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Rowe Not Looking for Cash Cow

7/15/2009 3:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe Not Looking for Cash CowSources connected with the custody case involving Michael Jackson's kids tell us all Debbie Rowe wants is assurance that the Jackson family will honor the deal she had with Michael.

Rowe and Jackson struck an agreement in which she was paid a large sum over a period of years. We're told the current negotiations between the parties center on that agreement and whether the Jackson family will continue to honor it. Although the agreement stays in effect after Jackson's death, we're told Rowe wants assurance the family will abide by the terms.

Our sources say the talks between Rowe and the Jackson family do not involve anything beyond what Rowe would receive under the agreement and she will not fight for custody.


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My recommendation    

Michael was surrounded by yes people and everyone seemed to do everything they could to stay in his good graces. He coerced a woman to bear two children for him for god's sake. of course, she is responsible for her actions, but it takes two to tango and michael is the one who set up this whole awful situation with those children being orchestrated and born. Why did he even have them? to take attention off the accusations that always surrounded him?

He made a deal with her for babies. a monetary deal. now she wants the estate to live up to the deal. The whole thing is twisted, but it isn't all her! and i'm sick of the jacksons pretending to be so normal and innocent and loving. come on!

1865 days ago

Me, myself and I    

It blows my mind on how the Jackson children came into world. He "shopped" the egg banks and sperm banks for physical attributes and parental intelligence levels, and natural abilities. These kids were not conceived as an intimate demonstration of love between two people, but were designed by Michael Jackson - as one would design their furnishings in their home. It's sickening and weird. Debbie Rowe was just an incubator for the first two kids, and she should be paid (as per her and MJ's agreement), as any other incubator would be paid. I feel sorry for all of the kids because they have no idea who either of their biological parents are.

1865 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

she saved MJ but nobody can now save TMZ jackson town story after BS story.

1865 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

WE love him to at least his money!.

1865 days ago



Rebecca White, a close friend to the woman, revealed to the syndicated TV show "Extra" several email exchanges and text messages she received from Rowe regarding the custody of Jackson's kids — Michael Jr. 12, and Paris, 11 — just days after the King of Pop's death.

ATTENTION LakersFan1118!! Rebecca White is NOT a close friend to Debbie Rowe, she is a REPORTER!

Exclusive: Debbie Rowe Talks Fame, Regrets Before Michael Jackson's Death
MTV News sent a writer to the home of the late singer's ex-wife in 2008.

By James Montgomery, with reporting by Rebecca White

Story and video

1865 days ago


Yep, all she wants is the cash. How sad :o(

1865 days ago


MTV News sent writer Rebecca White to Rowe's Palmdale, California ranch for an interview in 2008. Rebecca White established an email friendship with Debbie Rowe. MTV never posted the interview until July 13, probably in anticipation of backstabbing snake Rebecca White's tell all July 14. What a piece of work that Rebecca White is! She couldn't wait to betray Debbie Rowe's confidences. Debbie Rowe was right to move away from the phonies in and around Hollywood. The MTV July 13 story and video

1865 days ago


8 Million dollars is chump change to multi-millionaires. MJ was reported to have made a half BILLION $$$ in his career and died over 400 Million $$$ in debt.

Anyhow, that 8 million was a divorce settlement, not an amount paid for the children. Some sick freak started that rumor.

1865 days ago


friend of Michael Jackson’s babymama Debbie Rowe has come forward with revealing e-mails that make it clear that Rowe has no interest in actually getting custody of the two children she had with the King of Pop.
In an interview to air tonight on Extra Debbie Rowe’s friend and confidant, Rebecca White, reveals details from e-mails from Rowe sent days after Michael’s tragic death.
From the start, Rowe made it clear that she did not want custody of the kids. In an email dated July 2, 2009, she writes:
“I’m not going after custody. These kids are not mine. They were never mine. They were always Michael’s. I was Michael’s best friend.”

But then, three days later on July 5, Rowe writes to White:
“My lawyer is telling me I have to take some responsibility about the welfare of the children. Do I want the kids? Hell no. Does it look good for me to ask for them? Absolutely. I don’t want to look like the woman who gave away her kids and just forgot about them. Would Michael want Joe to have them? I think it would be the last thing that he would ever have wanted.”

And one bit of information White shares would all-but confirm the report from this morning that Debbie had reached a settlement with the Jacksons.

White tells Extra: “In one text message [Debbie] had just said, ‘Just wait until the 14th. Everything will be done after the 14th’…There’s definitely going to be a secret deal. There’s definitely going to be a settlement that’s going to come out of this.”

1865 days ago


I'll bet Debbie Rowe has ALREADY BEEN PAID her 20 million dollars that was agreed upon between her and Michael Jackson in their "deal" concerning her having the children and her not coming back to claim any rights to them.... I mean, they are 11 and 12 years old now, and my goodness, I'm SURE from the time they were born until now, he's MORE than made enough money in his career to have WELL paid her off and then some, and now she's probably coming back to the Jackson family and saying that she was not paid in full, and she wants even MORE CASH because she wasn't paid all the way, and it was supposedly "over a period of time"... PUH-LEEEEZE!!! Gimme' a break!!!

1865 days ago


Debbie Rowe should get arrested for selling her kids and helping Mj's addiction.

1865 days ago


28. Is this the same Rebecca White?
Yes, here's this for you, too:
Team Rowe has also sent a cease-and-desist missive to so-called pal, Rebecca White, who told Extra that Rowe is working on getting custody, despite emails the beleaguered baby-mama wrote White, stating, "These kids are not mine. They were never mine. They were always Michael's. I was Michael's best friend."

"Our firm has sent Ms. White a letter disputing the truth of her statements and demanding that she make retraction in order to avoid legal action," Rowe's legal team said in a statement to E! News.

1865 days ago


Looks like all the freaks are coming out of the woodwork again...

I don't buy that Debbie Rowe is abandoning her children for money, she seems pretty well set up to me...
I do believe that all of the media "insiders" are throwing out random dumb crap in an effort to sensationalize this fiasco even further, to make their own buck...
How many "tell all" books are in the works by those same freaks that enabled MJ's addiction?...How many "insider" stories will get danced around before the TRUTH comes out?...

I hope that someone with some sense intervenes on behalf of the children, or that Debbie Rowe regains physical custody...If she is the only biological relative in their already sordid lives, she deserves that chance...Like her or not, she is the only one involved with any legal rights, regardless of what MJ's will states...They need to be kept FAR away from Joe Jackson, a self admitted CHILD ABUSER...And Miss Katherine is simply too old to manage their care properly...If it comes down to them being raised by "caretakers", sign me up...I'd make sure that they have NORMAL lives, and not be swayed by the almighty dollar that ALL involved are so desperately chasing...They all seem to be forgetting three very important factors in their drama...The kids...

1865 days ago


by Hussie, she obviously doesnt want children. if she wanted children why hasn't she had more of her own? she doesn't want any damn rug rats. I don't blame her.

1865 days ago


Umm, stoned
Debbie Rowe had a difficult birth with Paris and is unable to bear any more children

1865 days ago
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