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Rowe Not Looking for Cash Cow

7/15/2009 3:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe Not Looking for Cash CowSources connected with the custody case involving Michael Jackson's kids tell us all Debbie Rowe wants is assurance that the Jackson family will honor the deal she had with Michael.

Rowe and Jackson struck an agreement in which she was paid a large sum over a period of years. We're told the current negotiations between the parties center on that agreement and whether the Jackson family will continue to honor it. Although the agreement stays in effect after Jackson's death, we're told Rowe wants assurance the family will abide by the terms.

Our sources say the talks between Rowe and the Jackson family do not involve anything beyond what Rowe would receive under the agreement and she will not fight for custody.


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Sale Case Johnson--WTF??    

I still don't see the resemblance. Prince Michael I has pretty big eyes, Miko has small, beady eyes... other than that I don't see it with any of the Brando or Jackson kids, outside of maybe their coloring.

I don't think Paris looks anything like Prince Michael I or Blanket either, but PMI and Blanket do resemble one another to me.

1934 days ago


The Jacksons won't need to give her much $$$. She's not able to take care of those kids. A small bunt of money will make her give up. Any court will never take her seriously. I mean if she would go to court and pretend to fight. She just loves her horses. The email can prove that.

1934 days ago


So exactly how mush $$$ and merchandise has Debbie been given to this point??? I don't follow her lifestyle but does she live like a millionaire? It doesn't look like it to me.

1934 days ago


Another Brando grandchild
Do you see any similarites to Paris??,23599,22305881-663,00.html?from=mostpop

1934 days ago


She's not a cash cow, she's a greedy bitch. Giving up her kids for money, what a douche bag...Money whore. Those kids need a mom and she bailed for money, the lowest, absolute lowest dirtbag I have ever heard of.

1934 days ago

Blair Berk's a Yenta    


Take the money so you can buy Clearisil and join Jenny Craig. That way, men may actually be attracted to you again!

1934 days ago


É o mundo capitalista! O dinheiro fala mais alto do que os valores pessoais! WWW.DISKPET.COM

1934 days ago


Get a grip! Rowe is a money grubber, just like anyone else who has ties to the Jacksons!

1934 days ago



TMZ is in bed with Rowe's attorneys and is INTENTIONALLY refusing to report Rowe's latest comments. Extra (and all reputable news sources) are reporting Rowe's OWN STATEMENTS contained in emails sent just a few days ago to her "friend" Rebecca White. Among other shocking information, the emails reveal the following
Are you serious???
Have you not seen all the Headlines on here ABOUT Debbie Rowe.........

Their not reporting it because if YOU would check all the news sources Debbie Rowes attorney is saying the EMAIL and Texts are FALSE,The attorney is also saying the will file charges if Ms.White doesn't retract her statements.........

sound to me like another FRIEND trying to cash in.:0(

Im proud of TMZ for waiting on a few FACTS....

1934 days ago


129. DebbieMooCow:
Get a grip! Rowe is a money grubber, just like anyone else who has ties to the Jacksons!

Posted at 12:11PM on Jul 15th 2009 by PlatoroMom


Rowe has no ties to the Jacksons. They ignored her FAT, FRIGHTENING-UGLY ass for all the years Michael was alive (in much the same way that Rowe has ignored her own children.) Her interest now is the same as it has always been -- to try to make yet another dollar off of those poor kids. Of COURSE she's a money grubber, a fact which I have articulated in each of my posts. So I fail to see the point of your addressing me to merely state the obvious.

1934 days ago


Under California law, and it's pretty much the same in other states, the children born of a marriage are considered just that, children of the marriage...
Just like the Courts can assign paternity to a child of a marriage that isn't biologically the husbands child...Once paternity is legally determined, it's extremely rare that it's undone...
Now, had MJ been smart about it, he would have had paternity legally assigned to him...That would have given more weight to his wishes as stated in his will, as he would have indeed had "parental rights"...Debbie Rowe is the ONLY biological relative to her children and, whether people like her or not, that affords her rights and protections under the law...MJ is deceased and, as such, any rights he had died with him...Wills are disputed everyday, but fortunately for the kids, they will not end up in probate...

1934 days ago


Here we go... AGAIN!! How many times... can ONE WOMAN sell her 2 children?? She received money from the Jackson's... no question about it!! She can say that... "All she wants is what her and Michael agreed to during their marriage/divorce" BUT we all know... DEBBIE ROWE HAS AGAIN, SOLD HER CHILDREN!!!!!!!!! Uggghhh...

A small note to Debbie Rowe; There is gonna' come a day lady... when your children SPIT IN YOUR FACE!! The public will be watching and waiting for this day... I'm sure of it!!!! If anything bad happens to these 3 children let the state be responsible for putting these 3 beautiful young kids in harms way and let Joe Jackson fall over soon, so we don't have to worry about the kids being abused, used and mistreated by this monster, we call Joe Jackson!!

Let us all pray, for the innocent!!!

1934 days ago


The MEDIA simply AMAZES me.
One article says Janet is back in Atlanta and soon to leave for the bahames

the other article says Janet is at the Jackson home and helping take care of the children,

UHHHH she can't be in both places people.lOL

1934 days ago


Some facts: Debbie Rowe is not pretty ----SO WHAT !!!!!!!!

Debbie agreed to have children for the man she loved, and allow him to have custody

She has been unquestionably loyal, never said a bad word about him or his family

Is trying to live a quiet life out of the spotlight

Received a divorce settlement--as many spouses do

1934 days ago

Sharrie Miller    

TMZ......................Will you PLEASE clarify this. You reported, as well as other news media, that Debbie Rowe is the BIRTH MOTHER of Michael Jackson's two oldest children. She was the surrogate. Why does everyone keep referring to her as the biological mother. Those children do NOT have her DNA. I think there is a HUGE difference between BIRTH MOTHER and BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. The news media does not want to differentiate between the two. Larry King even blew it off last night when someone called in and asked the very same question. Can you PLEASE set the record straight. I truly believe that this should be very relevant in any custody battle with Debbie Rowe. Those children belong with Michael's family, as he very explicitly stated in his will!!!

1934 days ago
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