

1903 days ago


And Dino, by your argument, Miley Cyrus must be more talented both Kurt Cobain because he was a known junkie and Ms. Cyrus' albums are selling like crazy right now.

1901 days ago


Dino obviously has a problem with Black people which I find pretty funny since he's defending MaDirty, who has been known to enjoy some black penis from time to time and doesn't seem too eager to adopt any white children. And she doesn't have to buy crack, she can just take one of those cracks off her face and throw it in a pipe.

1901 days ago


The last thing that I want to see in a sentence containing "Madonna" is "sticky and sweet". Gag a Mag!!!

1901 days ago


umm Madonna looks way younger and shes like 10 years Madonna FTW

1900 days ago


Whitney looks like Patti LaBelle, oh yes honey..

1890 days ago
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