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Jamie Lynn: Where There's Smoke, There's Father

7/16/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unwed teen mother Jamie Lynn Spears, her cigarette-smoking baby daddy Casey Aldridge and their daughter Maddie Briann went out for pizza in McComb, MS yesterday.

Jamie Lynn

Parenthood can be a real drag sometimes.


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Wanda W.    

PURE TRASH................................... AND THEY STILL WOULD BE EVEN IF THEY WERE POLKA DOTTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1893 days ago


It is really tiring how people that smoke get treated. I don’t mind the “No Smoking” rule on the inside; however, being told that you can’t smoke on the outside is Bull! I paid just as much as anyone to stay at a “Disney” resort. It was bad enough that I have to smoke outside of the room; but I had to walk over a full city block to be able to have a cigarette. It is very discriminating.

Additionally, I don't understanding why TMZ is so judgmental. Half the people I see working for TMZ look like pigs…

1893 days ago


It is illegal to smoke in a vehicle with a child under the aga of 13 years in the state of Louisiana. I know they were seen in Mississippi, but they live in Louisiana, right? Anyway, put the cigs up when you are in the car with the baby OK!!! OH and buckle the kid up too!

1893 days ago


This is stupid-just because a person smokes it does not make them a bad parent.

1893 days ago


48. SHUT UP TMZ. '' unwed mother'' huh?? Who cares. JON AND KATE were married 10 years and are complete failures as parents. THese two are half J & K's age and have got it togethe. SO SHUT UP

Posted at 10:10AM on Jul 16th 2009 by ..


While what you're saying is true (JLS and Casey being better parents than Jon and Kate), TMZ is just stating facts. She isn't married, she's a teen, and she's a mother.

Another thing - I can't believe some people on here are defending smoking around a child like that. So what if its outside? You can still smell it and breathe it in. Especially when the baby is so close to him.

Sorry, but I don't like seeing defenseless children getting diseases that could've been easily avoided by simply not lighting a cigarette. I must be crazy though, huh?

1893 days ago

another over 40 mama    

Looks to me like he just got to where they were going (normal for most people in this world) and decided to smoke AFTER he got out of the car so he wouldn't smoke in the car with the baby. Jaime was probably getting the baby out of the car getting ready to go inside the place of business they were going. They are trying to be a normal family so leave them alone. AND I agree with #40. She is not the only female in this country who is and un-wed mother. More than half of the people in Hollywood are un-wed parents who don't even take care of their children, let alone take them out with them or spend any quality time at all with them. At least Jaime and Casey are not leaving the baby with someone else while they go out to get wasted like most celebrities do. Just leave them alone and let them live their life. People like you are why bad things happen to good people.

1893 days ago


And people like Casey are why so many people have cancer, emphysema, heart disease, breathing problems...

I can go on.

1893 days ago


So regardless if he is smoking outside or not it doesn't matter, you can see how close he is to his baby and she's still able to smell it and breathe it in. Not a very good way to have the baby grow up healthy.

If you want to have a smoke around a child, have enough respect to do it somewhere completely away from them, it's not their habit they shouldn't have to suffer the second hand smoke period.

1893 days ago

Joe G.    

I thought this slut was pregnant? Several months ago, all celeb magazines and websites said she got knocked up. Well, in these pics she looks like she isn't pregnant or had an abortion. Anyone know the deal with those pregnancy rumors?

1893 days ago

that's all    

Unwed teen?? Like that;s anything new in America.....

1893 days ago

that's all    

15. "Keep it or Abort it.....Definitely Abort it! gotta love bruno lol

Posted at 2:18AM on Jul 16th 2009 by Stephan

If only your motha....

1893 days ago


Cigarette smoking in front of the baby? He obviously doesn't care for his child. I know of many dads who quit smoking right away for the sake of their children's health. This guy is a real loser for being a smoking dad. He truly wants his baby to pick up various cancers, especially lung cancer!

What a joke of a father.

1893 days ago



1893 days ago


Dumba$$ redneck, white trash hicks.

1893 days ago

Woo Hoo!!!!    

At least Jamie actually takes care of her kids and left L.A. unlike her psycho attention-seeking sister who blames paparazzi for everything, yet keeps living in Hollywood - land of the paparazzi.

1893 days ago
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