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Jamie Lynn: Where There's Smoke, There's Father

7/16/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unwed teen mother Jamie Lynn Spears, her cigarette-smoking baby daddy Casey Aldridge and their daughter Maddie Briann went out for pizza in McComb, MS yesterday.

Jamie Lynn

Parenthood can be a real drag sometimes.


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that's all    

79. Dumba$$ redneck, white trash hicks.

Posted at 1:50PM on Jul 16th 2009 by TJ


yeah, but still enough money to buy you a thousand times over and then bury your welfare-collecting ass, ass hole. Teeth sucking, KFC, chomping moron coupon collector.

1893 days ago


Straight up WHITE TRASH! Can we add this to the why the fu-- do you have a kid file????

1893 days ago

The man is out to get Tiger    

This was all staged by the cigarette industry so the teens that follow this couple will be influenced to begin a life long smoking addiction. Since cigarette companies can't advertise the next best thing is to get pics of pseudo celebs smoking and posted on the internet.

1893 days ago

Hugh Gentry    

he's so cool because he smoking. I should really start soon. I'm not very cool.

1893 days ago


You know what? It should be a crime if you smoke while pregnant with a child & if you smoke around your children.

Sure the smoker themselves wont give a damn, but I work with children that are ages 3-5 & I see the duplication of their parents, as I observe there actions in the classroom as the teacher. during play they will take a toy and pretend to "smoke" cigarettes. One child made a pack of cigarettes using small objects and toys, and shared it out with another classmate (who had a parent who smoked in the household. I had to address these observations with my Supervisor. Then of course you have the children whos clothing and sheets smell of cigarette smoke & sometimes marijuana (weed) smoke, they have a nap time so they have to bring sheets & blankets to lay down on, & those too smell like cigarettes or weed smoke in some cases. The major problem behind the SECOND HAND SMOKE these children intake being around their smoking parents or living in the smoking environment is ASTHMA. We have a number of children that are CHRONIC ASTHMATICS. In a few cases the parent would have to be called up to the facility so that the child can be placed on their BREATHING MACHINES (not even a asthma pump). In several instances over the years parents had to be informed that their child had to be taken to the Hospital Emergency room with a teacher because they suffered an asthma attack.

So where ALOT of people (especially parent smokers themselves) may not see the harm or danger in smoking around the children. I see it as being very harmful. I know first hand these children so suffer at the hands of their smoking household member (s). My thing is this if you want to KILL YOURSELF sucking on those CANCER STICKS fine, but when you place others in harms way it becomes a HUGE PROBLEM, whether you chose to care or not give a damn. Those poor children. They have a greater chance of becoming smokers themselves later on in their adolecence & adult lives or they are at greater risk of developing asthma or lung cancer later on in life or even as young children or infants. SMOKING is one of the most SELFISH things a PARENT can do around their children. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Damn right I said it! I dont give a damn who doesn't like it, or feels different than I do.

1893 days ago

Just sayin'    

I don't get it...
So your pissed cause she's a teen mom? Cause..... I'm SURE your not pissed that she is "Unwed" ! Most all little brats in Holly Wood now a days are born to "Unwed" parents.
I thought you guys knew that was the cool thing to do now?! No reason to get married right?

1893 days ago


To #10:

She is 18 years old. That's a teen!

1893 days ago


She is a joke

1893 days ago

Aussie Mom    

These Spear girls are totally ignorant but tha's what happens when the parents push their children into the entertainment world. They don't get educations, they don't make good decisions, they don't have social skills and when they do something weird everyone thinks they are bi-polar. If they don't make a butt load of money early in their so called careers they are all destined to work at WalMart. Or they drug themselves out like Michael Jackson cause they don't know how to live in the real world. Yup said it Michael Jackson could not cope with real life... end of story..

1893 days ago


Thats just so wrong i mean i smoke and i dont have problems with people smoking but smoke around a baby is just wrong

1893 days ago


Im not saying smoing around a kid is good or bad, but a lot more people smoked 30-40 years ago around their kids and we didn't have the number of people with any of those problems. Just saying...

67. And people like Casey are why so many people have cancer, emphysema, heart disease, breathing problems...

I can go on.

Posted at 11:57AM on Jul 16th 2009 by Emma

1893 days ago


Poor baby! has no say in the matter.

Just has to choke in those harmful poisonous cigarette smoke. Mother too young and naive to know whats best for her own child & well being.

I feel sorry fr the children that live in these situations (a smoking house hold).

So SELFISH of the smoker.

1892 days ago


Trailer Trash from Mississippi.

1892 days ago

Mom in Omaha    

Leave them alone for crying out loud. What is YOUR brother-in-law doing?

1892 days ago

laura bell lou    

You people are sick!! She's just a kid with a kid. Why do you hate her so much? You wouldn't talk about someone single with a kid that you knew!! Get a life and stop wishing you were rich and her!!!

1892 days ago
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