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Explosive Pepsi Shoot Video

25 Years Later

7/15/2009 2:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Video from the 1984 Pepsi shoot where Michael Jackson's hair caught fire ... finally released.

The video, obtained by US Magazine, shows exactly what went down when a pyrotechnic mishap ended in Michael's scalp being scorched.

After the accident, Jackson became addicted to painkillers.


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Poor MJ, even he suffered a lot from this, later he donated 1.5million compensation from pepsi to charity. Media always focus on his negative but not positve things.

1903 days ago


Let this man rest in peace.

1903 days ago


the start of the downfall :( i suspect the scarring was white, hence he had to start whitening his skin.
i wish he had never signed up to pepsi.

i miss michael


1903 days ago


To all the people who say that it was MJ's fault for being addicted to pain medication:
you know when I will agree with you?
1) when all the fat people will stop blaming the fast food restaurants for their obesity
2) when all the smokers will stop blaming the tobacco companies
3) when all the poor people will stop blaming the rich for their misfortunes
4) when all the alcoholics will stop blaming the alcohol industry
and I could go on and on about this....

1903 days ago


Oh poor dear.. that looked so painful. For some reason now, I can almost understand this horrendous long addiction MJ had now after seeing this. So sad dear.. just one incident of bad luck to alter someone for the rest of their life. SO sad. RIP MJ!

1903 days ago


I believe that Eminem recreated this accident in one of his videos, so yes there were jokes and put-downs. I also recall MJ saying in an interview that he was particularly hurt by that.

I think his problem was real desastrous PR strategy and absolute lack of common sense.


1903 days ago


I have just finished having a look at the video clip. I am so shocked at the extent of the fire covering his whole head. I do remember being quite upset and worried for MJ at the time it happened. I remember asking my mother who was a nurse at the time, what did second to third degree burns mean. She said it was very bad, so was even more upset, but when MJ appeared a few weeks later, whatever make-up that was used,he looked perfectly fine. However, I can only imagine how much pain he went through. Viewing him on his exit shots, I can see a visible bald patch at the centre middle of his head!!

Poor Michael. It seems one chances a lot of things when you work in the music industry. It is also as if you are left to get on with it, despite full visibility of an entourage whilst in the public eye, there is no-one who is really there to check up on you.

1903 days ago


obsessed with the past much??it is sad that people are interesed in bringing up poor michaels past alot these days and what is worse is they are bringing up the bad times not the great times..

1903 days ago

Las Vegas Greg    

Michael Jackson's death is so tragic, he touched so many children in so many special ways.

dude was a pederast

1903 days ago



1903 days ago


I guess the family could sue Pepsi for Wrongful Death in this case. It was a direct result of the accident that caused MJ's death.

1903 days ago


Well damn, I agree with everyone saying "I think think it was this bad". I doubt anyone here REALLY knew how serious this was for Michael Jackson. Something else we have to take into consideration. The style back then was the Gheri Curl and glycerin (which is flamable) is used in the activator. All this time I had been thinking he got burned but I HAD NO IDEA it was this bad. After something like this I can see how he got hooked. Poor guy....his head was totally on fire.

1903 days ago


God that was horrible to watch. Poor Michael. You could clearly see the bald patch where he was burnt.

1903 days ago

Michael Madsen    

This is nothing... look what Coke did to Belushi.

1903 days ago


I read the headlines of these stories, but I try not to read or post to the comments becuz most of the people are so negative. But this time I had to comment. Can you imagine the pain this must have caused? Can you imagine being a young entertainer and having an injury like this? Michael had to put his vanity aside, he had to regroup, and most importantly, he didn't give up.

Alot of people rag on Michael, but it says alot that he didn't sit around feeling sorry for himself. He didn't give up, he carried on, and he became even bigger. Poor Michael. He had so much adversity in his life. It makes me feel even worse that those people tried to extort money from him in the years AFTER this incident. Yes Michael was innocent, but I know some people don't want to hear it, see it, or believe it...which is exactly why I don't try to change their minds, or make them see the truth...waste of time.

RIP Michael. I miss the hell out of you, but you're better off where you are. You were too good for this evil world.

1903 days ago
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